Status: In
Artist: Jone
Song: Ekko inni meg
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 6.60
Implied Chances: 15%
I love Ekko Inni Meg, he's a GREAT singer and I loved his performance, he's handsome and charming, but the hologram of the woman singing was awful, they need to find another way to have her #nrkmgp #MGP2023
Jone: A catchy, modern blend of pop and dance. A good voice, but I think there's better songs in this years MGP. I'd give this 7/10 #MGP2023 #Mgp #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Ok now I am awake. What a bop to start. Strong performance by Jone with 'Ekko inni meg', the projected on-screen effect of the other singer worked well. Great opener, every chance of qualifying. #NRKMGP
Ekko inni meg is wonderful. I'd be so happy if it accidentally won the whole thing #nrkmgp
yasss good luck to king Jone Norway πŸ‘‘ #MGP2023
Ekko inni meg is wonderful. I'd be so happy if it accidentally won the whole thing #MGP2023
Betting my left nut that Jone is winning this Semi. They keep putting the best song first. This just went up in my ranking. #mgp2023 #mgp23
Okay, now that was an epic opener. I loved the rotating glass onstage, the Northern lights flashing from behind Jone, as well as the female singer who disappeared and reappeared constantly. #nrkmgp #mgp2023
i'm sure they have bigger things planned for the final but this was GREATTTT, jone was much better than i thought, this is easily qualifying πŸ”₯ #nrkmgp
ekko inni meg is my fave tonight, hoping the performance's good #nrkmgp
The staging wasn't the best and the vocals were off at first but overall Jone was pretty good! #mgp2023
Okay this has confirmed to me that Ekko Inni Meg is potentially my favourite song in MGP this year but it almost definitely shouldn't go to Eurovision, it doesn't really work on stage - but LOVE it and I hope it at least qualifies tonight #MGP2023
I also love how Jone has black nail polish on πŸ–€πŸ’…πŸ» #nrkmgp #mgp2023
I don't think any of this semi-final have a chance of qualifying to the Eurovision final, maybe Jone but whole performance needs improving #nrkmgp
Ekko Inni Meg is good but... I expected better #nrkmgp
Hope my intermediate Danish takes me somewhere tonight #MGP2023 Ps: Jone for the win
Jone should win MGP 2023 #MGP2023
vote for jone please, thank you x #NRKMGP
jone absolutely slayed yeess king πŸ’– #nrkmgp
Jone is LIKING THIS 🀀 #nrkmgp
i'm actually completely not against the idea of ekko inni meg winning it #mgp2023
I will definitely vote for Jone, I love this song so much 😭 #MGP2023
vote for jone! ...please πŸ₯Ή #NRKMGP
#nrkmgp JONE looks like Theoz' older brotherπŸ˜€ Where's the female singer? on screen? Cheap staging. Something feels 'off' (not the Autotune which is ON)
Ekko Inni Meg is SO good #NRKMGP
It was nice of Malta to loan Jone some leftover tinfoil #NRKMGP
Jone advance plz πŸ’– #nrkmgp
Well that was great, Ekko Inni Meg gonna surprise in the final I think #nrkmgp
Stan Ekko inni meg #nrkmgp
Jone 🀩😍 #MGP2023
Jone was… good… #mgp2023
Ohhhhhhh good job Jone #mgp2023 #mgp
Es que si fuera por mi enviaba ya directamente a Jone, tremendo temazo es Ekko inni meg😍😍😍😍😍 #MGP2023
Al final vote a Jone por descarte πŸ˜… #nrkmgp
jone time yeess πŸ’– #nrkmgp
Jone's song is great. #NRKMGP
Jone eyeshadow we stan #mgp2023
Is Jone winning the MGP? Doubt it. But I'd be really surprised if he doesn't go to the final. #mgp2023 #mgp
the way i can't wait for jone to absolutely serve πŸ’– #nrkmgp
idk what is it but i could spend the entire day listening to jone speaking and i wouldn't get tired. such a soothing voice ☺️☺️ #mgp2023
all that i ask for from this semi-final is for ekko inni meg to slay live please πŸ™πŸ™ #nrkmgp
Jone very very very good #nrkmgp
Yep, Jone. I stan. #nrkmgp
Now this is how u open a show! Jone is definitely qualifying πŸ”₯ #nrkmgp
ekko inni meg has to qualify. #nrkmgp
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