Stig Van Eijk

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Stig van Eijk
Song: Someday
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 3
Stig, that was such a bop🥳🤩 So fun!! #nrkmgp
Stig van Eijk's performance had more "oomph" than I was expecting from the studio. Great outfit and staging, still not sure it has enough to qualify but it was well done (apart from having a child on stage). #NRKMGP
That was a really fun performance. I'd be really happy for Stig to qualify #MGP2023
Children having so much fun with Else, and almost everyone loving Stig's song. #nrkmgp #mgp2023
So, yeah, Stig really IS my favourite of the night, by a mile. Raw positivity and fun and not relying on autotune, which will eventually Brividi the crap out of you in Liverpool. #MGP2023 #nrkmgp
Come on Stig. I have you on top 3 this Evening! 👍#nrkmgp
Someday is so good! Reggae is very underrated in ESC. #MGP #NRKMGP
That was quite an enjoyable performance!! Good job Stig!! #MGP
This is so cute, and it just shows why Stig would be the most iconic children's entertainer. #nrkmgp #mgp2023
¡Contadnos! ☺️ ¿Cual es vuestro momento fav de la ultima semifinal del #MGP2023? Nosotros tenemos varios, pero esta referencia eurovisiva de Stig Van Eijk es otro rollo #MGP
Finally, something different. Thank you Stig 👏🏻 #nrkmgp
Yes Stig!!! Very very very good. Good vibes! Such a feel good sound . It deserve to get to trondheim #nrkmgp
Stig van Eijk ha fatto l'ESC 24 anni fa, floppando e ricevendo una marea di critiche in patria. Sono contento che gli abbiano dato la chance di redimersi in questa nuova veste reggae e pro-Ucraina ma temo non sia all'altezza di una top3 in questa semi #nrkmgp #mgp23 #eurovision
Norway #NRKMGP #MGP2023 #Eurovision Time for a trip down memory lane! Up next is Stig van Eijk. Aged 17, he won #MGP in 1999. Now, at 40 years old, he's making a comeback. He's got the Eurovision experience, can he make it a second go?
I'm sure Stig is thrilled they're reminding us of this musical horror 😬 #MGP
[ Norway #MGP2023 DF3] Nous retrouvons Else Kass Furuseth entouree des enfants qui ont adore la prestation de Stig Van Eijk. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #ESC2023 | #NRKMGP
Stig van Eijk serving reggae vibes #NRKMGP ❤️💛💚
[ Norway #MGP2023 DF3] Prestation reussie pour Stig Van Eijk ! Le public a adore ! #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #ESC2023 | #NRKMGP
Oh I love what Stig is wearing #nrkmgp
I want a Stig van Eijk qualification 😚 #nrkmgp
Started watching #MGP2023 late, finally caught up. Am I too late to make a witty Stig Rasta/Stig Rasta quip?
Oh blimey, Stig is younger than me #nrkmgp
We already know if Stig wins MGP, he needs to get rid off that child😳 #nrkmgp #mgp2023
Ok this is a definite upgrade on what Stig gave us in 1999 👀 Another vibe #MGP
Eg liker jo framleis Stig van Eijk, eg gjer jo det. #mgp
Fiffig det, Stig 👍🎉 #nrkmgp
[ Norway #MGP2023 DF3] Stig Van Eijk nous livre une prestation memorable pour le moins et dansante pour le plus. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #ESC2023 | #NRKMGP
Have we ever had a reggae song at Eurovision? The performance starts with a child singing but then Stig jumps out with the dominating reggae beats. He will definitely have put himself into contention to qualify with that... #nrkmgp #mgp2023 Norway
Sikkert helt tilfeldig at Stig Van Eijk blir med igjen det aret de begynner med autotune. #MGP #redemption
Don't care that I'm the only one on here but Stig van Eijk is now my favorite in this Semi. Don't bother trying to change my mind ;) #mgp2023 #mgp23
Bra lat av Stig Van Eijk #NRKMGP 👌
I kinda have high hopes for Stig #nrkmgp
Eurovision fans should recognise the next performer, Stig van Eijk, who represented Norway back in 1999 with "Living My Life Without You". 24 years later he is back with reggae song "Someday". Can he get back to the song contest for a second time? #nrkmgp #mgp2023 Norway
Someday couldn't be performed like that because there is a child on the stage. #nrkmgp
Stig van Eijk would be my 4th qualifier, the song is a bop #NRKMGP
I don't care what anyone says I LOVE this entry from Stig van Eijk! #MGP #MGP2023
I could honestly see Stig as a surprise qualifier and do pretty well in the final 👀 #NRKMGP
Sorry but Someday is not my cup :/ I liked only girl's part #nrkmgp
Norway #NRKMGP Stig van Eijk – “Someday“
Next we have Stig van Eijk with Someday #MGP2023
omg Stig was the kid in the Bulls jersey in '99?! #MGP2023 #NRKMGP
La de Stig van Eijk sido la actuacion mas floja de esta noche. Aun asi, el buenrollismo ha estado presente #nrkmgp
[ Norway #MGP2023 DF3] Stig Van Eijk avait fini 14eme a l'Eurovision 1999, ce qui etait vu comme un echec en Norvege. Cette annee, il fait son retour au MGP et il est en cours avec plusieurs projets de disques. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #ESC2023 | #NRKMGP
Que obsesion con los ninos este ano! Por lo menos la de Stig Van Eijk canta en directo, no como la de F*** N**** #nrkmgp
Norway #NRKMGP #MGP #Eurovision Stig van Eijk - Someday The song starts off with a girl singing "Someday". Then the reggae beat kicks in and we move to Stig. Dressed in yellow/black, this is very much an attempt to serve Bob Marley. There's a moving pulpit as well... Choices?
La cancion de Stig van Eijk no me desagrada, pero no entiendo nada de su puesta en escena, me saca muchisimo. #MGP2023
[ Norway #MGP2023 DF3] Dans la green room, Arian discute avec Stig Van Eijk et Mara Celin. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #ESC2023 | #NRKMGP
Parto de la base de que a mi el reggae no me gusta nada... Asi que aunque no lo ha hecho mal Stig... No me gusta. #nrkmgp
si lo peor es que someday no me ha parecido tan mala como lo imaginaba… #mgp2023
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