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For what hes done over his career @Mo_Farah deserves to win #SPOTY at least once, but @LewisHamilton and @anthonyfjoshua have had an incredible year! All worthy winners! #SPOTY17
Personally, I feel @IAmJermainDefoe should get it, care he gave to Bradley Lowery was unforgettable. @JoKonta91 or @LewisHamilton from this list though for me, well done to all nominees anyway and let the best sportsperson win #SPOTY2017 #SPOTY
Love to see Hamilton win so he can bang on about how great the UK is from his Monaco apartment. Could do with a laugh. #SPOTY
If #SPOTY is based on achievement then @LewisHamilton will win as 4 F1 world championships is outstanding.
So much talent in this years #SPOTY , reflecting back on the year, @anthonyfjoshua and @LewisHamilton done Britain proud!!! Id be happy to see either one of them win!!
Best of luck to the champ @LewisHamilton at #SPOTY The most successful British F1 driver
Couldn't decide so voted for both my faves @LewisHamilton & @anthonyfjoshua #SPOTY good luck boys
#SPOTY fave night of year. HAS to be Driver No. 44, @LewisHamilton winning 4th WDC, @MercedesAMGF1 winning 4th Constructors, & most successful F1 driver, taking title from Sir Jackie Stewart after 44 years, he broke so many records in 2017 #symmetry
Hoping tax avoiding #hamilton doesn't win #SPOTY come on AJ
@LewisHamilton looking casual on the fashion front. If anyone criticises why he hasnt turned up to the awards, hes not the only one. Obviously being there would be more ideal but no ones forced him to go. All the best champ. #SPOTY
Lewis has to be in the Top 3, amazing achievements @LewisHamilton #SPOTY
Normally Lewis would be my go to for this award every year and he's been beyond brilliant in the car this season. By a distance the class of the field in the 2nd half of the season #SPOTYvoteJR #SPOTY
Now time for the real champion. Lewis is a deserving winner of #SPOTY He's got my vote.
RT @E_Owen92: Based purely on what he has achieved in #F1 and his incredible success this year - it has to be @LewisHamilton for me. My vote is cast! #SPOTY #TeamLH #LH44
People giving out that it looks like Lewis Hamilton won't win #SPOTY he don't seen to have a personality unlike AJ! Personally I think Defoe should get it an inspirational man he is what a sportsman should be
Voting has closed! Really hope Lewis wins this! #SPOTY #TeamLH
The idea that @LewisHamilton could win after the #ParadisePapers is a bit sad. Obviously big achievement (within context of amazing car and weak field) but #SPOTY is not just about that.
Bloody love Lewis Hamilton. Everything about him. Even the things some find bad about him, I find good. As I know I'd do the same. He's a legend #spoty
Only one winner of the #SPOTY for me, @LewisHamilton, simply the best.
I've voted for my #SPOTY good luck @LewisHamilton 44
Truth is #SPOTY is often a popularity contest. If Lewis Hamilton wins then we've got a lot of work to do on tax dodging awareness
Doubt Hamilton is going to win any popularity contests this year though. Not after that Panama Papers stuff. #spoty
So adorable, the presenter of #SPOTY describing racing achievement of Lewis Hamilton but before they could say his name Jenson jumped up and down shouting Oliver Jarvis well you won in our house @ollyjarvis
It'll be a joke if Lewis Hamilton doesn't win BBC #SPOTY Fingers crossed
Good luck to @LewisHamilton, surely the only competitor for #SPOTY tonight... @BBCSPOTY @F1
Not sure who will win #SPOTY this year, but just hope it isn't Hamilton
When voting opens later, everyone vote for Lewis to win Sports Personality Of The Year #SPOTY
God I hope Lewis Hamilton doesnt win this. #SPOTY
Come on @LewisHamilton got to be #SPOTY 2017 winner!
Shame @LewisHamilton isnt there at the #SPOTY awards, but he would be more than deserving of winning tonight!
#SPOTY is a such a joke. The absence of @ronnieo147 in favour of @LewisHamilton for example who has no personality for one and relies on his machinery to be top, where as the rocket is simply top of his sport, broken records and excelled by through his own ability.
Bet my mum a fiver AJ will win #SPOTY because she thinks Hamilton(?!?!) will win Surely these easiest money of my life
Surely @LewisHamilton should be winning #SPOTY 4 times world champion
Only one worthy winner for #SPOTY and its @LewisHamilton
My only hope for #SPOTY is that tax avoiding, ego-maniac Lewis Hamilton doesnt win
My only hope for #SPOTY is that tax avoiding, ego-maniac Lewis Hamilton doesnt win
Calling #TeamLH VOTE NOW for @LewisHamilton to win @BBCSPOTY #SPOTY by calling 6228204 from your mobile or 09015228204 as many times as you like! GO! You have just over 30 mins!
Very nice of Lewis to spare the nation 10mins of his precious time that could have been spent with his tax lawyers! #SPOTY #lewishamilton
Come on Lewis! 4th Workd Championship becoming the most successful British F1 driver ever. Most poles in the history of #f1 It's a no brainer! #votehamilton #SPOTY #F1
I just hope we survive the exposure to Lewis Hamilton's sparkling personality*. *'personality' #SPOTY
Absolutely cannot stand Lewis Hamilton. Please do not let him win. #SPOTY
Fingers crossed for @LewisHamilton at #SPOTY it would be a fitting end to a superb year for him! #TeamLH #LH44
Like his taxes, if @LewisHamilton wins #SPOTY, one has hidden his trophy somewhere on the Isle of Man where he will never find it.....
@GaryLineker think you should say something about rich tax dodgers in sport. You seem to be vocal on other things. But not the super rich avoiding paying their fair share. @LewisHamilton #SPOTY
Wooooooo Hamilton to win cos of my free bet I had on him everyone vote for Hamilton PS pay your tax you fucking bunglecunt #SPOTY #spotyhamilton
Love this time of the year #SPOTY come on @LewisHamilton
Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly a great F1 driver, but he should probably stop avoiding tax before he is considered for awards from our public service broadcaster #SPOTY
Come on @LewisHamilton fans. Vote for our Champ #SPOTY #lewishamilton
Lewis brilliant winner #SPOTY so what if he is in LA, all haters would do the same #spotyhamilton
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