Bianca Walkden

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @BiancaW_tkd
Instagram: @biancawalkdentkd
Absolutely fantastic and inspiring to see a womens team as the #SPOTY Team of the Year. Well done to the England womens cricket team and to @J_Ennis and @BiancaW_tkd for being some of the leading female figures in encouraging other women into modern sport.
Good luck tonight @BiancaW_tkd would be great to see you win, at least top 3 #SPOTY and wow that dress #goldisyourcolour
Voting for @BiancaW_tkd to win #SPOTY tonight. Completely deserved. Good luck!
Really want @BiancaW_tkd or @adam_peaty to win #SPOTY2017 #SPOTY , good luck both !
It's now @BiancaW_tkd's turn on #SPOTY She got @moulton_will's vote for the award after a phenomenal year. The undoubted queen of taekwondo right now
That film didn't do Bianca justice, she was the 1st taekwondo fighter ever to win all 4 Grand Prix titles in 1 year, she's my pick for #SPOTY
#SPOTY my idol Bianca Walkden! #queenbee back to back world champion and made history winning all 4 Taekwondo Grand Prix's!
Vote for my kickass buddy @BiancaW_tkd @BBCSPOTY tonight! #SPOTY
Good luck tonight @BiancaW_tkd #SPOTY
Echo Arena give great reception to Liverpools Bianca Walkden, 1 of 12 nominees for the main award tonight. #SPOTY
All voted for @BiancaW_tkd what a year! Underrated... so talented #SPOTY
Main theme coming from the #SPOTY award nominees is that adversity made them champions. @BiancaW_tkd broken and came back stronger. #thepowerofsport Lets make champions at every level.
#SPOTY mine is Bianca Walkden. Nothing better to see than a humble Champion.
@bbc #spoty I'm voting for #biancawalkden for #spoty2017 because she's a kickass girl with no pretensions.
err like err like err like err like great interview Bianca..#spoty
Amazing leg movements by Bianca Walkden on #SPOTY. I'd dislocate my knees and ribs if I tried to lift mine even a quarter that high!
Loved that there from @BiancaW_tkd trying to get the votes in like she's on X Factor !! #spoty
Would love to see Liverpool's own Bianca Walkden get in the top 3 at #SPOTY
@BiancaW_tkd looking stunning. And Christ is she tall. #SPOTY
So great to see @BiancaW_tkd up there on the #spoty stage - what a year she's had! #localhero
come on Ive voted for @BiancaW_tkd #spoty
#SPOTY Definitely voting for @BiancaW_tkd , a true inspiration to all the youngsters out there, she's shown them never to be afraid to dream.
NGL that @BiancaW_tkd VT on #SPOTY gave me goosebumps!
Vote for me! - Good on Bianca Walkden for saying what so few #SPOTY contenders ever do.
Vote for @BiancaW_tkd #spoty17 When voting opens!!!! Mobiles : 62282 12 Landline : 09015228212 Online: #VoteBianca
Here are your favourite #Taekwondo and #Karate 's on the red carpet! @amytruesdale1 @DamonSansum @LaurenW_TKD Bradly Sinden @JThomaskarate @Chotimetkd @BiancaW_tkd @jadejonestkd #SPOTY
Please vote for @BiancaW_tkd Pictured here with @ChaddyPark Club Secretary @CraigSimOAFC #SPOTY2017 #spoty #BBCSportsPersonalityOfTheYear
Bianca Walkden is so charming. She can kick my face any time! #SPOTY
Bianca walker is both awesome and terrifying all at once. #SPOTY
Bianca Walkden. No one had a clue who she was before tonight. Nominated because she agreed to actually turn up unlike anyone else! Only because she lives round the corner though. #SPOTY
bianca walkden's dress is bangin' i want it rn #SPOTY
Bianca got that scouse spirit #SPOTY
Bianca Walkden secured her fourth successive global title by claiming heavyweight gold at the World Championships in June. The taekwondo fighter is a contender for this year's #SPOTY. Live on @BBCOne and here:
Vote @BiancaW_tkd for #spoty 2017
#spoty Vote for Bianca she has a personality!
@BiancaW_tkd Gets my vote #VoteBianca Mobiles : 62282 12 Landline : 09015228212 Online:
Voted for @BiancaW_tkd #spoty
@BiancaW_tkd just voted for you. West Derby lass #SPOTY
I've just voted for @BiancaW_tkd @GBTaekwondo #spoty
Vote for Bianca!!! #SPOTY
When voting opens be sure to get behind @BiancaW_tkd (we'll say when!) Mobiles : 62282 12 Landline : 09015228212 Online: #VoteBianca
Got to vote for Bianca folks #SPOTY
Voted for @BiancaW_tkd #SPOTY #SPOTY2017 #Liverpool
Well @BiancaW_tkd Gets my vote #SPOTY
Bloody hell, go on @BiancaW_tkd! #SPOTY
Bianca Walkden gets up in the morning and the first thing she says to her dog is: "you coming for a walk den?" #spoty #votewalkden
Local Bianca Walkden speaks to the echo #spoty
We been speaking to @BiancaW_tkd on the #SPOTY red carpet:
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