Adam Peaty

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Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
As much as I'm a Spurs & F1 fan.... I do hope everyone who Swims & enjoys Swimming Votes for Adam Peaty tonight in #SPOTY - that boy deserves some recognition for what he has achieved this year phenomenal & outstanding in his field! Swimming needs this!
Adam Peaty - great personality and role model whose sporting achievements this year have been absolutely incredible! Credit to his country and to his sport. Deserves the recognition and HAS to win #SPOTY! @britishswimming
Adam Peaty is an amazing role model #SPOTY One of my top picks to win this years award.
Superstar @adam_peaty has my vote for #SPOTY this year!!! MAKE SURE YOU ALL VOTE @adam_peaty to give swimming & Adam the recognition he deserves! Hes such an inspiration and wears the pride he has for OUR country on his sleeve! #champ #inspirational
I would love for Adam Peaty to win because he is just such a breath of fresh air but I have to go with AJ. I cant see anyone else winning tonight tbh. #Spoty
Adam Peaty is just phenomenal swimmer the best we have ever had and a really nice guy too!! #SPOTY
Adam Peaty giving away his gold medal to inspire the young girl is amazing really! #SPOTY
Peaty giving his medal away the night before SPOTY will improve his chances ! Come on Froomey!! #SPOTY
Many of the contenders are more than worthy of winning #Spoty But the talent, mindset and focus, including the determination to inspire our youngsters. For me midlander #AdamPeaty is to be crowned.
Adam Peaty has to win #SPOTY. Hes utterly awesome! #VotePeaty
#AdamPeaty will definitely win #SPOTY one year the guy is all class, if he gets a brand behind him he will become an all time great!
There is a lot of talk about inspiring people, giving that young girl his medal by Adam Peatty could be the most inspirational thing we see tonight. #spoty
The deserving winner of this years Sports Personality of the year award! #SPOTY #BBCSP #AdamPeaty
For the recognition of complete and utter domination of their field, and admiration of an amazing person, VOTE ADAM PEATY! #SPOTY
Happy memories of a great night at #SPOTY so many local names there tonight @eddiehallWSM @AdamPeaty @PhilTaylor @IanMarsdenGB enjoy every minute
Adam Peaty speaks brilliantly about swimming, don't know a lot about but I'd love have a go at commentating on it #SPOTY
Adam Peaty is so deserving of #SPOTY but won't win because his success doesn't get mainstream coverage
Adam Peaty is aiming to become the first swimmer to win the BBC Sports Persomnaility of the year award since Anita Lonsbrough in 1962 #SPOTY
Hoping Adam Peaty wins it #spoty
#SPOTY Adam Peaty fantastic! #Inspired
Adam Peaty would get my vote for #SPOTY. Incredible level of dominance in his sport, so far ahead of the competition
Adam peaty you absolute legend, great response on #SPOTY
What an amazingly nice guy Adam Peaty is #SPOTY
Adam Peaty what a top lad! Deserving record winner #SPOTY
Adam Peaty is a fantastic swimmer and has already achieved so much at his age. Lets hope that continues for many years to come! #SPOTY
The level of sporting achievement is measured by two facets in my view: (a) excellence of athlete in their sport; and (b) participation levels of their sport. So Adam Peaty for #Spoty for me. He's gone to the very top in a highly participated sport.
Peaty is my winner and I want his weiner. #SPOTY
Just voted in the #SPOTY and who else than Adam Peaty to win. #VotePeaty
Adam Peaty for #SPOTY Incredible in the pool!!!
#SPOTY Peaty is a phenomenal athlete.
How is it even possible to go 25 seconds for 50m breast stroke Adam Peaty? I can only do 50m in 48secs front crawl! And what a top bloke giving his medal away. Respect #spoty
#SPOTY #Peaty a great contender this year, hope people vote for him.
Not bothering with #spoty this yr - hope Peaty wins but not an inspiring year
Adam Peaty Staking A Big Claim With Those Wonderful Actions, Not Many Sports People Are That Selfless. #SPOTY
Contest over ... Adam Peaty just showed a little girl and the whole world what a sports "personality" Is all about. Well done mate #SPOTY @GaryLineker @GabbyLogan
@AdamPeaty giving away your medal #inspirational #SPOTY
I fancy #AdamPeaty to win tonight #SPOTY
#spoty Adam Peaty sporting beast! Awesome role model! @BBCSPOTY @britishswimming
Peaty has to win this #SPOTY
Adam Peaty to win #SPOTY
Wat a true bloke peaty must must win #SPOTY
Adam Peaty should win to be honest. #SPOTY
Adam Peaty should win in for that #SPOTY
Ahh love a bit of Peaty though. Top dude. #spoty
I so badly wanna see Adam Peaty win, proper worthy #spoty
I want Adam Peaty to do well tonight, but I don't think swimming is popular enough to get him there #SPOTY
Adam, you've just won my vote. #spoty
Class act Adam Peaty unfortunately won't win it but deserves it #SPOTY
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