Company Jinks

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 2
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Instagram: @companyjinks
Wow #companyjinks wow. That actually worked really well. And I love the song which helps omg the little set at the end was too cute. Well done. #GreatestDancer
Loved the concept and Company Jinks are amazing dancers, but I also wanted to see more storytelling in that. At the same time it was one of my favourite of theirs, so... #GreatestDancer
Think that was a very fun and amazing performance from #CompanyJinks They are all so in sync! @GreatDancerTV #TheGreatestDancer #GreatestDancer
@companyjinks are the best dancers with the most amazing choreographer facts are facts. #greatestdancer
Vote for Company Jinks!! An incredible group who have so much more to give #GreatestDancer
@GreatDancerTV @companyjinks really showing versatility tonight! Fab! #GreatestDancer
Yes these were very very good #companyjinks #TGD #thegreatestdancer
Ohhh come on #thegreatestdancer #companyjinks are fab dancers but pink blonde dolls and toy soldiers?!! Could you not have had Ken dolls and girl soldiers?? Its 2019!
#companyjinks I love the American sounding girl's hair. #GreatestDancer
company jinks are SO good #greatestdancer
The crossover of the lifted girl was great moment too #companyjinks #GreatestDancer
The lack of love for Company Jinks from the studio audience each week is ridiculous. Their choreography is always outstanding and executed beautifully. @GreatDancerTV #GreatestDancer
'Which Doll are you?', 'Alternative, but still cute' - same @companyJinks, same #GreatestDancer #thegreatestdancer
Company jinks are my absolute faves #GreatestDancer
Cheryl would have done much better work with Company Jinks #GreatestDancer
oh wow i loved company jinks dance too maybe they just put all the shitty dances first this week #GreatestDancer
Harry & Eeliyah and Company Jinks are INSANE Loved them #thegreatestdancer
@JamesandOliver8 and @companyjinks are my favourites so far #TheGreatestDancer
@companyjinks amaze me every week #GreatestDancer
I loved the quality of the dancing for @companyjinks it's just a shame that they wet for something as cliche as barbie and GiJoe #GreatestDancer
The world is nuanced and stuff can be good and bad. #CompanyJinks were super on #GreatestDancer but also it seemed kinda gendered. Next time can we have a story showing fewer gender stereotypes? Thanks :)
Not keen on #companyjinks routine this week. Dont like the stereo type of the routine, girls in pink playing with pink blonde stepford wife Barbie dolls. Could have done something more fun and comical with Toys as the challenge. Not a great song choice. #GreatestDancer
Thought that might happen. Company Jinks and Propects Fraternity split the vote between them and now they are both going home. #GreatestDancer
Unbelievable!! Both company jinks n prospects r out!! I wanted both to stay! #thegreatestdancer
company jinks don't need to connect with the audience more the audience just need taste #GreatestDancer
THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM #companyjinks #GreatestDancer #TGD
Not sure on Company Jinks tonight #GreatestDancer
Company Jinks need to go #GreatestDancer
Nope. Mine. You cannot have. @companyjinks #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer Barbie Dolls and Soldiers for @companyjinks - thats stereotypically disappointing. Not sure Im a fan of Dance Captain Matthew. Think hes limiting them.
Move over Ken, Barbies got some Action Men now! @CompanyJinks #GreatestDancer #thegreatestdancer
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