Ellie Fergusson

Status: Winner
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 4
Twitter: @ellie_fergusson
Instagram: @ellie_fergusson
Ellie is 100% my winner no matter what, that performance was stunning, the song choice was perfect and the relationship between Ellie and @OtiMabuse is incredible, well done Ellie!! #TeamOti #GreatestDancer
I love the connection, synergy and technique from Harry and Aaliyah. And I loved Ellies beautiful and also technically wonderful performance. Sigh. Either are worthy winners....#GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer #TGD what an amazing show. Its has so much #kindness and #feelgood vibes and the dancers are absolutely incredible. Save the series and watch whenever you need cheering up @actionhappiness . They are all amazing but just watching #Ellie dance is a privilege.
did oti and Ellies dance have me sobbing? absolutely. they both brought so much I didnt even know they could do, like oti where did that come from?! Ellie is so beautiful, technically perfect and emotional when she dances, my winner for sure #GreatestDancer #otisquad x
absolutely incredible. oti and ellie did such a beautiful duet together and they both have such amazing technique, emotion and passion #GreatestDancer
so incredible ellie to win im crying at her performance amazing #GreatestDancer
I hope Ellie wins. She's danced incredible these past few weeks. Deserving winner. #GreatestDancer
Good luck to #Ellie It would be great if the first winner for #TheGreatestDancer #TGD brought back the prize to #Scotland
@OtiMabuse Ellie to win!! You both have me in floods of tears - stunning performance #TheGreatestDancer #winners
@ellie_fergusson Darling you are so damn amazing. You win in my head. You will be a world class dancer before you're an adult. Brilliant #ellie #tgd #GreatestDancer
Ill be happy if either Ellie or Harry/Eleiyah win tbh. Theyre both so incredible. My faves from the beginning #TGD
Just stunning!!! Oti & Ellie, just wow... #GreatestDancer #Gotthefeels #beautiful #winners
@ellie_fergusson....superb dancer! To see how much her confidence has improved has been heartwarming. Her journey has been truly special #GreatestDancer
@GreatDancerTV Ellie you got me , you are the most incredible dancer I have ever witnessed in a long time, your passion and commitment is second to none , and to have had the chance to see you live was immense #GreatestDancer
Mesmerising & such a beautiful dancer. Stunning. Ellie to win this #GreatestDancer
Wow that was beautiful! @ellie_fergusson is such a fantastic dancer and she's just 14!! Amazing #GreatestDancer
Ellie to win #TheGreatestDancer she's just fantastic.. She glides through the air like a feather #beautiful
Ellie MUST win #TheGreatestDancer after that breathtaking performance with @OtiMabuse. So emotional! Were all so proud of our @LoveWestLothian @williamstonps girl
its so so amazing to see how her confidence has grown, she 10000% deserves all her success, ellie you are incredible #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer Ellies dances always make me cry, so much emotion put into them and her passion and love for dance is so visible, its beautiful
Wow! @OtiMabuse and Ellies performance has me in tearsss that was so so so beautiful and amazing #GreatestDancer
Just gorgeous from Ellie & Oti. Ive got goosebumps. It moved me to tears. Absolutely stunning and the song!! #GreatestDancer #GreatestDancerFinal #mywinner #Ellie
ellie and otis dance was absolutely amazing! beautiful dancers, amazing technique and such a nice friendship and connection between them! amazing #tgd #GreatestDancer #thegreatestdancer @OtiMabuse @ellie_fergusson
That was so beautiful, Oti, you and Ellie are incredible and so inspiring vote for Ellie #tgd @OtiMabuse
Ellie has to win #GreatestDancer that performance with @OtiMabuse genuinely brought tears to my eyes. Theyre both incredible
Wow!!! Beautiful performance @OtiMabuse @ellie_fergusson #GreatestDancer Good luck! #teamoti
Really really hope that Ellie wins as Id love to see her dance again with Oti on Strictly. Imagine how great that would be #GreatestDancer #GreatestDancerFinal
Fantastic final so far of @GreatDancerTV.. My faves tonight are @JamesandOliver8 and @ellie_fergusson I don't mind who wins..But I connected with these tonight, they absolutely smashed it for me #GreatestDancer
I love @CherylOfficial she was phenomenal tonight but Ellie and @OtiMabuse has to win tonight #TheGreatestDancer
Will be happy if Harry and Eleijah or Ellie win. Theyre both phenomenal acts! #GreatestDancer
I thought it last week but Im certain of it now. Ellie for the win. That routine with @OtiMabuse was beautiful. Best routine of the series. #GreatestDancer #GreatestDancerFinal
@ellie_fergusson what a beautiful dancer - such commitment and wonderful performances - on your own and with @OtiMabuse Showing us what a powerful medium dance is. #TheGreatestDancer
Ellie is incredible I adore her. And that dance was amazing! #GreatestDancer
@OtiMabuse #GreatestDancer I am crying....what an amazing performance #Ellie to win
That was the most emotional, powerful, gorgeous routine, Ellie and Oti have such an amazing connection I could watch them dance all day #greatestdancer
Ellie was the best by far. Im crying like a baby. Beautiful dance!!! #TheGreatestDancer @OtiMabuse
Ellie is just gorgeous her every move it to the make to the tips of fingers and toes. Her facial expression changes to keep you in her story. Fantastic my winner !!#GreatestDancer
ellie has been incredible all series, her confidence has grown so much & i cant wait to see her dance one final time with such a beautiful dance #TheGreatestDancer #OtiSquad
My money is still on @Ellie_Fergusson to win @GreatDancerTV tonight. That routine of @GreatestShowman #NeverEnough with @OtiMabuse was beautiful. Best routine of the series. #GreatestDancer #GreatestDancerFinal
Cheering for Ellie on #TheGreatestDancer. Even though I've liked all the finalists, I think she has genuine star quality.
ellie is outstanding and she deserves to win SO much. please vote for her #greatestdancer
Some great performances but its team Ellie all the way in our house. Her dance with Oti (to an amazing song) was fantastic #GreatestDancer
Crrrrrying at @GreatDancerTV my god @ellie_fergusson was out of this world phenomenal @OtiMabuse Im speechless! #GreatestDancer
A Marvellous Swansong from Ellie, So Incredibly Graceful and Elegant!#TheGreatestDancer
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