Anya Shrubsole

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @Anya_shrubsole
Instagram: @anyashrubsole
The Women's World Cup has comfortably been the most fun day to cover so far. Would be incredible if Shrubsole's, and England's, achievements were recognised. #SPOTY #VoteShrubsole
@Anya_shrubsole really great to see you nominated for #spoty. Womens cricket is such a joy to watch. Its time it received the recognition it deserves. And you are the shining star. Good luck
Good luck to #Pompey fan @Anya_shrubsole at @BBCSPOTY tonight #SPOTY
Got my vote in for @Anya_shrubsole to win @BBCSPOTY #WorldCupWinner and the #Goat @tbrady14 to win the overseas award. #SPOTY
The brilliant @Anya_shrubsole deserves to win #SPOTY
#SPOTY winner of spirit of cricket too @Anya_shrubsole showing compassion to others
Well, I cast my vote for Anya Shrubsole in #SPOTY. Best of luck to everyone, though!
The best of luck to @Anya_shrubsole and @englandcricket tonight at #SPOTY #VoteShrubsole
@Anya_shrubsole best individual performance in a team sport of the year. Youve got my vote even though Im a spurs fan, sorry @HKane #SPOTY
even if you don't give two shits about sport please vote for Anya Shrubsole for #SPOTY most people know little about women's cricket but her achievements are incredible and this sport needs more of a voice
The very best of luck @Anya_shrubsole. #VoteShrubsole #SPOTY @englandcricket #ThisGirlCan
I've voted for World Cup winner @Anya_shrubsole in the #SPOTY thingy!
Must vote for a world cup winner @Anya_shrubsole #SPOTY
Want Anya Shrubsole to win #SPOTY
Love @Anya_shrubsole, shes such a bowler shes trying to get spin off the mic at #SPOTY Watching the World Cup final was definitely my cricketing highlight of the year!
Vote Anya #SPOTY #Pompey fan
Ooh #SPOTY time! Yes I know what you're thinking but a heads up for Anya Shrubsole and the England Womens cricket team who won the World Cup this summer (which is more than the blokes have ever managed..) #VoteShrubsole
I am supporting @Anya_shrubsole as a cricket fan. #SPOTY
Cmon peeps get voting for @Anya_shrubsole , just ring 6228211 #spoty #legend
Spending the evening trying to spot the big sister and hoping Anya is crowned spoty queen! #spoty @englandcricket
Voted for @Anya_shrubsole #SPOTY, pivotal moment in women's sport #legend
Love #SPOTY gotta be AJ. Would like Shrubsole recognised but cant see it.
Sports personality of the year always makes me feel more festive, such a Christmas TV staple...come on Anya! #SPOTY
Come on cricket fans. Let's get women's cricket taken seriously and vote Anya Shrubsole for #SPOTY - if a male player did it he'd be a shoe-in.
Player of the match as England won a dramatic Women's Cricket World Cup final in July, taking the best bowling figures in a World Cup final with 6-46. Anya Shrubsole is a contender for this year's #SPOTY. Live on @BBCOne and here:
Come on everyone vote @Anya_shrubsole for #spoty
If you haven't yet, go vote Anya Shrubsole for #SPOTY Partly for a record breaking bowling performance to win the WC final, partly for her sportsmanship at the end of the semi. Everything a world-class athlete should be.
Not only are Anya Shrubsole's 6-46 the best bowling figures in a World Cup final, no bowler had taken more than 5 wickets in the entire knock-out stages of a Women's World Cup tournament before her efforts at the 2017 World Cup. #VoteShrubsole #SPOTY
come on lets here it for Women's Cricket, vote Anya!!!! #SPOTY
Anya Shrubsole's match winning spell in the World Cup final is the only time a bowler has been recorded taking 5 wickets at the death in a women's ODI. #SPOTY #VoteShrubsole
#Spoty time. Come on Anya! #VoteShrubsole!!
Fingers crossed for Baths @Anya_shrubsole at #SPOTY tonight (its some other awards bash)
Really hope that @Anya_shrubsole does well tonight at #SPOTY, that final at Lords in the summer has taken @englandcricket women's to a whole new level!
Voted for @Anya_shrubsole I have the feeling I might as well put my phone in a bucket of water though #SPOTY
CUWCC are backing @Anya_shrubsole for #SPOTY!
Anya! Better than Jake Ball. #SPOTY #thisgirlcan
One of the best bowling performances Ive seen when the pressure was on! @Anya_shrubsole more than deserves her place at #SPOTY
I will be voting @Anya_shrubsole for #SPOTY that spell of bowling in the world cup final was a orivilege to witness and lives long in the memory
Anya Shrubsoles performance in the cricket World Cup is still my sporting highlight of the year #spoty
#SPOTY - vote Anya Shrubsole - (her father teaches my nephew!!)
Vote @Anya_shrubsole for #SPOTY 2018... putting England and Women's cricket to #No1 in the #WWC17Final
I voted @Anya_shrubsole #TeamUp #SPOTY #WomenInSport
#SPOTY Vote @Anya_shrubsole 6228211 (mobile) 09015228211 (landline) #VoteShrubsole
Anya Shrubsole gets my #SPOTY vote because that last half hour at Lords is one of my 2017 absolute highlights.
My vote for #spoty goes to @Anya_shrubsole
Vote for @Anya_shrubsole! #SPOTY
Sports Personality Of The Year? Heres why we should all vote for @Anya_shrubsole - #SPOTY #BBC @BBCSport #Cricket #WomenInSport
Who's voting for Anya Shrubsole tonight? #SPOTY
I'm voting for #anyashrubsole #SPOTY @englandcricket
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