Belle Voci

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Final
Twitter: @bellevocimusic
Instagram: @belle.voci
WOW I think Wills face summed that up. Belle Voci were phenomenal and Jennifer Hudson is a sensational talent they and this show are so lucky to have her. One of the best ever Voice duets. Im not even waiting, Im gonna vote for them now. #TheVoiceUK
WOW! What a breathtaking performance from @bellevocimusic Opera has never sounded so good! And don't they look absolutely amazing? Well done ladies #TheVoiceUk #TheVoiceUKFinal
Fantastic performance by #BelleVoci #TheVoiceUK, theyre definitely my favourites to win. #Bravo
#TheVoiceUK No HATE PLEASE but I hope Belle Voci doesnt win the voice because their voices will annoy me if it is in the charts they are great at what they do but I dont think it is chart worthy in my opinion but thats just me anybody agree with me
@bellevocimusic @thevoiceuk what a breathtaking, stunning performance, your voices are beautiful #TheVoiceUK @IAMJHUD #beautiful #TheVoiceUKFinal #music
Belle Voci what lovely girls and fabulous voices Wow! Spectacular #TheVoiceUK
@IAMJHUD @bellevocimusic @thevoiceuk what a stunning, goosebumps performance, your voices together sounded absolutely beautiful #TheVoiceUK #TheVoiceUKFinal
Two stunning, beautiful and elegant ladies in @bellevocimusic. Theyre both ready to take over everything in the world. Big arenas and stadiums needs them #TheVoiceUK #TheVoiceUKFinal
Just love them amazing @bellevocimusic they are my winners #TheVoiceUK #TheVoice
Wow! That was an amazing and spine tingling performance which was incredible from @bellevocimusic and @IAMJHUD #TheVoiceUK
@bellevocimusic and @IAMJHUD such a stunning and powerful sound #awesome #TheVoiceUK
buuuuuuullllshit!! popularity over talent im gonna go do the dishes because i dont care who wins out of these two. @bellevocimusic to have more success than either of the the finalists #TheVoiceUK
WOW amazing @IAMJHUD @bellevocimusic stunning @thevoiceuk #TheVoiceUK
Wow I had chills!! @bellevocimusic just stunning!! Classical music on #TheVoiceUK is winning so far for me!!
Bellevoci winning their battle was the only result I didnt actually like... and now here I am, wanting them to win. Well done Jennifer #TheVoiceUK
Wow... goosebumps anyone! Incredible from @bellevocimusic. #TheVoiceUK
Wow if #TheVoiceUK is about finding the voice then @IAMJHUD has found 2! @bellevocimusic have to win! Absolutely stunning vocally
#TheVoiceUK Not usually an opera fan but my word @bellevocimusic have smashed it tonight. That duet with @IAMJHUD took my breath away. Well done ladies.
#TheVoiceUK Belle Voci..OUTSTANDING!! Now they are The Voice!! Amazing performance
Im not even really a fan of this kind of music but OH MY GOD @bellevocimusic you have converted me!! YOU GUYS HAVE TO WIN after that duet with @IAMJHUD #TheVoiceUK
Oooooohhh the best gals up naw! @bellevocimusic @thevoiceuk #TheVoiceUK @IAMJHUD i so hope they winnnnnnn
Belle Voci should win this hands down. That was incredible. #thevoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Such a classic song..Goosebumps at @bellevocimusic ..incredible..
That performance was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Rooting for the ladies @IAMJHUD @bellevocimusic #TheVoiceUK
Belle Voci & Jennifer Hudson sounded amazing together, truly incredible voices blending so well together #TheVoiceUK
Belle Voci have come a long way since @IAMJHUD smashed her big red button for them at the blind audition...and now here they are in FINAL of #TheVoiceUK! Best of luck ladies from all at Alive Network xx VOTE #BELLEVOCI Book them for your event:
Saying it now ..said it at the start @bellevocimusic should win #TheVoiceUK ...won't win the #Top40 but could revolutionise the classic charts...think they would be biggest opera act since #Pavoroti huge cross over potential!
@bellevocimusic #TheVoiceUK incredible, love their tones and harmonies..they are a class act!
#THEVOICEUK @bellevocimusic win the costume title #amazing #hot #hotunderthecollar
Lets get ready to vote @bellevocimusic #TheVoiceUK love the girls, amazing singers and hot to.
Fabulous rendition of Carmina Buranas O Fortuna from exceptional @bellevocimusic @IAMJHUD my vote goes to them on #thevoiceuk @ollyofficial @iamwill @RealSirTomJones
Good luck to Belle Voci, tonight! Come on ladies, you can do it! #TheVoiceUK
In floods of tears at that performance by @bellevocimusic absolutely incredible #TheVoiceUK #TheVoiceUKFinal @thevoiceuk
@bellevocimusic well done girls. Amazing performances tonight. #TheVoiceUK @IAMJHUD
My vote has been cast for @bellevocimusic #TheVoiceUK - just amazing, but all the acts were good!
Spine tingling from Belle Voci. I like all four and have done since the start but they are probably my main favourites, I love everything about these ladies. So talented and I think there is a place for them in the music scene. #TheVoiceUK
OMG @IAMJHUD and @bellevocimusic you covered me in goosebumps. What a set of pipes you all have #winners #TheVoiceUK #TheVoiceUKFinal #talent
Wow @bellevocimusic that was so powerful & a little scary/eerie! that gave me goosebumps!! Incredible #TheVoiceUK
@IAMJHUD Belle Voci the winners ... perfection #TheVoiceUK
Omg how epic was @bellevocimusic & @IAMJHUD if this show is truly #theVoice they have to win. #TheVoiceUK #thevoicefinal
The brilliant @bellevocimusic entertaining one of our Rotties #TheVoiceUK
Would love to know what classically trained people would say about Belle Voci's performance. I thought it was amazing, but anyone singing opera sounds amazing to me! #TheVoiceUK
Well, my bets are on @bellevocimusic. So gonna win, love a bit of opera. #TheVoiceUK
all I can say is Wow.. @bellevocimusic so deserve to be in the final, what incredible voices! #TheVoiceUK x
@IAMJHUD and @bellevocimusic together is just WOW!!! Incredible #thevoiceuk #thevoice #itv
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