Mahmood ft. Blanco

Status: Winner
Artist: Mahmood E Blanco
Song: Brividi
Started: First Evening
Finished: Superfinal
Elisa: beautiful, sweet, emotional, would be a lovely host entry if she does esc Blanco & Mahmood: i like the harmonies, stunning song that stays in my head Gianni: this is a cute song but im ngl I have no idea how he landed top 3 here #Sanremo2022
At this point, I'm happy as long as Gianni doesn't win lmao his song is decent and I love his energy and stage presence but the other two are in my top 5 I love them both (though Brividi more) #Sanremo2022
In #Sanremo2022 Im between Mahmood and Irama, I love them both and their songs are amazing so whoever wins Im happy
I don't think Fai rumore would have won #Eurovision, and I do not think Brividi will either. However that is not the point of the contest! Whoever wins #Sanremo2022 will be a worthy winner of these 3!
Congratulations Mahmood & The Twink on the win.. Elisa you're still THEE legend of Italian music scene we love you so much and we can't wait to stream your album out February 18th... Give it up for Ms. Elisa!!!! #Sanremo2022
Honestly I am not a huge fan of Brividi BUT well done Italy, you might as well have chosen a decent host entry for everybody else! Forza Italia, hope you do well despite me not being a fan. Love #sanremo2022
okay but they deserved that win... hyped since day 1, very predictable result!!! congrats to branco & mahmood! the song is cute #Sanremo2022
I'm watching #Sanremo2022 from Canada. And I want Mahmood to win... but like Gianni Morandi delivered a bop Face with tears of joy Pass on Elisa. Can't wait to see who Italy votes as the winner!
Brividi is the most beautiful, atmospheric, thoughtful song I have ever heard. It has to win tonight #Sanremo2022
Mahmood and Blanco good luck! WE LOVE YOU! GOOO #15 #Brividi #Sanremo2022 #sanremo
I'm watching #Sanremo2022 from Canada. And I want Mahmood to win... but like Gianni Morandi delivered a bop Pass on Elisa. Can't wait to see who Italy votes as the winner!
my top 5: brividi, farfalle, ciao ciao, ovunque sarai and insuperabile. any of these winning would make me the happiest #sanremo2022
Great result! I hope Brividi gives Italy Italy a lovely mid-90s-style host-nation-second place in #ESC2022. #Sanremo2022 #Eurovision
everytime i think mahmood & blanco's performance can't get any better, it actually does. if in a highly unlikely scenario they don't win there's no justice in this world #sanremo2022
Brividi needs to win please Italy it's the perfect host entry #SanRemo2022
Their voices are magical istg Im do happy Mahmood and Blanco won #Sanremo2022
Wait Gianni is there too, okay Gianni or Mahmood & Blanco winning besties vote wisely #Sanremo2022
Hoping beyond hope that Brividi wins this #Sanremo2022
Elisa and Gianni got enough awards it's Mahmood and Blanco's time to shine Italy Love #Sanremo2022
Mis favs del festival son Achille Lauro, Mahmood Y Blanco, Rkomi, Sangiovanni Y Emma, aunque no en orden. Mi fav es Sangiovanni Love #Sanremo2022
Unlike 2019, I haven't gone to bed before the final announcement and I'm actually witnessing Mahmood winning this alongside Blanco. Love #Sanremo2022
Yesssss!!!! Well deserved Mahmood & Blanco Blanco can't be more cute Love #Sanremo2022
... Un #Sanremo2022 da... BRIVIDIIIIIIIIIIIII Love Love Love Love Grandi ragazziiiiiiii #Mahmood #Blanco Grazie Ama ..un festival FANTASTICO che ricorderemo Love Love Love Love
Complimenti @Mahmood_Music #Blanco Wow, #Brividi una canzone incredibile, meravigliosa straordinario. Capolavoro, Love Love Grazie. Italy Italy Italy #sanremo22 #Sanremo #Sanremo2022
Mahmood & Blanco - Brividi I love this!! Wouldn't mind it winning Love Mahmood and Blanco to esc tonight maybe?? /5 Sanremo flowers #Sanremo2022
I still only see Brividi or Ciao Ciao winning #Sanremo2022 and getting a good result at #Eurovision2022
Emma vestita benissimo, femminile come non mai, Elisa di un altro mondo, anzi universo, Blanco bellissimo e stupendo, Michele da brividi e Irama da lacrime. Ma io ho votato Fab Love il mio cuore e suo #Sanremo2022
Ho amato TUTTO di questo #sanremo2022 Spettacolo fantastico, artisti meravigliosi, Amadeus grandissimo conduttore che ha saputo creare l'atmosfera giusta e far sentire il pubblico a casa Love Complimenti ai vincitori Mahmood & Blanco, davvero da "Brividi"! Love Love Love
I love Mahmood too but he already was in ESC once, can Irama or Michele win this year pls #Sanremo2022
I'm already 99% certain that if Brividi does win, and they do go to Eurovision, there is no way on earth that song is finishing outside of The Top 5 #Sanremo2022
I love everything about this performance. How pure Mahmood and Blanco's voices are. How well their voices suit each other. The harmonies. The outfits. Even the bikes. It's perfect #Sanremo2022
Congrats to Mahmood and Nanci. Well deserved It's going to take a good one to beat that in Turin #sanremo2022
ok i'm finally starting to see the appeal of brividi great staging too but still not a fan tbh #sanremo2022
For me in terms of the pure quality of what they have brought to to contest Mahmood is the best Eurovision returner of all time point blank period. #Sanremo2022
Congrats to Mahmood and Blanco. Fully deserved It's going to take a good one to beat that in Turin. Can't wait to hear the reaction that's going to get from the home crowd on the night #sanremo2022
I vincitori son Mahmood & Blanco. So happy Brividi won #sanremo. Just confirm the #Eurovision participation soon!!
MAHMOOD & BLANCO ACTUALLY WON GODDDDD I'M SO PROUD OF THEM now it's time to repeat that in turin in MAY!!!!! #Sanremo2022
Tonight it's the last day of #Sanremo2022! Last year I had seven favourites but this time I just have a common top 5. :D I'm rooting for Elisa, Mahmood & Blanco, LRDL, Irama and Gianni Morandi!
Da fan di Mahmood tantatanta soddisfazione per tutto quello che ha fatto in questi anni, due vittorie a Sanremo con due grandi pezzi, tanti fan internazionali, e si puo solo che continuare... Love #Sanremo2022
Italy #Sanremo2022 #Eurovision So that means our top three... Mahmood e Blanco - Brividi Elisa - O Forse Sei Tu Gianni Morandi - Apri Tutte Le Porte Who should win this?!
I wish I could vote in #Sanremo2022 because Mahmood and Blanco deserve to win.
Looking at the top three (presuming that all three would accept the Eurovision invitation), I'd say Mahmood & Blanco would probably give Italy the best result, but Gianni would definitely be a moment. #Sanremo2022
My favourite entries from the 2022 NF's after the shows: Italy Brividi Israel Blinded Dreamers Ireland Real Love Macedonia Dreams Spain Quien Lo Diria Albania Theje Czech Republic Jezinky #Eurovision #ESC22 #Turin2022 Italy
Lmao saw a tweet that said either Elisa and Mahmood and blanco they'd be fine w as long as it isn't Gianni and I get it now lolol #Sanremo2022
i need mahmood and blanco to win tonight go to eurovision and win there too like please #sanremo2022
please let brividi win i need it please omg #Sanremo2022
find a better duo Love #Sanremo2022 #MahmoodBlanco
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