Umami Tsunami

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Umami Tsunami
Song: Geronimo
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Umami Tsunami - Geronimo. I do enjoy this song but I think I would have loved it a whole lot more 10 years ago when I was 18 years old 😂 My love for new boybands isn't as strong as it used to be #MGP2023
Melodi is known for unexpected winners so my hopes for Umami Tsunami are still high 🥲 #MGP2023
I feel like it's not gonna win but I am having the BEST TIME with Geronimo. #NRKMGP
SONG 5 - UMAMI TSUNAMI - Geronimo One for the kids now. This feels so JESC, and would probably win that but here I feel it's out of place here. The autotune is in FULL force. But well done guys! #MGP2023 #Norway #Eurovision2023
United Kingdom It's very nice to have a title like "Geronimo" in the Final, but it's the 1st title that I find has less place in the Final, compared to Sandra or Maria who would have deserved this place.. #MelodiGrandPrix #MGP2023
umami tsunami winning actually 😌🔥 #nrkmgp
Think this is a very strong #nrkmgp final - as long as the Swing Band & Umami Tsunami don't win, I'll be OK.... *all the teen girls vote for Umami Tsunami to win & we have another Tix situation*
Then this Geronimo song wins out of nowhere 🤣 #nrkmgp
Geronimo could surprise and finish Top 4 tonight, that was slick and they sounded great #nrkmgp
Umami Tsunami's n° 1 fan 🙌 #NRKmgp #MGP2023
Is it time to confess that I adore Geronimo. Not the biggest fan of the verses, but when the chorus KICKS IN, yup #nrkmgp
Ok I bloody well loved Geronimo even though I'm sure all three of them are younger than my lad 🤣 #MGP2023
The boys did a great job, Geronimo has some chance #NRKMGP
I feel that Geronimo would fit nicely in a high school musical movie and I'm kind of here for it ! #nrkmgp
Geronimo is unapologetically my winner #nrkmgp
Imagine if Geronimo does a surprise win 💀 #nrkmgp
Umami Tsunami for the win imo #MGP
just by hearing Umami Tsunami I want a good ramen #nrkmgp
Geronimo is fun, not my type of song, tho. #MGP2023
Another energetic performance from Umami Tsunami - Norway's answer to Australia's Justice Crew! #NRKMGP
Umami Tsunami… I can't take this seriously 😅good vocals tho, I'll give 'em that #MGP2023
Geronimo Is fun ! Just have fun people #nrkmgp
Umami Tsunami. This is fun and all, but it's still too Disney Channel for me. #nrkmgp
hey norway geronimo is not bad but were not sending it right w So many better options #nrkmgp
Geronimo seems so out of place in the highlights next to all of these amazing songs. #MGP
Anyway here come THE WINNERS - Umami Tsunami #nrkmgp
Umami Tsunami should be so proud of themselves. So young & performing in a huge arena like this at their ages is insane and they nailed it #NRKMGP
I even like Geronimo tonight it's so good😭 #MGP2023
If "Geronimo" wins, assigning Ben the Umami Tsunami beat. (Probably a non-issue.) #nrkmgp
I'm so thoroughly entertained by Umami Tsunami #MGP2023
La actuacion de Umami Tsunami me ha dado escalofrios, que buenaaaaa #nrkmgp
Geronimo for the win to confirm this year is cancelled #MGP2023 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
Geronimo is a great song, even though I have no idea what they're singing about or who Geronimo is #MGP2023
I constantly feel like I have to check they're spelling Geronimo correctly. #nrkmgp
I would love for Norway to send Umami Tsunami! They're just so infectious! #MGP2023
Geronimo has something that makes it so catchy... #MGP2023
Postive things to say about Umami Tsunami: I love the dancers and styling. #MGP2023
Como subestime a los Umami, que bien lo hicieron, sacudieron a mi adolescente interior #EuroLive #MGP2023 #NRKMGP
Praying for the backing vocals and autotune to fail on Umami Tsunami. Because they probably sound like John Lydon live. #NRKMGP
Geronimo my third in the final!! Hope they serve like they did in the heat!! #MGP2023
Los Umami Tsunami con los coros mas altos que Aritz. Es que... 🙃🙃🙃 #nrkmgp
Si je me fie aux recents resultats du #MGP que je ne validais pas, Geronimo pourrait etre leur nouvel elu. 😅
Umami Tsunami??? That's a choice. 😁😁😁 #MGP2023
To be frank I believe a surprise victory of Umami Tsunami isn't off the cards. #nrkmgp
Geronimo que de primeras no me gusto y ahora me la zampo encantadisimo #nrkmgp
These guys are the closest thing my Victorian Rich People Bread of a Musical Taste is going to be to K-Pop. #umamitsunami #MGP2023
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