Jonathan Rea

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @jonathanrea
Instagram: @jonathan_rea
Some fantastic candidates for #SPOTY but I hope the ulsterman can win it. Good luck @jonathanrea Get voting folks
@jonathanrea #SPOTY So glad to see motorcycle racing is finally getting some recognition. Jonathan is amazing, try as they might, nobody can touch him. I love this amazing sport. Good luck Jonathan. Next stop Motogp
Good luck to @jonathanrea tonight at sports personality awards! Really want this to became win! #SPOTY #65 #Kawasaki #3xWSBchampion #goJohnnyGoGoGo
Best of luck @jonathanrea at tonight #spoty awards. My vote was cast and it only took 30 seconds, no excuses bike fans get voting! @northwest200 @winkerwatson1
Best entrance ever @jonathanrea #SPOTY 3 time world superbike champion would be a worthy winner!
Little dude just got very excited seeing his hero on TV. Good luck @jonathanrea #SPOTY #BBCSportsPersonalityOfTheYear
Would love to see @jonathanrea win #SPOTY great guy great racer.
What a lovely guy and an amazing sportsman! 3 times World Superbike Champion - my vote for #SPOTY goes to Northern Irelands @jonathanrea
Good luck @jonathanrea you deserve to win #SPOTY
Good luck @jonathanrea you really do deserve to win tonight. #SPOTY
Fantastic entrance and interview @jonathanrea - good luck tonight #spoty
Favourite award show to watch as a PE teacher #SPOTY All those great contenders but hoping to see @jonathanrea claim the title
@jonathanrea is getting my vote on #SPOTY He's had a superb season, dominating World Superbikes. Motorcycle racing is an extremely tough sport, and I'm so pleased he's getting recognition!
If you want to help @jonathanrea win Sports Personality of the Year, all you need to do is dial 6228210 (if you're in the UK) and make a 5 second automated phone call. It's so easy. #SPOTYvoteJR #SPOTY
Massive good luck to @jonathanrea in tonights #SPOTY Awards from all the staff @ChipCompany_ #Spoty #JonathanRea #ChipCo
We've cast our votes for @jonathanrea a legend on 2 wheels! Good luck! #SPOTY
@jonathanrea voting open now. Come on race fans lets show the might of our support for the sport we love #SPOTY #BBCSportsPersonalityOfTheYear
Best of luck to @jonathanrea tonight at #SPOTY Whole of NI supporting and voting for you #GAWA
Come on #NorthernIreland lets all vote for the super talented and super lovely @jonathanrea #SPOTY #BeInspiredBeNorthernIreland
Good luck to the Larne genius @jonathanrea for #SPOTY #SPOTY2017
Would love to see Jonathan area win #SPOTY. He definitely deserves it but can't see the public voting for him.
If you want to know why @jonathanrea should win #SPOTY, its because he won three titles in a row against proper competition. The bike was designed round his teammate for the first two titles.
Wishing all the best to @jonathanrea tonight at #SPOTY - anyone from N.I please vote for him and support one of our own!
@jonathanrea good luck tonight. A true champion and family man #SPOTY
Well i did my bit, hope @jonathanrea wins #SPOTY come on bikers, get behind him, only 8 mins left!!
Great job @jonathanrea, great VT, he's just got to win this!!! #SPOTYvoteJR #SPOTY
Vote done for #SPOTY Good luck @jonathanrea #NorthernIreland #OneOfOurOwn Failing that I'll settle for a @HKane victory.
I really hope Jonathan Rae is given the recognition he deserves tonight! Everyone please vote for this utter legend! #spoty #SPOTYvoteJR
Good luck Jonathan Rea! The entire country is behind you #SPOTY Heres how to vote...
That's my vote cast. Good luck @jonathanrea ! #SPOTY
Coolest entrance at #SPOTY has to be @jonathanrea love a burnout! #BurningRubber #SPOTY17
Voting for #SPOTY is now closed! Good luck @jonathanrea! #SPOTYvoteJR
Good luck @jonathanrea everyone @CaroleNash @insidebikes getting ready to vote JR #SPOTY #proudsponsor
Good luck Jonathan Rea! The entire country is behind you #SPOTY Heres how to vote...
Voted! Good luck @jonathanrea #SPOTY
@jonathanrea #SPOTY good luck. Vote Johnny Rea
What an entrance!!!! Best of luck to @jonathanrea tonight. Everyone at AMRRC get voting!! #SPOTY
Get behind one of the nicest, most genuine blokes in motorsport @jonathanrea! He has time for everyone, even us unknown journalists who want to ask him a few questions. Go vote! #SPOTY
Come on everyone vote for @jonathanrea for #SPOTY Unbelievable 3 time champion, doing our wee country proud!!
Good luck @jonathanrea ! #SPOTYvoteJR #SPOTY
LETS GO NORTHERN IRELAND! Vote for the incredible @jonathanrea. #SPOTY #BeInspiredBeNorthernIreland
Best of luck to @jonathanrea tonight! #SPOTY
Good luck @jonathanrea ! #SPOTY17 #SPOTY #GAWA
How awesome did JR just come across on the tv...the complete athlete and person...class on the track and off it! Vote @jonathanrea #spoty
We've all cast our votes - have you? Not long now, let's all get behind the incredible talent that is @jonathanrea #SPOTY @BBCSPOTY
Incredible moment as super bike champ Jonathan Rea arrived at the arena on his bike! #SPOTY
Good luck @jonathanrea #SPOTY
So chuffed to have met @jonathanrea this year..good luck for #SPOTY
Good Luck to the Ulster Man Jonathan Rea tonight #SPOTY
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