Mentions ... To Win   Positive Sentiment Negative Sentiment   Total Sentiment
Queen Bee 1,924   1,005 566 418 137 1,000 117   53 37 94 30 61   4,095 1,562 2,131 1,183 2,621 1,285 2,128 -180 104 -94 -56 -14 0 -94   3,915   2,037 1,127 2,607 1,285 2,035
Hedgehog 1,469   755 465 174 35 1,000 47   32 11 42 6 32   1,623 657 968 435 904 343 1,105 -288 140 -125 -113 -73 -7 -196   1,335   843 322 831 336 909
Octopus 910   472 271 89 12 1,000 15   6 2 12 3 16   872 414 440 275 410 101 958 -182 89 -98 -51 -47 0 -200   690   342 224 363 101 758
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Yes! As I knew it was @NicolaRoberts as #QueenBee so now everyone has heard what a fantastic voice she has! Well done for winning and much deserved #MaskedSinger
#TheMaskedSingeruk #MaskedSinger queen bee im actually so proud
Me and @laurengeorge15 would have bet all our money on Queen Bee being Jade from Little Mix #TheMaskedSinger
#MaskedSinger i got hedgehog and octupus right
Yessss congratulations @NicolaRoberts on winning the masked singer #TheMaskedSingeruk #QueenBee
Absolutely love that Queen Bee won #TheMaskedSingeruk as #NicolaRoberts was absolutely amazing and hiding such a voice all this time. Shame she didn't get to shine more in #GirlsAloud Sorry @LewisCapaldi it was the best version of Someone you loved I've heard (still like yours!)
Wow @NicolaRoberts had an amazing voice!! Why did she not sing more in girls aloud? #TheMaskedSinger #QueenBee
#MaskedSinger Congratulations to Queen Bee
Here's who was really inside Queen Bee in #TheMaskedSingeruk. This fellow.
Anything music, and you will definitely get my attention. #Queenbee @NicolaRoberts wins #TheMaskedSingeruk
#TheMaskedSinger .. an interesting show this ... "Listen without prejudice" & Nicola Roberts as Queen Bee ... a worthy winner
#TheMaskedSinger just throwing it out there.. queen bee... Louisa Johnson #QueenBee
#TheMaskedSinger #TheMaskedSingeruk How beautiful is Nicola Roberts That girl is on fire! Simply stunning ! What an amazing voice too! #QueenBee my winner from week one @NicolaRoberts
YESSSSSS QUEEN BEE WON #TheMaskedSingeruk I'd forgotten just how INCREDIBLE Nicola Roberts voice is. Damn queen!
Yes, hedgehog! I've known who it is for weeks so proud of myself, right now! You can't hide the northern from a northerner! #TheMaskedSinger #TheMaskedSingeruk #hedgehog #jasonmanford
Jason Manford as the 'Hedgehog' on #TheMaskedSinger was incredible! Was not expecting him at all Absolutely amazing
I managed to get all the finalists correct in #MaskedSinger I guess it's a bit easier the longer it goes, way more clues to work with. Though I wasn't 100% set on Hedgehog because I swear it sounded like an older singing voice. Good fun, I'd watch again when it rolls around.
Guilty of watching #TheMaskedSinger #QueenBee Beautiful voice she should be proud
Will use the 'masked' names for those avoiding spoilers for who the celebs are but Hedgehog deserved to win. Queen Bee should've been out weeks ago but not entirely coincidentally is most in need of a career relaunch. #TheMaskedSingeruk
Nicola Roberts!! Is the queen bee, honestly sounds so similar to Jade!!! #MaskedSinger what a beautiful voice