Chris Froome

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Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
I really want #ChrisFroome to win! I think hes incredible! Best road cyclist Britain has have produced #SPOTY
I love @HKane. @chrisfroome achievements are immense and @Mo_Farah is a legend but it's the man @anthonyfjoshua for me. #theultimate #spoty #legends
#spoty, well that question was orchestrated so the best candidate Chris Froome doesnt win, what he did this year was incredible
@chrisfroome Whether you win #SPOTY tonight or not you are still a true champion to me & many cycling fans. You dont need another trophy to show what an amazing athlete you are. Cant wait to see you out on the roads again fighting for TDF victory No 5! #VaVaFroome
I hope Chris Froome wins #SPOTY it would be quite fitting for an award that has become a bit of a joke.
Chris Froome has been the most consistent performer of the last four years. Deserving to win #SPOTY. BBC hype up asthma info this week via @tomfordyce. Last few years people take wiggins side and throw digs at him. He slowed to help Wiggins win his tour!
Chris Froome although a phenomenal cyclist ,lacks the one the vital thing to win this award.......a personality #SPOTY
Chris Froome has been the most consistent performer of the last four years. Deserving to win #SPOTY. BBC hype up asthma info this week. He slowed to help Wiggins win his tour!
having won* the tour and vuelta in 2017, im a bit upset that chris froome didnt win their #spoty even if just for the comedy value thanks to recent developments.
It's obvious Chris Froome should win easy at #SPOTY for winning 2 Grand Tour bike races while suffering badly with asthma
Im voting Froome. I can hardly walk after drugs yet this guy won the Tour de France. Hes awesome. #spoty
We enjoy a good awkward awards show, so naturally we're voting for Chris Froome. #SPOTY
The votes are in and have been verified by an independent adjudicator and we can EXCLUSIVELY reveal the winner of the AFC Wimbledon Personality of the Year 2017 is ... Chris Whelpdale~! Well done Chris! #AFCW #SPOTY
would sooooo love @chrisfroome to win #SPOTY #SPOTY2017 , soooo well deserved after the year he has had...
Vote registered for Chris Froome. The man is just such an awesome athlete, what he has achieved is just unbelievable. I always have and always will have him at the top of my all time favourite sportsmen list #SPOTY #chrisfroome
Funny if a bunch of Russian porn bots win Froome the #SPOTY
Chris Froome tested positive last week but is up for #SPOTY. Michael @bisping had the best year in MMA last year including title wins and couldn't even get a nomination. BBC bias.
#spoty would love @chrisfroome to win!!!
No it's not. If it were then Froome would be collecting the award, (again). Because it's not, he will never win it, ever! #SPOTY
If Chris Froome doesn't win #spoty because he took too many puffs of his inhaler despite achieving one of the greatest British sporting feats of all time then that confirms the enormous bias the British public has towards cycling
#SPOTY surely the winner has to be Froome, he won 2 tours AND battled asthma.
It's a stellar line up but, since winning La Vuelta, @chrisfroome has had my vote for #SPOTY
Based on 2017 achievements there's only one #SPOTY winner and it should be #chrisfroome No one else has done what he has.
if only chris took drugs better than lance did, it could of been the greatest achievement in the history of cycling instead #spoty
That bet on Chris Froome to win #SPOTY not looking too good. #salbutamol #asthma
Hats off to @chrisfroome for making a live appearance on #spoty was glad to see you there putting matters straight and not hiding away... #chinupmate
I'm backing Chris Froome to win #SPOTY. #FroomeForSPOTY
@clarebalding has £50 on @Mo_Farah to win #spoty so she conveniently mentions Chris froomes failed tests due to asthma inhaler issues.Nothing like influencing the vote eh clare.#spoty
Has to be Chris Froome. To win 4 TDFs and a Vuelta in same year is something very special. #SPOTY
Going on about all these paralympians disabilities but not a word about Chris Froome overcoming his asthma to win 2 grand tours... #SPOTY
Would like to see Froome win #SPOTY just because of how twitter would explode. won't happen tho because the british are famously anti-asthmatic
I've voted for @chrisfroome for #SPOTY until someone proves otherwise, I believe Chris when he says he's done nothing wrong. He's my sporting hero this year. Good luck, Chris.
I like Chris Froome I think he's a genuinely nice bloke. I really hope he hasn't cheated, I don't think he has, but I've been wrong before #SPOTY
Good luck to @chrisfroome tonight for #SPOTY #SPOTY2017
#SPOTY I've got more chance of winning than froome
Voting opens soon. With 4th #TourdeFrance and #Vuelta win this year my vote goes to @chrisfroome #SPOTY #SPOTY2017
Can't be sure of many things in life, but I think we can be fairly certain Chris Froome will not be getting anywhere near winning #SPOTY . Just possibly...
I really want to see Froome win this. Itll be a victory for all asthma sufferers out there who never got picked on any school teams #SPOTY
#SPOTY So, Chris Froome, how was it to take on those two epic tours so close together? It was fine Claire, I was off my Tits.
#SPOTY has to plan to take away every opportunity for Froome to get booed. Hope they have a good sound guy on the faders. #TeamSkyHigh
I really hope Chris Froome has his inhaler with him to keep the asthma under control amidst all the #SPOTY excitement.
Ive a feeling Froome wont win this. #spoty
Well done @clarebalding getting straight to the point #spoty #Froome
Well, its safe to say Froome is not going to win #SPOTY this year.
#SPOTY its just gotta be Chris Froome. He has now won 4 tours and a vuelta whilst battling asthma. A true hero
Good luck to Chris Froome #SPOTY and please no more singing from that arrogant Liam Gallagher whos all over TV at the moment
Muted applause for Chris Froome (but no boos!) #spoty
Kudos to Clare & BBC for not avoiding that asthma question to Froome. He remains innocent until proven otherwise #SPOTY
Vote for @chrisfroome for #SPOTY man's a legend!!
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