Ulrikke Brandstorp

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Ulrikke Brandstorp
Song: Honestly
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Thing is, I love Ulrikke. Her personality is so bubbly and sweet, her voice is incredible beautiful, but for ME this entry feels dated and I think she can do so much better. I want her to go to Eurovision someday, but with a different song. #nrkmgp
HOLY COW ULRIKKE WAS AMAZING! Incredible vocal as always, I actually got emotional 😒 She is definitely favorite to win tonight! ❀ #nrkmgp #MGP2023
Ulrikke is SO winning this. She was vocally on point and the staging looks beautiful. It's time for her to finally shine on that Eurovision stage ❀️ Norway #MGP2023
I just think Honestly sounds like a pageant/coronation song. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, she sings the hell out of it, but I don't know, I just want more in 2023. I'm perfect ok and would be happy for her if she won, but, just don't know #MGP2023
Norway #nrkmgp #Eurovision Ulrikke Brandstorp coming up now with "Honestly". This is a big night for Ulrikke, as she hopes to win a second chance at representing Norway at Eurovision. Her song 'Attention' won MGP 2020 but as we know, Eurovision that year was cancelled.
Ulrikke nailed it! Have to win. ❀️πŸ₯Ή#MGP2023
There are other songs I prefer in this competition, but Ulrikke's choice to not use autotune whilst pretty much everyone else is gains her massive respect points. I'll be very happy if she wins. #NRKMGP
Ulrikke - "Honestly" Norway -- Everything about this is GORGEOUS -- I LOVE the mix of languages -- If she DOESN'T win, it WON'T be because she didn't give ABSOLLUTELY EVERY LAST INCH OF HERSELF #nrkmgp
Trust me! I'm here in Trondheim Spectrum watching #MGP2023 and Ulrikke sounds AMAZING and so angelic. Vote for her plsπŸ™πŸ»
Norway #nrkmgp #Eurovision 'Attention' was my favourite song of the 2020 season, so I was thrilled to have Ulrikke back this year. It'd be great to finally see her at Eurovision.
I'm not the biggest fan of the song but you can't deny that Ulrikke's vocals are incredible #MGP
honestly is a nice song, and she's an incredible singer, but i do not get the hype i'm SORRY i am #nrkmgp #melodigrandprix
i love how everyone in norway loves ulrikke. she deserved better in 2020 #MGP2023
She just elevates any song doesn't she? Amazing. I'd be more than happy with Ulrikke completing her journey #NRKMGP
Queen of the Kings is such a great song but too bad there's Honestly and Ulrikke must winπŸ₯² #MGP2023
The song isn't my favorite but that was a good performance! Well done Ulrikke #nrkmgp
Ulrikke Brandstorp - Honestly. That was an incredible performance once again πŸ‘πŸ» Let Ulrikke have her chance again! #MGP2023
As much as it'd be great for Ulrikke to win and get the chance that's been taken from her in 2020 i don't think that's the right song… #MGP2023
WOW! Eg er rort πŸ₯Ή Folte Ulrikke allereie sto pa scena i Eurovision. DAMN, det var magisk πŸ€©πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #NRKMGP
Someone on my tl said Honestly is generic but... maybe it's the generic that we need? I feel like there's been a lack of this specific type of ballad at Eurovision lately. This is a beautiful one and she performs it so good. Also her dress is 😍😍 #MGP2023
Ulrikke has the most amazing live vocals! Wow wow wow 😍😍😍#MGP2023
YOU SAID THIS LOVE WOULD NEVER DIE. El ultimo minuto de Ulrikke, el estadio hoy lleno, las notas que alcanza, no se, es que es magica desde el primer dia. 😭❀️ #nrkmgp
Love Ulrikke but the best song won hands down #nrkmgp
Say what you want about the song being dated or whatever, but you can't deny Ulrikke's consistent solid vocal display! EVERY TIME! πŸ’š #nrkmgp #MGP2023
ulrikke queen πŸ’— honestly doesn't have the same impact as attention imo but it's still amazing #nrkmgp
Ulrikke... Yeah what is there to say? She sings everything beautifully, is the song a winner? Potentially, is her and her voice? ABSOLUTELY #MGP
I mean the jury are gonna vote on the quality of the song - not just the vocalist. Ulrikke is a stunning vocalist but the song is so dated like bfr #MGP2023
Queen of the Kings was such a good performance, good choice Norway!! That was really tough because Ulrikke was amazing too #NRKMGP
#mgp2023 wow, looks like the show isn't even fair to Ulrikke. No conditions with that score with that perfect performance.
we need a miracle for ulrikke to win actually #nrkmgp
Everything that I want? Ulrikke winning #MelodiGrandPrix . ❀️
I wouldn't mind whoever wins, but Ulrikke is my personal favorite. This final is quite strong, tbh. #NRKMGP
Ulrikke is so stunning with these theatrical songs. She fills the arena, woww #nrkmgp
Ulrikke's Song 2020 was one of the best! I was so in love with this song. It's so sad that we never heard it on the Eurovision Stage 😒 this was absolutely a winner Song #MGP2023
Ulrikke is the rightful winner no matter what! That was one of the best performances I have ever seen at MGP. #MGP
honestly im fine with whatever winning at this point its going to be better than subwoolfer #nrkmgp
Honestly... I prefer this to Attention πŸ˜… She's such an incredible vocalist #nrkmgp
Ulrikke was quite good, I hope she wins!!! #MelodiGrandPrix
All aboard queen Ulrikke's redemption arc train! 😍 #nrkmgp
Ulrikke is such a flawless singer I love her #nrkmgp
I think Ulrikke did really well. If she had sent the Norwegian version with the beautiful harmonies I would be much more excited, but still a serve!! #nrkmgp
ULRIKKE WAS AMAZING OMFGGGG i love this song so mich #nrkmgp
Honestly (hah!) I'd be happy to crown most of these as the winner of #MGP2023
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