Ruti Olajugbagbe

Status: Winner
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Final
Twitter: @rutimusic
Instagram: @rutimusic
Ruti is just fabulous that voice though is so haunting and beautiful love love love it. Totally deserves to be a winner amazing vocalist #TheVoiceUK
Really hope @rutimusic wins @thevoiceuk #TheVoiceUK Her Voice is absolutely stunning! #Beautiful That duet with the @RealSirTomJones was perfect! #Effortless
Will always have the biggest love for Olly Murs but tonight Im completely and wholeheartedly cheering on team Tom and @rutimusic !! The most incredible voice, good luck #TheVoiceUK
Yesssssssssssssssss, well done @rutimusic How amazing and well deserved!!! Have much fun in your new career - we'll all be waiting for your new single! #TheVoiceUK @RealSirTomJones well done Tom xx
#TheVoiceUK Ruti stunning voice my winner , good luck beautiful young lady
@rutimusic has such an incredible, unique, pure voice. She's such a cutie as well! Seriously hoping she wins absolutely adore her! #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Ruti to win. I just love her she's got a stunning voice. Plus she's an Essex girl! I have a very special friend from Essex, so the best come from there.
Don't usually watch #TheVoiceUK however decided to watch it and WOW #Ruti & #TomJones duet ...just beautiful! Adore her voice Ruti is a clear & easy winner
Wow, wow, wow......that was incredible!! What a phenomenal voice, surely @rutimusic HAS to win this?!? #TheVoiceUK
Ruti such a unusual voice absolutely loved your version wonderful fab fab fab #TheVoiceUK Breathtaking
#Ruti has such a beautiful voice that it hits your heart strings & cant help but get a massive smile on your face when listening to her so angelic please , she has to win @TomJonesWSBTV LEGEND! #TheVoiceUK
Come on Ruti!!! Really hope she wins. Best singer deserves to win! #TheVoiceUK
@rutimusic you were amazing tonight and you definitely deserve to win, your voice is so pure and beautiful, i had shivers and i was crying, i was a mess. EVERYONE VOTE FOR RUTI #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Brilliant. Ruti wins. Best of the 2.....well done..
@thevoiceuk OMG @rutimusic that was beautiful, had tears in my eyes, just perfect & pure #winner #TheVoiceUK
Hurrah, Ruti - well done - best voice won! #TheVoiceUK
Rutis rendition of Daniel Bedingfields song.... cant find the words - so beautifully mellow & effortless ....if youre not the one who wins The Voice ..... #Ruti #naturalvoice #TheVoiceUK #winner
#thevoiceuk wow sir Tom and Ruti that was so beautiful shes my winner stunning voice
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE @RealSirTomJones & Ruti release that amazing song Wonderful World as a duet, it was incredible!!.. #TheVoiceUK #BestDuetOfTheNight!!..
All tje finalists are great but but that was so so gorgeous. Ruti and Tom. No gimmicks, just beautiful music. #TheVoiceUK
Great top two! Hard to call it..... but the Wonderful World duet with @RealSirTomJones was truly sublime #Ruti #TheVoice #TheVoiceUK #winner
#TheVoiceUK @ruti That performance was outstanding, and beautiful. Definately my winner
Oh @rutimusic AMAZING!!!! Please keep voting for this lovely young lady.... with that stunning voice!!!! #TeamTom #TheVoiceUK
Well done, Ruti! A thoroughly deserving winner with an amazing voice! #TheVoiceUK
Ruti is incredible, Just so unique. Shes my favourite, I really hope she wins this! #TheVoiceUK.
@rutimusic and @RealSirTomJones need to release that version of What A Wonderful World. Absolutely stunning and the best version I've ever heard. Actually got a bit emotional! #TheVoiceUK
Oh wow, my friend Ruti wins #TheVoiceUK #thevoice @rutimusic come on!!!!!!!!!!! So well done!
@rutimusic sounds great and looks amazing in that red dress! Stunning and powerful! #stunning #TheVoiceUK
If @rutimusic doesn't win the voice I will eat my hand, she is phenomenal, @RealSirTomJones you definitely have the winner @thevoiceuk #TheVoiceUk
We've got goosebumps! @rutimusic that was a spectacular performance! We loved it, and we love your eye shadow too! #TheVoiceUK #TheVoiceUKFinal
Another special vocal right there from @rutimusic. Shes simply incredible, that voice that talent, that passion, with the right guidance is going places #TheVoiceUK #TheVoiceUKFinal
I just love @rutimusic she is my winner. Such heart, such soul and such beauty. #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK Sir Tom and Ruti....Just enchanting. She has the most lovely voice. I hope she wins.
Yessssssss Ruti has won the voice and rightly so!! She was the best out of these two by a country mile I get goosebumps every time I hear her sing @rutimusic #TheVoiceUK
She better do It's A Wonderful World justice, it was my Grandad's favourite song. Lots of sentimental value here. #TheVoiceUK #Ruti
@RealSirTomJones and @rutimusic loved this, so natural and beautiful #TheVoiceUK - What a Wonderful World
Soooooo glad Ruti won! will ensure Donell's a star anyways, so they're both winners really! #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK I think @rutimusic would make an incredible jazz singer. Lovely tone and control to her voice. Beautiful duet with @RealSirTomJones #wonderfulworld
I hope Ruti wins, she has such a beautiful voice. She doesnt need anyone or anything else on the stage with her, just pure talent! #TheVoiceUK
Can tell @RealSirTomJones gets mesmerised by @rutimusic s amazing voice. So angelic and heavenly #TheVoiceUK #TheVoiceUKFinal
#TheVoiceUK Ruti ,What an incredible Voice , so glad shes on your Team @RealSirTomJones , she deserves to WIN
Sir Tom and Ruti ftw. Her voice is beautiful. That duet was so warming. If Ruti doesn't win this, please someone sign her up. #TheVoiceUK
I love how supportive @EmmaWillis is of @rutimusic on @thevoiceuk. You can tell that she's definitely Emma's fave, and it's clear to see why. She's amazing. #TheVoiceUK
Ruti, you are incredible ... the most talented young woman who is a deserved winner ... #TheVoiceUK
wow ruti is incredible can she win pls #TheVoiceUK
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