Nina Wadia

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Neil Jones
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 2
Twitter: @Nina_Wadia
Instagram: @nina.wadia
I love Nina but I didn't feel that Tango. Hope she's ok because she has a lovely personality and she's very funny. #Strictly
Nina and Neil: Another great performance from Nina and Neil. Nina played the character of the dance perfectly. That dance was fierce and she maintained character throughout . Her frame seemed wooden. Could be better but a good dance from Nina and Neil #Strictly
Who liked Nina and Neil's Tango on #Strictly tonight? If you love tango join us for a musical night that will take you from the clubs in Buenos Aires to the salons of Paris with one of the most exciting tango bands in the UK Tango Calor, 23 Oct @ChewMagna
Nina is becoming one of my favourites. Great Tango characterisation and a nice frame. Maybe needs to work on her legwork. One or two wobbly moments. 7 #Strictly
AJ, John & Sara were the best ones of the night for me. Tilly was a nice surprise, as was Robert. In the bottom, I'm going to say Dan & Nina with Dan going home. I'd also put Katie there but I think Gorka's popularity will save her this week. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Have to say @Nina_Wadia was brilliant & looks stunning tonight #Strictly
I agree with Craig Nina's frame wasn't good. Seemed very wooden to me. I loved the character of the dance though. Nina was fierce #Strictly
Fierce and fabulous Tango from @Nina_Wadia and @Mr_NJones! We especially loved the story they told! What score would you give them this week? #Strictly
It was Fun for Fun for Fun Nina #strictly has these two going all the way. #cartooncollaborations X Me thinking I'm going to love a Tango Too #NinaandNeil XX
A good effort from Nina and Neil I felt the strong intention and fierce character through the dance. She just needs to work on the frame but it's only week 2. Nina can improve. She cannot leave yet. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Nina and Neil score 18 (3,5,5,5) + 24 = 42 What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win up to £500 in Amazon UK vouchers #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Nina Nina Nina great Tango loved it well done Niel. #Strictly
Well done Nina, a great Tango and good music as well. #strictly
Wow. Enjoying this. Well done #Nina! #StrictlyComeDancing
A good attempt at the Tango on @bbcstrictly from @Nina_Wadia & @Mr_NJones Loved the frock that Nina was wearing @VickyGillDesign & @t_hewlett Well done #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2021
Great effort from Nina tonight. I think she looked more comfortable last week though. #Strictly
Dear diary I think I'm in love with Nina Wadia #Strictly
Okay I know it wasn't great but Nina definitely deserved more than a 3 #StrictlyComeDancing
Nina - fabulous energy, she completely sells this! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly #SCD2021
#Strictly Nina - on fire!!! Brilliant! Fierce! Great judging advice from Anton.
Neil needs to get better at barking instructions without his lips moving. But I still love Nina #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
Votes for Nina (save her!) Greg (for being Greg) Adam (for my fave) Fourth vote would have gone to Robert and Dianne #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
I'm obsessed with watching Nina dance but now for some Peaty Love #StrictlyComeDancing
Love Nina's dress. That kiss thing - is he still with Katia? #Strictly
This dance was iffy for Nina but she is great I'm rooting for her #Strictly
"Here's your emotional support, Nina! Three people from a TV show you were in. No, not the one who played your son, he's too famous. No, not her either. No, Kellie Bright doesn't get out of bed for less than £20k" #Strictly
A story, good looking and ability. She's on track for the final already. Ranking so far: John Rose AJ Judi Greg Adam Katie Rhys Nina #StrictlyComeDancing
#StrictlyComeDancing #strictly ok one vote for Aj, Rose and Nina (as she was so good last week). But truly I could have voted for all of them. Twice.
I give Nina and Neil 6 out of 10. Nina, keep working on your top line, and make sure you have staccato rather than stiffness in the Tango. Great characterisation though! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Ricky Norwood appearing in Nina + Neil's VT Love , thanks #Strictly
i don't think it was a great dance sadly. but i don't like the tango anyway so i still think nina is amazing #strictly
Come on Nina can't wait you are amazing #StrictlyComeDancing
If I cocked up mid routine that would be me done. It's week two. Nina did brilliant #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Interesting take on the Tango from Nina & @Mr_NJones , really liked the addition of some Argentine elements to the dance #scd #strictly
Nina deserves the points just for the face - brilliant! #StrictlyComeDancing
A final of pros who haven't been there before would be nice, Johannes, Nancy, Kai and... Neil?? (For Nina, I'd accept it.) #strictly
I really like Nina, and I'm still not over her fantastic dance last week #Strictly
I think Ugo and Nina bottom 2 :/ I don't want her to go tho, she was so great last week #strictly
I think Nina's marvellous for week 2 #Strictly
god i love nina #strictly
Dance 2: Nina and Neil This week they are dancing the Tango. I'm looking forward to this after Nina's amazing Samba last week. Nina's gonna be fierce in all here for it #Strictly @Nina_Wadia @Mr_NJones
Fantastic performance of the Tango from Nina Sadia & Neil Jones! Absolutely fantastic! #StrictlyComeDancing
Ninas characterisation is amazing #StrictlyComeDancing
I think Nina is marvellous for week 2. #Strictly
Better than Rhys but not a top performance Ranking so far: Adam Rhys Nina #StrictlyComeDancing
Ok so it wasn't perfect but @Nina_Wadia did not come to play! Fierce Queen - @Mr_NJones wanna behave #Strictly
See this is why I like Anton - criticism is constructive. Good girl, Nina! Keep her lit! #SCD #Strictly
I'll only be happy when we see Masood on #Strictly supporting Nina. Or taking part. Make it so... @bbcstrictly @GanatraNitin
I love nina, still can't warm to Neil. #Strictly
Nina is fab #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
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