Johanna Konta

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Johanna Konta continues to go from strength to strength, a great effort at Wimbledon and I do feel she can go on and win a major title like Wimbledon in the future. #SPOTY
#SPOTY Would love to see Johanna Konta in the mix . They all deserve their nomination & good luck to them all. X :)
Decent year for Konta, and really likeable character, but we're celebrating reaching a semi final. Come on?! Shows how poor 2017 has been. #SPOTY
Please vote for my gorgeous nipples in the #BBC #SPOTY for 2017. Thank you for your belief. #FreeTheNipple #Konta Text: 6228207 Phone: 09015228207
I like konta, but I just don't get why she would be on the shortlist for #SPOTY this year. Surely wait for a year where she actually wins something...
Jo Konta got to a semi final. Great achievement...but really #SPOTY?
I was 8 minutes late in to #spoty - I havent missed the athletics review have I? Also why does Konta have a trophy replica? Thought that was only if they actually won them?
Didn't win anything of note #Konta #SPOTY
Well done Konta. You're somewhat less shit than our other shitter women's tennis players #SPOTY odd nomination
#SPOTY who do you think will win this year? I'm for Johanna Konta!
Wow Joanna Konta. #SPOTY just got better. Swoon.
Jo Konta makes the shortlist for losing a semi final. @TommyFleetwood1 plays like a dream all year, actually wins something and doesn't get a mention. Makes sense #SPOTY
Jo Konta, not a Grand Slam winner yet but still a total legend. #VoteJo #SPOTY
put ze tree up just in time for #spoty n now I think Im gonna chilla with some shloer and pate and crackers feeling all festive. go konta
#Spoty #JohannaKonta. The woman to make Female Tennis of Britain great again from 40 years ago.
Jo feckin Konta??? there a " bottler" award this year?#SPOTY
#spoty konta can't win this, because she has won shite all in the tennis world
I hope Jo Konta places! #SPOTY
How is Johanna Konta eligible for #SPOTY ?? Residency ruling in all sports is a bit of a joke
Don't get BBC's obsession with tennis, Konta got a semi-final, Phil Foden won a world cup. #SPOTY
There's more to tennis than Wimbledon. I wonder if Konta's title in Miami will get a mention. #SPOTY
Why is Jo Konta nominated for #SPOTY ? She didn't win anything. "Well done you lost to a Williams sister" Stupid.
So far we've had; Para-athletics Champion Premier League top scorer Swimming World Champion 3x Superbike Champion And now semi final loser Jo Konta... #SPOTY
Thx for making the effort Jo Konta. By the time shed done hair & make up and got into that dress, she could have driven 2 Liverpool #SPOTY
Jo Konta got a trophy next to her when they havent even started voting yet??? #spoty
Why cant Jo Konta make it to Liverpool. Clearly she isnt in the top3 #SPOTY
Why has Jo Konta got a #SPOTY trophy sitting next to her no way she should make top 3
If konta comes in the top 3 of #SPOTY it's surely no coincidence a trophy was sitting next to her when they interviewed her just now......
Err what was the #SPOTY trophy next to Jo Konta?!?!
Was that not the third place trophy we saw with Jo Konta???#SPOTY
Why is there a trophy with Johanna Konta? #SPOTY
Anyone else wondering what on earth Johanna Konta is doing on the #SPOTY shortlist?
Jo Konta is British the same way tea is considered British. #SPOTY
Johanna Konta's dress #SPOTY
Has Johana Konta swapped #spoty for Noel's House Party? Expecting Mr Blobby at any moment
No Konta #SPOTY
Johanna Konta's rise saw her make the semi-finals of Wimbledon in 2017 - the first British woman to do so since Virginia Wade in 1978. The tennis star is a contender for this year's #SPOTY. Live on @BBCOne and here:
Anyone just see a trophy sitting beside Johanna Konta???? #SPOTY
So Konta and Farrah can't make it to Liverpool...but they can make it to the same hotel!!!!!!!!! #spoty
Maybe should have cropped out the trophy next to #Konta or put it out of shot?! #SPOTY
Jo Konta!! #SPOTY
Why is @ronnieo147 never shortlisted for #SPOTY yet joanna konta is along with other token nominees?
Jo Konta!! #SPOTY
BBC just showed Jo Konta with the trophy oops #SPOTY
Australia's Jo Konta #SPOTY
Let me get this right, Konta has been nominated for shitting the bed in the semi-finals? #spoty
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