Harry Kane

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Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Good old spurs fans with their blinkers on, theyre all voting for Kane as #SPOTY, he had a great season sure but everyone else has either won the top accolade in their sport or hit an unprecedented milestone. Wake up!
#SPOTY How is Harry Kane even shortlisted for this award. Good luck to people in the front 20 rows if he wins & makes a speech. Engulfed in a tsunami of dribble. Like a flem version of Pompeii.
Back to back Six Nations, a great run in the Autumn Internationals, and a fantastic world ranking, yet no #SPOTY nominations for England Rugby. Harry Kane, meanwhile, is nominated and has won sweet F.A. hmmm....
Dear #SPOTY Is there a separate number we can call to vote for Harry Kane not to win this award Ta Everyone
I know I'm not a Spurs fan but I hope Harry Kane wins it!!!! #SPOTY #SPOTY2017
Harry Kane has had an excellent few seasons and deserves recognition for his record. Would still like to see him push on the next level and take Spurs to trophies or England to relative international success before he becomes a great of the game. #SPOTY
Well done Harry!!!! Can u please tell what you have won in the past 12 months? #SPOTY
@GaryLineker #SPOTY Your a comedian for sure! kane as good has Messi and Ronaldo!! Really Really Gary! You will saly Golden Wonder are better than Walkers next
Good luck to Harry Kane, who is a contender for the #SPOTYaward tonight.
@BBCSport why not @pornpedallers nominated for team of the year?.Outstanding achievement this year.If only you saw @more_milf Kemmelberg climb at Flanders earlier this year.I bet Harry Kane couldnt do that! #SPOTY
#spoty #harryKane cant win this he might be a great goal scorer, but Spurs have not one anything ??
Look Harry thats a winners medal.... #spoty
Hows Harry Kane in the running to win? Hes won nothing as a footballer! This is the reason this sports award is a sham! #SPOTY
Lineker talking about kane said he helped his team beat the best in Europe though city won 4-1 yesterday #spoty
I would think Harry Kane will nearly win SPOTY before falling away spectacularly towards the end. Wow that sounds familiar #SPOTY #SPOTY #Spurs #harrykane #sportspersonality
Good luck our Harry!! #spoty
#SPOTY shortlist: winner at this, champion at that, multiple champion, woman making history for British tennis, Harry Kane
As we saw with #Strictly and Scots last night, there is a chance that a block vote by Spurs fans could give Kane an award that he doesn't deserve. #SPOTY
Hope Harry Kane doesnt win #spoty Well have a tsunami is he tries to even say it.
Vote for Harry Kane to win #SPOTY #HarryKane #VoteKane #VoteHarry #VoteHarryKane
I dont think Harry Kane knows what the word amazing means. Unless he means amazingly mediocre. #SPOTY
Barry Kane gets my vote just to hear the acceptance speech if he wins #SPOTY
Hilarious how Kane can be a #SPOTY nominee when hes won nothing, a #Chelsea whos won the league, an Arsenal player whos won the cup, why Kane?
Football is too tribal for Harry Kane to win #SPOTY but to Spurs fans hes already a hero and a hell of an achievement to be the only footballer nominated #COYS
.@kreptandkonan have been the highlight of #SPOTY so far. Love that Harry Kane is nominated. But why is he nominated?
#SPOTY harry kane only winners should be in spoty , end of
Harry Kane nominated for #SPOTY for winning all those trophies
although i cannot guess a winner i dont think Harry Kane will get #SPOTY
Whenever the camera focuses on Harry Kane, love the consistent gormless look...#SPOTY
If harry kane wins #spoty they will have to give the first 5 rows rain macs to protect them from his speech
Your mcm wants Harry Kane to win #SPOTY
They are making Harry Kane walk past all those trophies he will never win #SPOTY
If Kane wins they'll have to rename it Sports "Person" of the Year as he definitely hasn't got a personality #SPOTY
Well Im voting for Harry Kane @SpursOfficial as I only watch team sports. Ahhh I guess the political feminist thing would be to vote the #England cricket team. I would be a hypocrite then bc i follow their success but never watch. They are remarkable women as they #SPOTY
Everybody knows Harry Kanes success is down to his illustrious loan spell at Carrow Road in the company of Sir Grant Holt. #spoty
I know he's not going to win it but Harry Kane deserves to be in the nominations #SPOTY
Feeling like a proud mother @Kane #SPOTY #VoteKane
Harry Kane for the win! #SPOTY
Harry Kane up for #SPOTY2017 #SPOTY ?? What has he won? Golden boot counts as a does it? @BBCSport
Nice to see the audience have all got their brollys out for harry kanes interview #spoty
Harry Kane "We've got a great manager to lead us in the World Cup" #spoty
Imagine if Harry Kane won #SPOTY everyone would think titanic is happening again with his speech
Surely AJ is a shoe in tonight if not would love Kane to get it....#SPOTY
The whole things rigged if Harry doesn't win #SPOTY
Massive life-long (56yrs) #COYS @SpursOfficial fan me, but #HarryKane as #SPOTY over gang if world champs????!!!! Nah.
nice to see mangala has let harry kane attend this event #SPOTY
What has harry kane won???? EVER #SPOTY
Harry Kane on #spoty then final of #TheApprentice bet you're happy @claudelittner @Lord_Sugar
Harry Kane, England's brightest star. ...doesn't take much though does it #SPOTY
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