Mahmood ft. Blanco

Status: Winner
Artist: Mahmood E Blanco
Song: Brividi
Started: First Evening
Finished: Superfinal
I don't think Fai rumore would have won #Eurovision, and I do not think Brividi will either. However that is not the point of the contest! Whoever wins #Sanremo2022 will be a worthy winner of these 3!
Honestly I am not a huge fan of Brividi BUT well done Italy, you might as well have chosen a decent host entry for everybody else! Forza Italia, hope you do well despite me not being a fan. Love #sanremo2022
okay but they deserved that win... hyped since day 1, very predictable result!!! congrats to branco & mahmood! the song is cute #Sanremo2022
Brividi is the most beautiful, atmospheric, thoughtful song I have ever heard. It has to win tonight #Sanremo2022
Mahmood and Blanco good luck! WE LOVE YOU! GOOO #15 #Brividi #Sanremo2022 #sanremo
Great result! I hope Brividi gives Italy Italy a lovely mid-90s-style host-nation-second place in #ESC2022. #Sanremo2022 #Eurovision
What a beautiful performance!! My winners Mahmood & Blanco #Sanremo2022
Brividi needs to win please Italy it's the perfect host entry #SanRemo2022
Mahmood e Blanco are obviously the winners........BUT WHAT IF THEY DON'T WIN???!??!?!? #Sanremo2022
Their voices are magical istg Im do happy Mahmood and Blanco won #Sanremo2022
Hoping beyond hope that Brividi wins this #Sanremo2022
Unlike 2019, I haven't gone to bed before the final announcement and I'm actually witnessing Mahmood winning this alongside Blanco. Love #Sanremo2022
Yesssss!!!! Well deserved Mahmood & Blanco Blanco can't be more cute Love #Sanremo2022
... Un #Sanremo2022 da... BRIVIDIIIIIIIIIIIII Love Love Love Love Grandi ragazziiiiiiii #Mahmood #Blanco Grazie Ama ..un festival FANTASTICO che ricorderemo Love Love Love Love
And the winners are: Mahmood e Blanco siiiiiiiii BRIVIDI Love Love Love #Sanremo2022 #MahmoodBlanco #atterosannos
Mahmood & Blanco - Brividi I love this!! Wouldn't mind it winning Love Mahmood and Blanco to esc tonight maybe?? /5 Sanremo flowers #Sanremo2022
Ho amato TUTTO di questo #sanremo2022 Spettacolo fantastico, artisti meravigliosi, Amadeus grandissimo conduttore che ha saputo creare l'atmosfera giusta e far sentire il pubblico a casa Love Complimenti ai vincitori Mahmood & Blanco, davvero da "Brividi"! Love Love Love
I love everything about this performance. How pure Mahmood and Blanco's voices are. How well their voices suit each other. The harmonies. The outfits. Even the bikes. It's perfect #Sanremo2022
Congrats to Mahmood and Nanci. Well deserved It's going to take a good one to beat that in Turin #sanremo2022
yeah at this point i like so many sanremo songs that basically anything but brividi would suffice for me to be happy #Sanremo2022
BREAKING: Italy choose @Mahmood_Music Ft. BLANCO as winners of #SanRemo, singing #Brividi. Should they accept, it will mean a queer love song at @Eurovision!
For me in terms of the pure quality of what they have brought to to contest Mahmood is the best Eurovision returner of all time point blank period. #Sanremo2022
Come on boys win this thing ! #Sanremo2022 #Blanco #Mahmood
Congrats to Mahmood and Blanco. Fully deserved It's going to take a good one to beat that in Turin. Can't wait to hear the reaction that's going to get from the home crowd on the night #sanremo2022
I vincitori son Mahmood & Blanco. So happy Brividi won #sanremo. Just confirm the #Eurovision participation soon!!
i need mahmood and blanco to win tonight go to eurovision and win there too like please #sanremo2022
Da fan di Mahmood tantatanta soddisfazione per tutto quello che ha fatto in questi anni, due vittorie a Sanremo con due grandi pezzi, tanti fan internazionali, e si puo solo che continuare... Love #Sanremo2022
I wish I could vote in #Sanremo2022 because Mahmood and Blanco deserve to win.
don't talk to me, MAHMOOD E BLANCO just won #Sanremo2022 I'm emotionally in heaven
My favourite entries from the 2022 NF's after the shows: Italy Brividi Israel Blinded Dreamers Ireland Real Love Macedonia Dreams Spain Quien Lo Diria Albania Theje Czech Republic Jezinky #Eurovision #ESC22 #Turin2022 Italy
Before the Sanremo final starts I want to say to my fellow Mahmood fans to savour every single minute of tonight, because if he wins again it might be a long time until we see him at Sanremo again. #Sanremo2022
I'm already 99% certain that if Brividi does win, and they do go to Eurovision, there is no way on earth that song is finishing outside of The Top 5 #Sanremo2022
Omg Mahmood and Blanco are so sweet I love them #Sanremo2022
Come on Brividi! Love #Sanremo2022
It's not the Italian politicians that are progressive. It's left to non-political institutions. Young Italy embraces #equality #diversity Thank you @Mahmood_Music #mahmood #blanco #sanremo2022 @ILoveGayItaly Mahmood, BLANCO - Brividi (Sanremo 2022)
Complimenti @Mahmood_Music #Blanco Wow, #Brividi una canzone incredibile, meravigliosa straordinario. Capolavoro, Love Love Grazie. Italy Italy Italy #sanremo22 #Sanremo #Sanremo2022
comunque io al fantasanremo aggiungerei il bonus:MAHMOOD LANCIA BLANCO DALLE SCALE A FINE FESTIVAL #Sanremo2022 #fantasanremo22
Mahmood really saved his best performance for the last gala huh? #Sanremo2022
Por el amor de Dios. QUE VAYAN MAHMOOD Y BLANCO, Por favor lo pido!!!! Love Love Love Love Love #Sanremo2022
MAHMOOD & BLANCO ACTUALLY WON GODDDDD I'M SO PROUD OF THEM now it's time to repeat that in turin in MAY!!!!! #Sanremo2022
please let brividi win i need it please omg #Sanremo2022
Stan talent, vote 15!!! #Mahmood #blanco #sanremo2022
Mahmood va a hacerse justicia reventando Turin'22 por el robo de 2019 and i'm here for it not gonna lie Love Love Love #Sanremo2022
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