Gayatri Nair

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Twitter: @gayatri_nair
Instagram: @gayatri.nair
Your a fabulous singer Gayatri I hope you win the #TheVoiceUk 2018! Good luck @gayatri_nair
@gayatri_nair AWESOME!!! You're absolutely incredible!!! Go girl keep that passion, determination, and voice up and alive! #TheVoiceUK
Gayatri wonderful voice #Alive what a performance yessss fabulous love love #TheVoiceUK That voice Xx
#TheVoiceUK #Gayatri is awesome. Such an incredible voice for a young girl. She is amazing!!
@gayatri_nair Wow that was what amazing hope your in the final superb #TheVoiceUK
Gayatri gave us something epic at the knockout round, probably sung one of the most popular songs at the moment. Awesome talent #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair such an amazing performance! my favourite @Sia song too! Absolutely brilliant #Alive #TheVoiceUK
Well done @gayatri_nair you were amazing in the semis of @thevoiceuk and still only 16!! Your dad is adorable too! #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK @gayatri_nair Fantastic performance. Song of the show so far....good luck..
Gayatri is awesome. She has an amazing voice I just hope they give her the right song #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK yaaaassss @gayatri_nair totally smashed #Sia's "Alive" and you look fantastic loving the dress and hair!
#TheVoiceUK Excellent performances. When Gayatri sang, I nearly started chanting mantras. Ommmm ! Brilliant stuff ! Gets better each year.
#TheVoiceUK Gayatri is absolutely brilliant feels like when the previous year's winner comes back to perform
@gayatri_nair is truly incredible, her performance has actually left me speechless #TheVoiceUK
Why have the stylists aged Gayatri by 20 years?! Shes not looking age appropriate. Fantastic singer but it would have been better just her and her piano to show her talent. #thevoiceuk
Ok Im jus gonna put it out there for me the finalist has to be Gayatri and I hope she wins!! #TheVoiceUK
So far am liking @gayatri_nair on @thevoiceuk #teamjhud #TheVoiceUK potential winner #goodluck on your journey
@gayatri_nair incredible performance on @thevoiceuk and you look gorgeous #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair looks stunning tonight and I love that @Sia song alive #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair is absolutely amazing on #TheVoiceUK . Putting my money on her to win!
Wow!! Gayatri she always blows me away and has to win!! My fave from the beginning. #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair Well done, I especially liked the 2nd half of your performance #Alive #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair superb but very little positive comment from judges! Something fishy going on here! #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Gayatri is great, she has a fantastic voice!
This is fantastic from @gayatri_nair, its unreal just how much talent this show has. Its on another level compared to anyone else #TheVoiceUK
Loving what @gayatri_nair is doing. Evolving as a performer each week and always a good strong performance #TheVoiceUK
Wow @gayatri_nair you were stunning #ALIVE #thevoiceuk
To be a star you need talent (obviously), a personality and humility, so far none of them has nailed, it in my humble opinion, until now @gayatri_nair @thevoiceuk #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair has been the best so far tonight, only 16, what an amazing voice! #TheVoiceUK
Well done @gayatri_nair another great performance! #TheVoiceUK
She may only be 16, but @gayatri_nair really does have an amazing voice. Definitely the best of the show so far! #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair best of luck! I was Team JHUD Last Year and I'm Still Team JHUD This Year! #TeamJHud #TheVoiceUK @thevoiceuk @giffgaff
For me Gayatri is the winner tonight, this performance was just MASSIVE for a 16 year old and she just gets better and better!! @gayatri_nair @sia #TheVoiceUK
Yes @gayatri_nair another smashing performance I definitely hope you get through #ThevoiceUK
Gayatri is so great that was the perfect song for her and she put a great spin on it. #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair wow you are smashing it tonight #TeamHud #TheVoiceUK you came #Alive Gayatri @thevoiceuk
Well, that was wonderful! Everyone should be ordering their music with some special Gayatri requirements from now on! #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair Wonderful voice. Want to see you in the final. #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair gets my vote so far. Her voice soared! Brilliant! #TheVoiceUK
Well, Gayatri was phenomenal! #TheVoiceUK
Growing icicles in place of goosebumps. Singing phew!!! Words not needed. She got us bad.Fallen but alive #Gayatri #TheVoiceUK #SemiFinals
Great song choice for the powerful @gayatri_nair! #TheVoiceUK
Gayatri just did THAT! and shes only 16? I want her to win #TheVoiceUK
@gayatri_nair #TheVoiceUK I'm hoping this will be great!
#TheVoiceUK @gayatri_nair You are incredible!!!
Just when I was thinking of switching channels @gayatri_nair comes on and saves the show! Wow! #TheVoiceUK
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