Tom Fletcher

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Amy Dowden
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Musicals Week
Twitter: @TomFletcher
Instagram: @tomfletcher
Well done @TomFletcher As a Les Mis fan and this being one of my fave songs I loved this. I bet @CarrieHFletcher is a very proud sister this evening Love #Strictly
#Strictly. Tom and Amy: Wow what a breathtaking Couples choice routine from Tom and Amy. This was his strongest dance to date. Loved the storytelling. Every move was so compelling I loved how this dance flowed. Tom has really improved and this dance has proved that.
Wow Tom and Amy's dance is stunning Love Well done @dowden_amy & @TomFletcher #Strictly
tom and amy Love i loved that one so so much & i love that song wow it was so beautiful #Strictly
Tom & Amy Well I felt that right in my heart beautiful song, beautifully executed! You can tell how much it meant to them both and I saw the emotion! I loved the different style of couples choice too rather than street! My Score: 9 #Strictly @TomFletcher
Well done @TomFletcher & @dowden_amy on your Couples Choice to Les Miserables on @bbcstrictly More great music from @SCDband & Singers Fab costumes from @VickyGillDesign @t_hewlett & team #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Toms intro and dance got me in absolute tears, yes i'm slightly bias as a McFly fan but very few dances have had me actually cry, so thanks @TomFletcher #Strictly
I do wonder if the judges have a cheeky drink before the show. Only a 31 for @TomFletcher and @dowden_amy I was moved to tears. My favourite musical and favourite song. Well done guys. Definitely getting all my votes. #tomfletcher #amydowden #StrictlyComeDancing #beautiful
Wow! That was stunning!!! Tom and Amy just beautiful. #Strictly
Loved that performance of On My Own @TomFletcher @dowden_amy Beautiful Love Love Love #Strictly
Tom & Amy dancing to one of my absolute favourites just beautiful Love #Strictly2021
Well @TomFletcher & @dowden_amy, I thought you danced beautifully & I know @CarrieHFletcher will be so proud. This was my reaction to it, I thought you were amazing #strictly
i'm just ? why did tom only get a 7 ? for not ? crying ? sorry ? their dance was incredible i loved it #Strictly
Tom: Pfft what are these judges on about? It was full of emotion & made me cry, I loved it Love #Strictly
Wasn't that lovely! The introduction of the Couple's Choice was a genius decision. I really liked it. Saddened by the judges' comments. Well done @TomFletcher! #SCD #Strictly
As someone who has a very fractious relationship with her siblings, watching @TomFletcher get so emotional about his sister makes me joyous and jealous in equal measure. I thought the dance was lovely. Well done! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2021 #strictly
Love Tom and Amy, love Les Mis, Eponine is my favourite female character, that was beautiful #strictly #oncatchup
#Strictly Tom & Amy, loved it one of my fave songs. Beautiful, brought a tear
Crying at @TomFletcher dance and VT and then then cheered up by Gio living his best life as Hans @bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #musicalsweek
Tom and Amy were incredible!!! And great song!!!! #Strictly
Wow Tom and Amy I really loved that dance Love #Strictly
Aw, that couples choice from #Tom and #Amy was so adorable - loved the promo too and how he dedicated it to his sister! Loved that dance! #StrictlyComeDancing
Stunning. So so so stunning. Proud Galaxy Defender right now #Strictly @TomFletcher @dowden_amy
Les Mis is one of my all time favourite musicals and this is my all time favourite song from the musical, Tom is doing great to this song! such a lovely meaning behind it to. #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
That was wonderful @TomFletcher #Strictly beautiful
Beautiful and moving dance with a beautiful and moving story behind it! Congratulations @TomFletcher and @dowden_amy, we know @CarrieHFletcher will be very proud of her brother and of that performance! #Strictly
Well done Tom that was amazing #Strictly
Wow I never knew he was the fabulous Carrie hope Fletcher's brother! #strictly
Les Mis is my favourite musical! I cry every time I watch it and now I've a new reason to cry Tom and Amy were amazing! Breath taking! Oh tom and Amy, I love you Love #Strictly @dowden_amy @TomFletcher
couples choice dances are always SOOOO incredible. tom and amy Love Love Love Love Love #strictly
That's a winner right there. McFly. Always winning. #tomfletcher #StrictlyComeDancing #McFlyAlwaysWins
Oh hush up judges. That was stunning. there was so much emotion in that dance, I felt everything. @TomFletcher is emotional and I saw. So so so proud!! @dowden_amy #Strictly
What a beautiful dance @TomFletcher @dowden_amy Love #Strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing @TomFletcher and Amy made me absolutely sob! I'm so proud of you and it was so lovely that you dedicated it to @CarrieHFletcher I've just about stopped crying!
Wonderful dance from #TomFletcher & he was overcome with emotion at the end! Lovely to see Harry there too, and lovely words from Shirley #StrictlyComeDancing
i'm in tears, tom and amy's dance was truly stunning #strictly
Emotional and enchanting. And the dance was dedicated to his little sister. Aww! #Tom #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2021
So they're meant to be judging dancing but they're telling him they want him to cry? Personally thought that Tom was amazing! Love #Strictly
Oh come on guys, Tom cries all the time, this is a man who KNOWS its okay to cry and I love him for it. That was a beautiful dance #StrictlyComeDancing
Cynthia said you ain't shit, Tom. Lol #Strictly
Sorry has anyone actually said anything about his dancing? They're just harping on about him not crying. I thought Tom's dance was really good - those lifts looked complicated & his musicality is great #Strictly
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