Status: Eliminated
Artist: Swing'it
Song: Prohibition
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
I love a good theme, lots of enjoyable elements in Swing'it's performance! That was great #nrkmgp
I'm just so glad that Swing'it were appreciated by the audience and came 3rd in the televote ❤️ Because they're great #nrkmgp
I love how happy Swing'it were, despite being scored last with the jury. Now that's the spirit, bc they know they're worth more than some number, and that someone who got 10 pts more than them isn't any more worth than they are. #nrkmgp #mgp2023
SONG 7 - SWING'IT - Prohibition A surprise qualifier for me next, this is not my kind of thing but I cannot deny they perform it well. I don't see it in the running though, but I think they'll just be glad to be there! #MGP2023 #Norway #Eurovision2023
Swing'it - "Prohibition" - Look it was a fun ride watching/listening to get here but against the rest of this field it falls FLAT (as charismatic as they are and as cleanly as this is being delivered) #nrkmgp
I actually love prohibition🤣👏👏#mgp2023 #MelodiGrandPrix
Swing'it - Prohibition. I still love this song but I think the novelty has run out for me which is not a good sign if it was to go to ESC #MGP2023
Not a big fan of Swing It but quality is so high tonight. Would be happy with any of these representing UK really #MelodiGrandPrix
Swing'it just makes me happy 🙂And such a welcome change #NRKMGP
That was a lot of fun, in enjoyed it #swingit #mgp #nrkmgp
This was the best #NRKMGP in years, except for Swing'it I loved all of them
would kinda be living if prohibition won hahahah #MGP2023
Fun fact uno de Swing'it es el hermano de una de las mejores amigas de mi jefa 😂 #MGP2023
Swing'it just happy to be there! Bless them! Deserved their place in the final and don't deserve to be last! #MGP2023 #nrkmgp
J'aimais deja bien la chanson au depart mais c'est encore plus sympa « Swing it » sur scene. 😍😍 #MGP2023
I almost want a Swing It surprise win #MGP2023 #MGP
once again, so much better than I expected, damn this final would be perfect without Swing It #MGP2023
The part of me that loves chaos wants Swing'it to win #MGP2023
Look, "Prohibition" is a vibe. Is it my favorite? No. But am I enjoying it? Yes. #nrkmgp
so swing'it are winning the televoting so far lmao #mgp2023
Okay but Swing'it is a fun time, y'all. #nrkmgp #MGP2023
feel like there's a 99% chance one of the juries will give their top points to prohibition #mgp
Swing it wants to prove that jazz is not boring. Well, that's a challenge 😅 #nrkmgp #camillaseresc
… okay, I am now officially a Swing'it stan. #nrkmgp
Imagine if swing'it wins #MGP2023
Prohibition is perfectly placed, because during this song will be a premiere of Joker Out #MGP2023
#MGP #MGP2023 Swing'It surprise win?
Watch Swing It win it all #nrkmgp
Here's how Swing'it can still win #nrkmgp
I wouldn't be surprised that Prohibition wins #MGP #MGP2023
Swing'it coming 3rd in the televote is very funny to me #nrkmgp
I dont care if this is an unpopular opinion but prohibition is fun and I enjoy it #nrkmgp
Swing'it have chosen to use auto tune tonight it seems. Best decision they have ever made #NRKMGP
Swing it is a whole mood, I love it 😭 #MGP2023
kinda love prohibition #MGP2023
#MGP #MGP2023 time to Charleston with Swing'It 🤩🤩
Alright Eva & Ewa vs. Swing It. They are a perfect match! #MGP2023 #Melodifestivalen2023
NORDMENN! Stem pa swing'it <33333 #MGP
Omfg i love prohibition so much #MGP2023
Is it just me or does the #SwingIt lead singer look like Jimmy Giggle? #NRKMGP #MelodiGrandPrix
oh prohibition is ssssooooo my last place lol #nrkmgp
United Kingdom We needed a title like that of Swing It in the Final! Even if I don't want that in May, it's a very effective title for 3min on a Finale! #MelodiGrandPrix #MGP2023
Swing'it my beloved #nrkmgp
I LOVE this guys #swingit #MGP2023
Swing'it. Fun time all around. Who would they drop for ESC? #nrkmgp
Prohibition is such a bop🤩🤩 #nrkmgp
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