Status: Eliminated
Artist: Jone
Song: Ekko inni meg
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
United Kingdom It's hard to say who should win given the beauty of this Final, but my preference is for JONE, I find his title more unique than the others! In addition he sings in Norwegian, which gives him a nice advantage (in my opinion)! #MelodiGrandPrix #MGP2023
Wow okay everyone was incredible but I NEED to see Jone win #MGP2023
fantastic opening from Jone, I do love that song. It seems like the kind of thing Norway are likely to vote for #NRKMGP
even tho he didn't win thank you norway for giving me my favorite national final song of the year twice in a row 🫶🫶 IM SO HAPPY FOR JONE #MGP2023
Jone would be amazing in Liverpool! Not sure it can win #MGP2023 tonight but I'd be very happy if #ekkoinnimeg goes to #eurovision
So my two faves from Mello qualified! Jone unfortunately didn't win MGP but got into the top 5! Agoney, it's your turn! 🤩❤️ #Melfest #MGP #NRKMGP #BenidormFest
yk what jone is amazing and i wouldn't mind him winning at all ekko inni meg is a bangeeeeer #nrkmgp
a finger heart 🥹 hes so cute! i did my norwegian duty pls let jone win #nrkmgp #Eurovision
istg jone better fucking win i love that song so much #MGP2023
Jone going for some daring notes there.. I loved that performance though! Great high energy. The dancers really stepped up for the final #nrkmgp
Jone was so fun i really want him to win… or just do very well #MGP2023
i still want her to win bc i think there's no way jone is winning #nrkmgp
GOOD LUCK JONE 🥰✨ #nrkmgp
Perfect opener! The bigger arena DEFINITELY does this song justice! Deserves a full crowd, and Jone has delivered! 💚 #MGP2023 #nrkmgp
Nice song to start the #MGP2023 my second favourite and also new adoptee- Jone. This song is so good.
Norway #nrkmgp #Eurovision Jone is opening the show tonight with "Ekko Inni Meg". This song has a lot of fans, does it have a chance to win? Do we want a Eurovision entry sung in Norwegian?
Ok, can we please talk about how amazing Jone was. What a great show opener #MGP2023
#MGP time 😍 Jone hype 🤞
Felt like Jone went way bigger that time and it was great. Really love that song. #nrkmgp
we've heard the winner already... 😌🔥 VOTE FOR JONE #nrkmgp
I'll be happy if any of them winning… Except Jone. #MGP2023
jone performing first and being a contender to win at the same time reminds me of klara hammarstrom in 2022 when she was a contender to win and performed 1st as well🥹 #MGP2023
I would be so happy if he won go JONE #MGP2023
Up first in Norway its Jone with "Ekko Inni Meg" One of the most streamed finalists on Spotify, will that translate to votes to win? #MGP
I love this song and JONE did really great. #MGP2023
I knew Jone's winning chances weren't that high. But 30? THIRTY. #nrkmgp
Jone ha estado increible, vocalmente ha destacado muchisimo y ha sido un subidon de actuacion, no es de mis favs pero me ha dado winner vibes #nrkmgp
Jone for the win! 😃 #nrkmgp
calculating jone's chances of winning with the televote #MGP #MGP2023
vote for JONE for actually good rapping 😘 #mgp2023
United Kingdom I dream so much of seeing JONE win this #MelodiGrandPrix ! #MGP2023
JONE was so fucking good <3!!!! #MGP2023
Jone nation pls pull through and make our boy win 🤞🤞 #nrkmgp
Well if Ekko inni meg doesn't win, it'll be one of my all time favourite NF songs #nrkmgp
Ekko Inni Meg is everything, would be so happy if it won tonight #nrkmgp
still don't necessarily understand the lack of dancing on JONE's part, but the song is good and could be a winner #MGP2023
Jone, please win🥺 (at least the televote). #mgp2023
Massive well done Jone, you're a star #MGP2023
I'm sorry but what did y'all see in Jone? His song wasn't groundbreaking or interesting and had to rely on dancebreaks and holograms 😭 a filler track that was lucky to qualify in the first place #nrkmgp #MGP2023
Jone was FAB. Would not be mad at this winning! #MGP2023
Pray circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 jone win 🕯 #nrkmgp 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯
Insane performance by Jone… Would love to see him pull it off. 😍 #nrkmgp
Jone's actually… quite… good looking?? 😅🤦🏼‍♂️ #nrkmgp
#MGP2023 Stem pa Jone✨❤️La oss vise Europa hva vi har a by pa!!🥳#jone #ekkoinnimeg
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