Enrico Nigiotti

Status: Eliminated
Started: First Evening
Finished: Superfinal
Twitter: @EnricoNigiotti
Instagram: @enriconigiotti
I love Enrico's chorus, the rest of the song is okay but that chorus is the best part, you hear him singing his heart out. #Sanremo2020
#Sanremo2020 Italy #ESC2020 Baciami adesso (Enrico Nigiotti) Sounds epic (although anything does when said or sung in Italian). Nice rhyhtm and energy.
#Sanremo2020 Enrico was one of my favourites last year, Nonno Hollywood was just beautiful. Bacciami adesso is sadly not as good
Enrico Nigiotti has a really nice song but maybe he's not as laid back as the song would need him to be. #Sanremo2020
Italy #Sanremo2020 Enrico Nigiotti sang his heart out with "Baciami Adesso". I was quite fond of the guitar part. Not sure about his glittery jacket. Time for the first ad break. How do you like the show so far?
Just heard @EnricoNigiotti on #Sanremo2020 I like it! #Eurovision
Italy #Sanremo2020 Time of Enrico Nigiotti with the self-penned entry "Baciami Adesso".
#sanremo2020 Nigiooooo! @EnricoNigiotti
Enrico - Walter White - Ruggeri #Sanremo2020
does enrico have a guitar strap pillow to match every outfit he owns? #Sanremo2020
Italy Back to the songs now. Song 3 is Baciami adesso by Enrico Nigiotti #Sanremo2020
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