Ulrikke Brandstorp

Status: In
Artist: Ulrikke Brandstorp
Song: Honestly
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 1.74
Implied Chances: 57%
That was soo emotional, Honestly is stunning, Ulrikke is amazing. She deserves to be on Eurovision!😭❤️ #mgp2023
Ulrikke is a flawless vocalist. Her voice is stunning - whilst this isn't quite as good as Attention, her song this year is still super #NRKMGP I hope@she gets her Eurovision moment
Okay I truly think Ulrikke can win MGP again, song is great, vocals are on point and the staging looks gorgeous. #mgp2023
Tine for 2020 MGP winner Ulrikke. This semi final almost feels a formality for her to qualify. But can she cement herself a contender for the win tonight? #NRKMGP
Ok I got goosebumps 🥰 Honestly needs to win! #mgp2023
ok I have goosebumps and a tear in my eye, ulrikke was AMAZING 🤩 #mgp2023
Like always with Ulrikke it was simple but effective and vocally perfect. I just loved everything. #NRKMGP
OMG ULRIKKE'S DRESS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!😍🥹 #nrkmgp #Eurovision #eurovision2023
ULRIKKE IS MY WINNER!!🥹🥰 #nrkmgp #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Ulrikke is winning Eurovision 🥰🥳 #mgp2023 #eurovision
Ulrikke is so winning MGP this year, this was a stunning performance, Obsessed #mgp2023
Now, this is even better than "Attention", and I love how Ulrikke came back prepared, ready to slay. She NAILED all the high notes. So happy for her once again 🥺🥺 #nrkmgp #mgp2023
No disrespect to the other acts tonight or I'm the other heats but I think Ulrikke has just secured her place in Liverpool. What a great performance! Surely a top tier contender. #MGP2023
Norway #mgp2023 Performing 6th is 2020 MGP winner Ulrikke with the song "Honestly!" The final writers' selection to qualify for the final, can she live up to the hype? #norway #eurovision #esc2023 #nrkmgp
Ulrikke is so damn beautiful god damn thats wifey 😍😍#nrkmgp
ulrikke, WOW, this was GORGEOUS🥹 #mgp2023
ULRIKKE coming to win again for sure! ❤️ Norway #mgp2023 #mgp
Ulrikke is stunning! She deserves to go to esc so much please 🙏🏻 #nrkmgp
I do quite like "Honestly". I think it helps that I've listened a lot of a few of Ulrikke's other songs, so I have a sense of how it fits into her wider style, which doesn't really hit the heights of Attention, but does show off her lovely voice. #MGP2023 #NRKMGP
Ulrikke's dress tonight looks so stunning. 🥺🥺💖💖 #nrkmgp #mgp2023
YEEEEEEEEESSSSS THE QUEEN ULRIKKE IS IN THE FINAL!!!!!🥹🥹🥹😍😍😍 #nrkmgp #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Honestly, it was good. It feels warm even if I'd like more wow #mgp2023
What an absolutely stunning performance by Ulrikke 😍#mgp2023
Winner 💛 Norway #Ulrikke #Honestly #Eurovision #NrkMgp #norway @ulrikkemusic
I just think Honestly is a tad overproduced + has too many elements, but it's SO wonderful live and I'm so happy for Ulrikke🥺 #MGP2023
#mgp2023 This song by Ulrikke is wonderful, although I love attention and preferred it.
i LOVE Ulrikke but this live performance further emphasises how BROADWAY this song is. The styling and song is Eurovision winner, but in 1996-2000 #mgp2023
Ulrikke has already won #MGP2023 Norway Just AMAZING
Ulrikke is FLAWLESS 😍😭 #NorskMelodiGrandPrix2023 #nrkmgp #Eurovision2023
ulrikke estuvo genial solo que honestly no es tan buena cancion como attention y eso #nrkmgp
Ulrikke is SO HAPPY, good on her #nrkmgp
Top ten Eurovision performance from Ulrikke there… Utterly incredible. 🔥 #nrkmgp
honestly ulrikke doesn't need much thing happening on the stage.. like she can just stand there and do her thing. she is just incredible #nrkmgp
Ulrikke just won the mgp, what a performance. Love this for her, #mgp2023 #mgp2023
I am still in tears. End the contest now. Ulrikke won #mgp2023
oh just give her the trophy ulrikke just deserves it so damn much… the song, her vocals, her performance, EVERYTHING WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT 🥺❤️ #mgp2023
I loved “honestly” while I wasn't convinced by the studio version, awesome performance! #mgp2023
It's nowhere as good as Attention but she's a great singer & deserves her go at #Eurovision after it was snatched away from her. #Ulrikke #nrkmgp
OMG #Ulrikke was incredible tonight !!! #MGP2023
Amo la iluminacion de las actuaciones de Ulrikke✨✨✨ El vestido es precioso☺️ Ha estado brillante🥹🤍 #MGP
ulrikke is such a phenomenal live performer !!!! #nrkmgp
Ulrikke ❤️ Such an emotional moment and performance #NRKMGP #MGP2023
It's Honestly good, but doesn't hold as much Attention (I can do Dad jokes) #nrkmgp
Ulrikke to final 🥳🥳🥰🥰 As she should #mgp2023
Madremia, se ha comido el escenario 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ganadora absoluta de la semi y a por la final. Menuda reina es Ulrikke 👑💞 #mgp2023
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