Angela Scanlon

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Carlos Gu
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 10
Twitter: @angelascanlon
Instagram: @angelascanlon
Once again have fallen down the terrific @bbcstrictly rabbit hole. The absolute delight is a comforting hug in TV form. Rooting for utterly enchanting Irish Cailin @angelascanlon to go all the way (🩷 the truly stunning beauty). Can't wait for more.. #Strictly
Totally love Angela Scanlon - amazing legs, fabulous hair & looks like she'd be great fun to go day drinking with #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
Time for the ridiculous comforting truly terrific TV delight @bbcstrictly . Another flashy few hrs await, always undeniable super fun to behold. Rooting for the utterly enchanting Irish Cailin @angelascanlon to gracefully glide all the way to The Glitterball trophy.. #Strictly
Well, I thought that was fabulous Angela 💜 Well done 👏 #Strictly
All hail the utterly delight that is the emotional whirlwind @bbcstrictly . The much needed relief a truly shitty dark evening required. How is it so darn therapeutic just watching people dance? 🩷 the utterly enchanting @angelascanlon . Perfect switch your brain off TV.. #Strictly
The utterly enchanting Irish Cailin @angelascanlon puts a graceful spell on you week after week with some serious moves. Truly mesmerizing & intoxicating to behold, rooting for the truly delightful Angela to go all the way to The Glitterball.. #Strictly
Cha-Cha from Angela and Carlos was really sharp and entertaining considering it's such a hard dance. They both looked like the were enjoying it- always a good sign. #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
Angela also looks incredible tonight. As does Carlos. Wardrobe have been exceptional tonight. #scd #strictly
So lovely to see Angela enjoying herself her confidence has grown✨🕺🏻💃🏻 #Angela & Carlos #strictly
I adore Angela Scanlon the Cha Cha didn't really suit her but I loved the disco influence in the routine, nice legs. 🫤 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Angela & Carlos delivered another polished routine, great movement and they attacked the dance with plenty of lovely straight legs, a few mistakes but it didn't deserve Len's 7's 🤷‍♂️ @bbcstrictly #ItTakesTwo #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I adore Angela Scanlon but I felt like there was a lot of fannying around before the Cha Cha actually started. I loved the disco influence in the routine, but for some reason she just didn't look as confident as she normally does. 🫤 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I feel like Angela might need all 3 of my votes 💚🤍🧡 come on the Irish vote let's look after our girl #Strictly
That was special, Angela! Those legs! A couple of synch issues for me, but what do I know?! I love a dancer that makes me feel wow #Strictly
Angela S and Carlos score 31 (7,7,8,9). What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win up to £500 in Amazon UK vouchers #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly . Good luck Angela,
#Strictly #Angela Glam Legs Lively Confidence 40 - 1 for Craig
Angela is often overlooked I think but that was really good. Her hair 😍 #scd #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
Love Angela, but not sure if it was just me watching on iplayer, but it felt like she was slow on the music. Bit stiff, hips weren't the best. It was forced. Shame as she's one of my favourites #Strictly
Sorry Angela but this dance just seems like a lass at the club with her gay bestie over a pro dance. It was good but feels like it could have been miles better 🫣🤔 #strictly
I want Angela's hair! Stunning #Strictly
Love Angela and think she's a fantastic dancer, but this routine was not it 😔 #strictly #bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Angela's confidence has grown so beautifully #scd #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
#strictly I love Angela but the content in that routine is too basic. She is better than that routine
Yes I love Angela and Carlos! Let's do this #strictly
Come on then Angela 😊 #Strictly
I love Angela - she's a real mover, and appears to have picked up this dancing lark like a pro!… #Strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly prayer circle for angela and carlos please, i want her to get through🙏🏻🙏🏻
Angela's frock is epic #strictly
So pleased that Angela's friends all like Carlos - only kidding, I couldn't care less… #Strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing
Angela looks absolutely stunning #strictly
I agree with Craig, Angela's hips weren't that good #Strictly
I give Angela and Carlos a 7. Your legs were messy; you've beautiful legs, but much of this was thrown about. You also need better connection to the floor. HOWEVER, bags of energy, whole body movement and hip twists! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Angela you sassy thing you, your legs are fabulous #strictly
Love Angela #strictly So consistent
Angela and Carlos to win Strictly. 🏆
Angela Scanlon god bless.. need her to be voted for. #Strictly
Save Angela and Carlos!!! I can't watch live but will be voting #strictly
maybe it's my meh-ness about Cha Cha overall but that was... whelming. even though i adore angela and carlos. #strictly
Loved that from Angela and Carlos #Strictly
Angela and Carlos 💖✨ #Strictly
Carlos has carried Angela this series, which proves how much of a great pro is #Strictly
I don't get how Angela S has been getting through. Don't think she's been good for weeks. #Strictly
I loved that from Angela! #Strictly
Angela's got the legs but not the hips. Don't hate me! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Not keen on this Cha Cha for Angela, it didn't seem to have much range motion with the hips and the opening was awkward. Love though she's such a joy on screen #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Love Angela's dress! #Strictly
Corny song choice & I'm not a fan of the blend of Cha Cha to Disco music, it's been used before & I think it weakens the technique. That said, I like Angela and Carlos a lot and their dancing was good. Angela does have amazing legs. #strictly #strictlycomedancing @bbcstrictly
Angela is a hot ginge if ever I saw one 😍 #strictly
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