Lucy Milburn

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Twitter: @lucymilbmusic
Instagram: @lucymilbmusic
Lucy doing Yorkshire proud with this stunning performance!! Absolutely love this song and she did it more than justice that was incredible #TheVoiceUK
Who else loved @lucymilbmusic performance? Her dress looked amazing, just like her radiant, glowing skin thanks to our MicellAIR Water #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK Lucy was fab again, hope she wins. Beautiful Xx
Love @lucymilbmusic, such a great talent to watch, cant wait for another outstanding vocal performance #TheVoiceUK
That was incredible Ive got goosebumps ! Her voice is amazing ! @lucymilbmusic #TheVoiceUK
I love @lucymilbmusic, she looks beautiful in that sparkly number tonight, the song and her incredible voice always gives me goosies #TheVoiceUK
The joy @lucymilbmusic brings with her voice & smile I simply adore this beautiful young woman #TheVoiceUK
Also, that song gives me major feels. So emotional. Beautiful perfromance, well done @lucymilbmusic. #TheVoiceUK #TeamTom
@lucymilbmusic - absolutely beautifully stunning! So heart felt and genuine! You go girl! #thevoice #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk @ITV @thevoiceuk @giffgaff oh wow. The goosebumps... The piano player is enjoying himself! Come on give me the big drums! SING GIRL!!!! @lucymilbmusic
@lucymilbmusic good luck Lucy you did amazing you for final #golucy #TheVoiceUK
Think I want Lucy to win. Her voice is amazing! #TheVoiceUK
@lucymilbmusic wow You sang beautifully well done #TeamTom #TheVoiceUK @thevoiceuk
Well done Lucy you did that song amazingly. You should be so proud of yourself. #TheVoiceUK @thevoiceuk #OneLoveManchester
#TheVoiceUK this girl is a fantastic singer!! Well done Lucy
Well done @lucymilbmusic. Singing 'One More Time' by Ariana Grande may have been out of your comfort zone, but you did a superior cover. @RealSirTomJones was right. #TeamTom #TheVoiceUK @thevoiceukfans_
What a lucy twist that is very stunning singing, well done @thevoiceuk #TheVoiceUK
Lucys voice is stunning. She looks amazing tonight. #TheVoiceUK #TeamTom
Good Ariana song for Lucy!!! Could be amazing #TheVoiceUK
That was absolutely beautiful @lucymilbmusic it gave me goosebumps! #TheVoiceUK
Brilliant singing loved it Lucy #TheVoiceUk
Lucy did an amazing version of "one last time" she is the best singer in the competion #TheVoiceUK
If you could all grab yr phones and vote for our pal @lucymilbmusic on @thevoiceuk tonight thatd be absolutely fab. Download the app for 5 free votes #TheVoiceUK xoxox
@lucymilbmusic love this rendition of #OneLastTime its beautiful #TheVoiceUK
Lucy is such a good singer. But when she has to push it like she had to in that song it doesnt quite hit the spot in the same way as a ballad does. Hope she goes through. #TheVoiceUK
U Treasure! Lucy. That was Beautiful #TheVoiceUK
"One Last Time" Lucy. Good luck #thevoiceuk @giffgaff looking forward to this song
Lucy Aww lovely girl love this Song #TheVoiceuk
@lucymilbmusic awesome you smashed it #TheVoiceUK
Please download the official #TheVoiceUK app and vote for the fantastic @lucymilbmusic in tonights semi final.
Big compliments given from @RealSirTomJones towards @lucymilbmusic @ArianaGrande you must admit Lucy was amazing #TheVoiceUK
Good luck @lucymilbmusic #TheVoiceUK LIVE
#TheVoiceUK @lucymilbmusic lovely song. Great version.
Oooooo Tom don't diss my Ariana Lucy is amazing though #TheVoiceUK
No Sir Tom, Lucy sang it lovely...BUT she didnt sing it better than Ariana #onelasttime #TheVoiceUK
Lucy did a good job but I feel its too associated with Ariana and she didnt sing it better than the original. Sorry Tom #TheVoiceUK
@lucymilbmusic That was like watching the winner performing their debut single. #TheVoiceUK #OnelastTime
#TheVoiceUK Lucy was good but her version will never be better than #ArianaGrande
Dear @lucymilbmusic's Dad, this is the cutest thing we have ever seen! #TheVoiceUK @thevoiceuk
Well done Lucy. Everyone Vote for @lucymilbmusic #TheVoiceUK @RealSirTomJones
Lucy Felt this wasn't her style of song & wouldn't be something she would do if she won Started off wobbly but got better #TheVoiceUK #TeamTom
#thevoiceuk #teamlucy you just made me go cold with goose bumps. @thevoiceuk @ArianaGrande what a beautiful singer and person.
Lucys voice is amazing #TheVoiceUK
@lucymilbmusic #ThevoiceUK beautiful performance
Lucy has an amazing voice #TheVoiceUK
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