Status: Eliminated
Artist: Elisa
Song: O forse sei tu
Started: First Evening
Finished: Superfinal
Elisa: beautiful, sweet, emotional, would be a lovely host entry if she does esc Blanco & Mahmood: i like the harmonies, stunning song that stays in my head Gianni: this is a cute song but im ngl I have no idea how he landed top 3 here #Sanremo2022
Elisa 'O forse sei tu' - dressed and sounding like an angel, 21 years after her Sanremo win in 2001. An effortless vocal performance, a beautiful song and a confident performance. Belissima. SO wonderful with that orchestra and backing singers. #Sanremo2022
Congratulations Mahmood & The Twink on the win.. Elisa you're still THEE legend of Italian music scene we love you so much and we can't wait to stream your album out February 18th... Give it up for Ms. Elisa!!!! #Sanremo2022
Thanks @glitterbeamUK for the translations and commentary tonight! Good standard of songs tonight- am hoping for an Elisa win. #sanremo2022
I'm watching #Sanremo2022 from Canada. And I want Mahmood to win... but like Gianni Morandi delivered a bop Face with tears of joy Pass on Elisa. Can't wait to see who Italy votes as the winner!
I'm watching #Sanremo2022 from Canada. And I want Mahmood to win... but like Gianni Morandi delivered a bop Pass on Elisa. Can't wait to see who Italy votes as the winner!
I'm watching #Sanremo2022 from Canada. And like I want Mahmoud to win... but like Gianni Morandi delivered a bop Pass on Elisa. Can't wait to see who Italy votes as the winner!
Elisa is soo so stunning and her song is beautiful #SANREMO2022
Elisa and Gianni got enough awards it's Mahmood and Blanco's time to shine Italy Love #Sanremo2022
Omg Elisa is amazing.. I love this so much #Sanremo
Elisa is great but shaky - not worth a winning performsnce today #Sanremo2022
Emma vestita benissimo, femminile come non mai, Elisa di un altro mondo, anzi universo, Blanco bellissimo e stupendo, Michele da brividi e Irama da lacrime. Ma io ho votato Fab Love il mio cuore e suo #Sanremo2022
Elisa next, she has a big chance of winning I hear #Sanremo2022
ELISA you're doing amazing sweetie Love #sanremo2022
ELISA FTW It's time for a woman win again #Sanremo2022
Madonna che Dea che sei Elisa #Sanremo2022 abito fantastico, canzone stupenda, tu unica Love
Italy #Sanremo2022 #Eurovision The Giancarlo Bigazzi Award for the best composition goes to... Elisa - O Forse Sei Tu!
Tonight it's the last day of #Sanremo2022! Last year I had seven favourites but this time I just have a common top 5. :D I'm rooting for Elisa, Mahmood & Blanco, LRDL, Irama and Gianni Morandi!
Italy #Sanremo2022 #Eurovision So that means our top three... Mahmood e Blanco - Brividi Elisa - O Forse Sei Tu Gianni Morandi - Apri Tutte Le Porte Who should win this?!
i hope elisa can be top 3 tonight or possibly even be a shock winner #Sanremo2022
Elisa's voice Love #Sanremo2022 Timeless since Luce. Just...
Lmao saw a tweet that said either Elisa and Mahmood and blanco they'd be fine w as long as it isn't Gianni and I get it now lolol #Sanremo2022
Elisa please win and say yes to Eurovision PLEASE #Sanremo2022
Elisa is one the favourites to win #Sanremo2022. She's currently third in the overall ranking. It's her second partecipation in the Festival, after her win in 2001 with her entry "Luce".
The prize for best composition, as decided by the Orchestra, goes to Elisa #sanremo2022
Much as Dargen is going to be the most memorable, Elisa is arguably the first of the 'contenders for the win' this evening at #sanremo2022. Thoughts?
Italy #Sanremo2022 #Eurovision The big showdown we've sort of been expecting since the start... It's 2001 winner Elisa versus 2019 winner Mahmood (now with Blanco). I couldn't call this, really...
I love Elisa's song but I feel like, as a host entry, it could end up underrated like O Jardim #Sanremo2022
LRDL, Elisa and/or Sangiovanni end top 3 we hope and pray #Sanremo2022
Elisa merece top 3 Love #SanRemo2022
Comunque mia personale top 5: Michele, Elisa, Irama, Mohmood e Blanco, Matteo Romano Love #Sanremo2022
Sanremo quest'anno e stato magico sotto molto punti di vista. Mahmood e Blanco, Aka, Irama, Elisa, Gianni Morandi etc sono stati il top! Chiunque vinca non importa, grazie per averci regalato questi pezzi e queste emozioni Love #Sanremo2022 #sanremo22
Elisa or Gianni for the win please ! #Sanremo2022
Hush now! Elisa, the queen Love #Sanremo2022 I wish she would wear something other than white though!
Perche alla fine il brividino del rischio di vedere vincere Elisa c'e stato #Mahmood #Blanco Brividiiiiii Love #Sanremo2022 #Sanremo
Elisa pure stasera e scesa dal cielo per insegnare a tutt* a cantare Love #Sanremo2022
Queen Elisa Love #Sanremo2022
Elisa's song is beautiful #sanremo22 #sanremo2022
La gente che ha sottovalutato troppo Irama e la sua meravigliosa e toccante canzone. Elisa la best queen. Sempre. Mahmood e Blanco bravissimi ed emozionanti ma e solo una semplice accoppiata vincente. #Sanremo2022
It is now Elisa's turn to sing "O Forse Sei Tu" and she has called her Sanremo experience "wonderful" #Sanremo2022
#Sanremo2022 Ecco Elisa Love Love Ha scelto ancora il bianco... Mamma mia, oggi ho riguardato la sua cover di "What a feeling" ed esattamente come ieri sera ero incantata Love
ELISA WINNER #Sanremo2022
Mahmood & Blanco, Elisa e Morandi. Hanno vinto i tre che speravo vincessero. Wow. #sanremo22 #Sanremo
Ma elisa stasera bellissima wow #Sanremo2022
Nessuno: Proprio nessuno: Ama a Elisa: WOW 21 ANNI, DOPO 21 ANNI, SONO PASSATI 21 ANNI, 21 FA ERI SU QUESTO PALCO #Sanremo2022
Italy #Sanremo2022 #Eurovision The three left are: - Elisa - Gianni Morandi - Mahmood and Blanco Who will win??
For what it's worth, my top 5 was: 1) La Rappresentante di Lista 2) Ditonellapiaga con Rettore 3) Sangiovanni 4) Elisa 5) Achille Lauro Sooo that went really well #Sanremo2022
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