Jonnie Peacock

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @JonniePeacock
Instagram: @04jonpea
Ive always wanted to see an Olympic, gold medal so begged @JonniePeacock to bring in one of his. Last night, I finally got my wish. Pls pls vote for this adorable man to win the @BBCSPOTY Hes just the best and hilariously funny too!! #SPOTY
Adore @JonniePeacock what an inspiration to so many peopl. What an amazing young man. He's so eloquent. Please vote for this wonderful athlete if you can. Was great to see him on the dance floor during #Strictly #SPOTY #SPOTY2017
So many reasons to vote for @JonniePeacock tonight #SPOTY. Not just for his outstanding sporting achievements but as a primary teacher he is an amazing role model for young people ( and a great sense of humour @TheLastLeg )
#spoty vote cast for @JonniePeacock you deserve it so much my friend, best of luck and thanks for being an amazing athlete and person #legend
Good luck to @JonniePeacock tonight, well done for inspiring a generation of children to get into sport and be active regardless of disability, you get our vote! #SPOTY #SPOTY2017
Good luck tonight Jonny, what an fantastic guy was so great to meet him few years ago @JonniePeacock #SPOTY #SPOTY2017
Seeing @OtiMabuse and @JonniePeacock fantastic jive on #SPOTY Good luck Jonnie! Looking very smart!
Jonnie Peacock genuinely seems such a nice guy and he is doing so much for Para-athletes. Love his contributions on The Last Leg as well, got a good sense of humour! #SPOTY
@JonniePeacock good luck Jonnie at #SPOTY Hope not too hungover after the Strictly Final and wrap party lol!
#Spoty Jonnie peacock to win it this year. He has done amazingly well and loved him on strictly
If @JonniePeacock were to win #SPOTY #SPOTY2017 tonight it would be a great leap forward for disability sport & the representation of disabled people in the UK. It'd be recognition of the fact the contribution of disabled people, sporting & otherwise, can be appreciated by all
Would be wonderful to see @JonniePeacock win #spoty - he is a true inspiration
Ive done my bit and voted for #spoty come on @JonniePeacock, youre truly inspiring and deserve to win.
If @JonniePeacock were to win #SPOTY #SPOTY2017 tonight it would be a great leap forward for disability sport & the representation of disabled people in the UK. It'd be recognition of the fact the contribution of disabled people, sporting & otherwise, can be appreciated by all.
Vote @JonniePeacock for #SPOTY Would be a fabulous winner!
@JonniePeacock is so beautiful inside & out.... An absolute LEGEND! Plus he looks so suave in his tux #SPOTY #SPOTY2017
Be amazed by his athletics and dancing skills - Jonnie Peacock and Oti Mabuse Jive to Johnny B. Goode' - #Strictly Come ... - So be good to @JonniePeacock on #spoty and #voteJonnie to win! @TheLastLeg @OtiMabuse
Go @JonniePeacock hope he wins love his dancing too #SPOTY
Jonny peacock!!!! What a legend and inspiration . A great 1st nomination #spoty @GabbyLogan @KennyLogan @BBCSport
I was Johnnie Peacock to win purely as I saw him in July for the World Paras, Wonderful night in the Olympic Stadium #SPOTY
Voted @JonniePeacock for #SPOTY good luck ...every vote counts xx
#SPOTY #SPOTY17 vote for Jonny Peacock. Brilliant sportsman and great guy
Inspirational beyond belief. I hope Jonnie Peacock wins #SPOTY
Jonny Peacock is one handsome young man and a superb role model for young people. Go Jonny. #SPOTY
Theres only one person who could get my vote tonight in #SPOTY - @JonniePeacock! Such a talented, inspirational and down to earth guy. Enormous luck Jonnie! #BBCSPOTY
Good Luck @JonniePeacock Im rooting for you #Spoty
Id quite like to see Jonnie Peacock win #spoty what an inspirational man
Would be good to see @JonniePeacock win #SPOTY tonight! #comeoncambridge
#SPOTY a British sports person with a personality - #JonniePeacock surely - an inspiration. If not then #SirMo please, saw them both win gold again this year
#SPOTY voting has closed. Good luck @JonniePeacock @ParalympicsGB
#SPOTY That's it ........our vote to @JonniePeacock has been done #VoteJonnie #RoleModel Good Luck
#SPOTY Just cast my vote for @JonniePeacock Good luck
#spoty If a manual choice, go for @IAmJermainDefoe If not, I reckon Johnnie Peacock for the win. Has overcome so much, to succeed!
Deserved recognition for coaches from #SPOTY contender @jonniepeacock who hailed the great coaches behind his continued success on the track.
Just given @JonniePeacock my vote for #SPOTY Best of luck!!
@JonniePeacock gets my vote for #SPOTY such an inspiration. Watching him compete at the para athletics was a memorable and humbling experience #hero #inspiration
I've voted for Jonnie Peacock...i hope you all too!! Come on @JonniePeacock #SPOTY Vote online for FREE Text 6 22 82 08 09015 22 82 08
I will be voting for somebody who has personality by the bucket load, can dance quite nicely and had a great year sprinting! @JonniePeacock for #SPOTY #SportsPersonalityOfTheYear #TeamGliiterBlade
I'll be amazed of he wins, but voted for Jonnie Peacock. I know little of his exploits, but I know he's done well while being disabled. As Del Boy used to tell Rodney, and I've told myself this many times: "Never stop believing." #SPOTY
#SPOTY @JonniePeacock looking very dapper at the awards & coming across as the gentleman, he is #RoleModel
#SPOTY votes cast - all for @JonniePeacock - good luck!!
Really hope Jonnie wins #spoty
I just loved the World Para Athletics in London this summer and i was there the night Jonnie Peacock won gold!! #SPOTY
Gotta be #Jonniepeacock for #SPOTY ... Not only sporting achievements but huge amounts done for the profile of para sport. Legend.
No other athlete in the category can claim to have achieved what @JonniePeacock did this year. He made disabled ex dancers like myself have hope, belief and joy. There's inspirations and there's Jonnie Peacock #SPOTY @bbcstrictly #EhlersDanlos #KeepDancing
If there is an actual personality that deserves to win #SPOTY it is @JonniePeacock #Fact #Quality
Waiting to cast my vote for @JonniePeacock #SPOTY17 #spoty #winner #spotyjonnie
I love @JonniePeacock! Such an inspiration. #spoty #BBCSPOTY
Just voted for @JonniePeacock to win #SPOTY
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