Bella Penfold

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Week 5
@bella_penfold I just want to remind you that you are the most talented in this competition!! you CAN do this and you WILL get far believe me. Keep doing what you love, im here supporting you and all my votes are going towards you ily #xfactor
I'm a big fan of Bella! Loved her tonight :) her personality really really inspires me. One of my favorites of course! #XFactor #BellaPenfold
awww I really hope Bella wins love this song and her voice so much #xfactor2018
I agree with simon about Bella. She has no confidence but she is amazing and I think the judges aren't judging her right. I am not her biggesttt fan but I loved it #xfactor2018
Bella might of not been the best to most of you but I've watched the whole of this years series and to know she's still in the damn show shows that she has talent and is freaking amazing! I'm behind her all the way! #xfactor
Looking forward to Bella's rework of Feeling Good with a rap break about how important it is to love yourself. #xfactor
Personally thought it was bellas best performance! Well done girl! #xfactor
Honestly a bit of a miracle that Bella and Acacia/Aaliyah have made it this far. Lovely people but everything hasnt worked lately #xfactor
Isn't simon the one who should be helping Bella to choose the song and helping her? Bella is a great singer and I don't know what she did to be in Simon's category she deserves better #XFactor
What is simon doing with Bella?She has a good voice, shes beautiful and, hes fucking her up!#xfactor
Flat as a pancake! Bella youre capable of so much more! Keep singing but please SMILE - itll help you make it brighter and pick it up!!#XFactor
Not Bella's best, hope she can avoid bottom 3 anyway because I just love her and her voice so much #XFactor
Not your best Bella but I do love you #xfactor
I love when bella raps a bit in her performances, shes great #xfactor
Bella is totally talented but definitely wasn't confident from the beginning with that song. Big band week is a chance to really showcase your vocals & she kinda reigned it in. Don't let the negative rule your head. You've got it girl!#xfactor
Bella was the best one to watch so far and I loved the song #xfactor2018
Good luck @bella_penfold !! #xfactor2018
Yes Simon, the last 15 seconds of Bella's performance were good. It's a shame about the other 2mins but it'll be great for next Saturday's theme of 15 Second Songs Week. #xfactor2018 #xfactor
I love Bella so much but Louis was right. I hope she stays anyway! #XFactor
Bella has an amazing voice BUT she always sounds a tiny bit off-key - it's like if the music wasn't there, she'd be in tune but it's just not working. But that's also because none of this is her "style" #xfactor
For the first time I've got to disagree with @Louis_Tomlinson I actually thought that was @bella_penfold best peformance yet. Thought it was a great song choice, sounded great and something I could really hear her singing after the show. @TheXFactor #xfactor2018
Bella is lovely and a beautiful gal but I don't think she is a singer and that performance was the most boring ever #XFactor
Bella is absolutely stunning. She could work as a model as well #XFactor Got a bit of a Hadid look about her
Bella was pretty amazing #xfactor2018
I think Bella is my current fav, so hope she has a good'n. #xfactor
I guess Bella is still learning to sing and rap. But acting is her strongest skill. Her words not mine #xfactor2018 #XFactor
I think Bella is fantastic, but this just isnt IT. #XFactor
@bella_penfold i just love everything about her #XFactor
That was really really nice #BellaPenfold #LiveShows #XFactor
#XFactor Bella is smashing it #bella
This isnt Bellas best week by far #xfactor
Bella is in another league to all the others so far tonight she's damn good #XFactor #Moo
Love Bella @SimonCowell #xfactor #xfactor2018 #XFactorUK
Bella somehow manages to lip sync out of tune lol!! #XFactor
I normally really like Bella but that was wasnt good she sounded flat throughout #xfactor #XFactorUK
I love Bella #xfactor2018
Nice to see @bella_penfold channelling her inner @macklemore tonight. #TheXFactor #XFactor #XFactorUK @TheXFactor
Bella Penfold just reminded me of Elmo when she wobbled her head in that red coat lol #XFactor
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