Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 4
Twitter: @KLADance
Instagram: @kla.dance
#GreatestDancer Beautiful from Elle & Oti. What a strong fabulous performance. KLA was fantastic too. #TeamOti
At work so cant watch @GreatDancerTV tonight but still supporting @KLADance to win just voted for you girls. Good luck #TheGreatestDancer
I LOVE #KLAs joy, energy and exuberance! And their relationship with @OtiMabuse is just wonderful. The antidote to all the negativity flooding the UK at the moment! #TheGreatestDancer
KLA have phenomenal stage presence and energy, and are such a joy to watch. Much cleaner than the first routine too #GreatestDancer
I really just couldnt be prouder of KLA, to see a Latin group reach the finals of one of the biggest dance shows on television especially at their age is just incredible and a testament to how amazing they are #GreatestDancer
The amount of adults online saying mean things about KLA just astounds me. I don't even like children but I can see they are nice girls who are working hard, for 10 year old that's pretty amazing. #TheGreatestDancer
Well that opening dance in @GreatDancerTV from KLA made me ridiculously emotional for no apparent reason. Loved the fresh approach from @OtiMabuse, those ballroom moves with a dance formation was amazing #LoveGreatDance #TheGreatestDancer
@OtiMabuse is just the cutest thing! So glad she has two acts left in #GreatestDancer GO #KLA TO WIN!!
KLA were amazing, definitely worthy of being in that final, wishing all the best for the results!! @OtiMabuse #TeamOti #GreatestDancer
I havent been KLAs biggest fan but that last dance was their best. Well done girls #TheGreatestDancer
#TheGreatestDancer can't call it now there both worthy winners be pleased for both acts #kla are not up there with other dancers theyve plenty of time to grow
Unquestionably KLA are fantastic for their age group. But dont think they are the winner. #GreatestDancer
Those young girls are super cute and great dancers, well done KLA #GreatestDancer
ive actually found myself rooting for KLA, theyre so talented and can do so many different styles, + oti is fucking incredible #TheGreatestDancer
the one member of KLA who is always at least 2 steps behind everyone else but still having THE BEST TIME is my favourite and she has already won the show. #greatestdancer #thegreatestdancer
I hope #KLA win they are so cute #GreatestDancer
They're brilliant, they're just so much fun to watch. #KLA #greatestdancer
Now this is a street party wed love to be invited too, @KLADance! Are they your #GreatestDancer winners?
@KLADance are outstanding! They remember so much choreography each week and they are always perfect in sync and spaced equally #GreatestDancer
RT BBC "RT GreatDancerTV: Now this is a street party wed love to be invited too, KLADance! Are they your #GreatestDancer winners?
She is so funny @kladance mascot Lol #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer Really love KLA they are so amazing!!
#GreatestDancer oti is so illuminating and an amazing dancer and bless KLA
#GreatestDancer @OtiMabuse wow just wow dancing with KLA and Elllie - superb mentoring
KLA serving sass and skill and sparkles - Im totally here for it! And Oti... she runs the world. #TheGreatestDancer
Wow #KLA are amazing!!! Its like watching professionals #GreatestDancer @OtiMabuse
OMG! #KLA on #TheGreatestDancer they are the Strictly professionals of the future, fantastic little dancers!!.making me so happy watchin them.
Watching @OtiMabuse dance with KLA was amazing, love love love them! #greatestdancer
Good opener from KLA but when @OtiMabuseus the star hard not to be great #GreatestDancer
I think KLA are so Talented for their age but I'm not sure if they will win #GreatestDancer
KLA parents are just hoping they win to bag the cash themselves. Aint gunna happen tho #greatestdancer
I enjoyed that, well done KLA. #GreatestDancer
Wow amazing! @KLADance @OtiMabuse #greatestdancer
KLA are just the cutest I love them#greatestdancer
the main girl in kla is the funniest person wow #GreatestDancer #OtiSquad
kla make me smile so much, theyre amazing ! #GreatestDancer
Good Luck @KLADance #GreatestDancer @OtiMabuse
You Girls are Amazing always making me smile @KLADance @OtiMabuse #GreatestDancer
Watching #TGD and KLA are not that great. Why are they in the final? Family and friends voting for them?
If they dont win put KLA on strictly anyway with the pros. Would be so cute #GreatestDancer
Otis relationship with KLA is the cutest. Making me emotional too #GreatestDancer
Im in tears at KLAs vt and were literally ten minutes in, send help #GreatestDancer
I want KLA to win £50,000 just so they can spend it all on pic'n'mix #greatestdancer #thegreatestdancer
KLA with Oti were brilliant #PureDance whereas Cheryls just looks like one of her pop videos #TheGreatestDancer
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