Eirik Naess

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Eirik Naess
Song: Wave
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Erik does a perfectly good job of 'Wave' but man with guitar joined by backing vocalists with this type of song... it feels like it has been quite a few times. Doesn't take away from a very solid performance though! #NRKMGP
We're just two songs in and I already have no idea who to vote for 😂 looooved “Wave” as well 😍 #NRKMGP
Wave by Eirik was a nice uplifting radiofriendly song. Liked it! #mgp2023 #nrkmgp
Wave is a cute song tbh I hope it qualifies 🙏🏼 #mgp2023
Wave is such a pretty song I love it❤️ #mgp2023
Norway #mgp2023 "Wave" is a solid composition, it has such a warm and comfortable energy. #norway #eurovision #esc2023 #nrkmgp
Eirik is joined by five backing vocalists. Sang very well and very warm feel good factor to the song abd performance #NRKMGP
Wave is too generic for my liking but Eirik's voice is nice #nrkmgp
Norway #mgp2023 That's a great performance that Eirik can be proud of. #norway #eurovision #esc2023 #nrkmgp
This is really sweet! A catchy entry from Eirik #nrkmgp
wave is such a good song. i would want it qualify tonight but that's it !!!! yall better do a right choice even this country is tasteless asf #nrkmgp
I know Nobody talks about Eirik Naess but don't you just wanna take a ride in the car when Wave is on? May not be a #mgp winner but it's awfully nice. #mgp2023
If I had my way, Wave would be the third qualifier tonight, I loveeee how this sounds #MGP2023
Eirik's song is nice, but I don't imagine him being in the top 3 #nrkmgp
i really like wave 🥺🧡 #nrkmgp
La cancion de “Wave” me da buenas vibes, quiero cantarle los coros pero ya esta #mgp2023
I LOVE WAVE #mgp2023
Wave is actually a great song, totally deserves a place in the final #mgp2023
Klissete sukkersot pop ballade, ikke min greie men finnes sikkert noen som liker Waves av Eirik Naess #mgp #mgp2023
#mgp2023 Wave wasn't as strong live as I remember it being in studio
Wave tbn me gusta mucho, espero q lo haga bien!! #mgp2023
Eirik Naess now! And slightly biast but EscFanTV are cheering one of our own in this song! #NRKMGP
Wave is cute but I don't see it in the final #mgp2023
Erik Naess serving Avicii vibes! "Wave" was better the 2nd time #nrkmgp
i actually really like wave #nrkmgp
Eirik Naess. Chanelling Victor Crone. Great singalong song, but predictable #nrkmgp
Wave is a nice song, not competitive though #MGP2023
Q temon es wave tambien #mgp2023
ok wave is not that bad i really enjoyed the performance overall #nrkmgp
Wave is better live, but still… Meh #mgp2023
Wave me ha parecido muy visto ya, como que tengo la sensacion de haber visto eso mismo todos los anos anteriores en el mgp #nrkmgp
Confieso que Wave es la cancion que mas estoy escuchando por el momento #mgp2023
Eirik Naess non e da vittoria, ma per il discorso qualificazione non lo do fuori. E un pezzo country pop piacevole (per quanto generico) e in Norvegia questo genere tira sempre abbastanza, come dimostrano le ultime edizioni #nrkmgp #eurovision #mgp2023
Norway 02 - Eirik Naess, me gusta la musica country, no me escondo, pero este tema es muy flojito. Espero que los noruegos no nos den ninguna sorpresa, y eso no llegue a la final. #mgp2023
Seguimos el turno con Eirik Naess y su "Wave " ¿Conseguira uno de los pases para la final? Norway #MGP2023
eirik naess #nrkmgp
Wave de Eirik es mi guilty pleasure de esta semifinal #mgp2023
Wave is summer sunset song vibes #mgp2023 #nrkmgp
Waaaaaaaave! #mgp2023 #nrkmgp
Are they sure this staging wasn't meant to be for "Wave"?? #MGP2023
La cancion de Eirik es una de las que me dejan sinmas #mgp2023
Wave es un tema muy llevadero, muy de pelicula de bao y que se deja escuchar y disfruta #eurovision #mgp #mgp2023
Eirik Naess es el Dani Fernandez noruego version country #mgp2023
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