Tom Fletcher

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Amy Dowden
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 9
Twitter: @TomFletcher
Instagram: @tomfletcher
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 333 24 685 685
Week 1 605 25 1,349 1,017
Movie Week 478 11 1,393 1,142
Week 4 266 9 795 1,179
Week 5 451 10 1,106 1,098
Halloween Week 235 8 280 727
Week 7 489 7 1,341 909
Week 8 233 3 450 690
Musicals Week 552 18 805 865
Remember to get your votes in for @TomFletcher and Amy. They did amazing and we need to show them how much we loved their dance! #StrictlyComeDancing #TomAndAmyToWin
Voted for John, Rhys and Tom, even though I have a horrible feeling two of those will be in the dance off and we're about to get a Shock Boot #Strictly
Perhaps Tom to go #Strictly
So Tom Fletcher did everything technically right but wasn't emotional enough. Okay then. Men and women are judged to a different standard on this show but what do you expect when you have a judging panel that barely judges #Strictly
Dan or Tom to go this week. It's only right. #strictly
Right, VOTE MCFLOWDEN!!! #strictly @TomFletcher @dowden_amy
I am fearful for John and Johannes this week. I feel like everyone will be fine if they're in the dance off against Tom or maybe Dan to a lesser extent, but everyone else has had a high standard this week so middle-leaderboard couples are potentially in danger. #Strictly #scd
Ohhhhh so it's just Tom the judges hate is it? They are SO hard on him! #StrictlyComeDancing
I think Tom & Amy might be in trouble this week. But it's time for Dan to go #Strictly
Mortifying for Tom that there's another couples choice tonight which is head and shoulders above his movement class in drama school routine #strictly
Tilly throwing herself in to this dance. Exactly what Tom didn't do with his #Strictly
Cynthia giving Tom a score of 7 #Strictly
Mosti Shirley and Anton over marking Tom that was never a eight #strictly
Toms vt #StrictlyComeDancing
Tom deserved more than that. No way was that a 7! #Strictly
That was a very safe performance. I was not wowed by it. Tom and Amy - 8. #Strictly
Does Russell Crowe know who Tom Fletcher is or does he think he's doing a cameo for a kid? #strictly
Tom, your sister's show doesn't start until 7.30, what are you talking about #strictly
So many say tom and Amy have no chemistry and it annoys me soo much #strictly I've loved their friendship
I think the judges must have been watching something different to me. Tom's dance almost moved me to tears. Thought it was beautiful! #Strictly
So judges feedback is basically just to cry Tom #Strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing Tom, the bitches have spoken, ignore them, I thought it was great
So the judges are going to mark Tom and Amy down because he didn't cry.. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2021 #strictly #scd2021 #scd
So they're meant to be judging dancing but they're telling him they want him to cry? Personally thought that Tom was amazing! Love #Strictly
Beautiful and moving dance with a beautiful and moving story behind it! Congratulations @TomFletcher and @dowden_amy, we know @CarrieHFletcher will be very proud of her brother and of that performance! #Strictly
Think Tom's gutted the judges didnt love it as much as he did #StrictlyComeDancing
This was the first time that Tom's dance actually got me, so disagree with the judges. #StrictlyComeDancing
Wondered how long it would take till it became the Carrie Fletcher show #Strictly #musicalsweek #alsoIfuckinghatelyrical #makeitstop
I agree with Cynthia. Tom is such a lovely guy, but he never gives into the emotion of the dance #StrictlyComeDancing
That was wonderful @TomFletcher #Strictly beautiful
#Strictly that was ok not brilliant though tbh... not a great dance for tom!
Tom and Amy were incredible!!! And great song!!!! #Strictly
That was beautiful @TomFletcher and @dowden_amy Love Love Love #strictly
omg was sobbing, toms best performance so far #StrictlyComeDancing
That was fine but Tom really wanted to make it a moment, bless #Strictly
What a beautiful dance by Tom. #strictly
That's a winner right there. McFly. Always winning. #tomfletcher #StrictlyComeDancing #McFlyAlwaysWins
Amy always puts too much in the choreography and that's why I think.I'm not connecting with this couple.Also Tom is abit annoying #strictly
Ah Tom...I enjoyed that #Strictly
Wow Tom and Amy's dance is stunning Love Well done @dowden_amy & @TomFletcher #Strictly
Tom was brill. Improving each week. #Strictly
Was scared Amy was going to go flying off Tom's neck #StrictlyComeDancing
This is the dance I do in my head to this song, so fair play to Tom and Amy #strictly
Tom is being given *this* VT and a couple's choice??? Crikey, there are some worried producers... #Strictly
Any family members Tom hasn't milked? #strictly #scd
Look at little @TomFletcher with @RuthieHenshall And @CarrieHFletcher. This is everything #strictly #musicals #theatregeek
ugh tom is so annoying #Strictly
Tom To mention his sister in Cinderella? DRINK. #strictly
Okay here's where we're gonna see Carrie Hope Fletcher, right? #Strictly #scd
Who's in danger of elimination? Dan? Tom? #StrictlyComeDancing
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