Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Twitter: @ItsTaiOfficial
Instagram: @ItsTaiOfficial
@thevoiceuk good luck tai I hope u make it though tonight if it was up to me you would win the final #TheVoiceUK
@thevoiceuk omg tai I really love your voice and I'd like you to win but I sadly have to say this but tonight wasn't your best performance I hope people see the talent you are and put you through to the final #TheVoiceUK #itstaiofficial
@ItsTaiOfficial was amazing!! Loved it! Amazing voice! Such a beautiful girl too! #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK @ItsTaiOfficial Done a great rendition of a classic adding your own flavour to it. It worked. Good luck...
Loved that well done @ItsTaiOfficial my fav so far #TheVoiceUK
Tai love you girl Absolutely fantastic love love love #TheVoiceUK Wow!!
#Tai was so wonderful, be you, be free, be awesome #teamshiny #teamwill #TheVoiceUK @iamwill
Love Love this version of #Whenthedovescry on @thevoiceuk tonight! One of my fave songs, @ItsTaiOfficial is awesome! @iamwill #TheVoiceUK
Omg I didn't totally hate Tai this week! I LOVE Prince so I thought I would but damn that was decent #TheVoiceUK
love her or hate her.. can't deny Tai nailed that #TheVoiceUK #ollyofficial - loved the chair dancing Olly lol x
Young woman killing it on The Voice. Amazing. Loving seeing a girl with some genuine confidence and belief in herself. Go on Tai. #TheVoiceUK
Wonders #TheVoiceUK @ItsTaiOfficial just smashed it....blown away shes the WINNER right there. @iamwill
Loved Tais Joelyn last week. This one seems a little safe.. still love her tho. #TheVoiceUK
Oooo Tai better not kill my favourite Prince song #TheVoiceUK
@ItsTaiOfficial to win #TheVoiceUK loved it!!
Watching #TheVoiceUK amazing from Tai Will really enjoyed that
Wow awesome @ItsTaiOfficial #TheVoiceUK
Yasssss @ItsTaiOfficial so so good! So glad the glasses are gone too #fierce #slay #TheArtistNowKnownAsTai #TheVoiceUK
Oh yes, we are totally excited for @ItsTaiOfficial ! Love her personal twists on classics! #TheVoiceUK
Here comes someone who is absolutely amazing, @ItsTaiOfficial is most definitely my cup of tea, she brews up special moments when she performs #TheVoiceUK
Theyve clearly given Tai a makeover and a good talking to about her attitude to try and boost her popularity with the public #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk Tai just murdered one of the best songs of all time #prince #whendovescry cant make it any better than the original
When you believe in yourself so much you deserve to think youre going places. @ItsTaiOfficial, youre strong confident lady and I love that, definitely not cocky, nothing wrong with believing #TheVoiceUK
Have great hopes for Tai & she has made this song her own @iamwill #TheVoiceUK
Will I Am is filming a true star in the making at the moment with @ItsTaiOfficial, cant wait for another music producer to see and hear her amazing voice #TheVoiceUK
Another fabulous performance right there from @ItsTaiOfficial so much talent on @thevoiceuk this year, we can't wait to watch the rest #TheVoiceUK
Tai's staging was stunning #TheVoiceUK
@ItsTaiOfficial not knowing a song but throwing some support to a local girl #TheVoiceUK but dang her voice is strong
Amazing performance @ItsTaiOfficial you really have proven yourself tonight! #TheVoiceUK
here's hoping tai doesn't ruin another song #thevoiceuk
@ItsTaiOfficial That was boss! Well done, chick. #TheVoiceUK
Once again @ItsTaiOfficial was amazing tonight on #TheVoiceUK
Everyone vote for tai please and thanks #TheVoiceUK
I can see why people, and the coaches seem to like #Tai so much, but personally I'm not that much of a fan #TheVoiceUK
That was amazing, Tai should go through to the final #TheVoiceUK
Tai wisely wearing a sensible length cape. Look what happened to Madonna... #TheVoiceUK
Really liked Tais version of 'when doves cry' worried cos its an all time fav but she did good #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK no no Tai over the knee boots and tight white trousers is not a good look
Fair play Tai YEAH #TheVoiceUK
Tai is the best #TheVoiceUK
Wasn't good tai #TheVoiceUK
Tai has definitely got something. Talent is there. But shell be a bit too niche to make the final tonight. Interested to see what she will go on to do. #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk Tai blew it out of the park! Loved what @iamwill did with that!
#TheVoiceUK Another great performance from Tai .
Wasnt really feeling Tai until tonight but that was a killer performance. Love the song choices tonight!! #thevoiceuk
Everyone vote for @ItsTaiOfficial she deserves to go though!! Pure talent. She makes every song her own!!! #TheVoiceUK
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