Byron Williams Jr And Jowst

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Byron Williams Jr And Jowst
Song: Freaky for the Weekend
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
JOWST bringing a confetti canon was just a perfect addition to an iconic staging✨️✨️✨️ #nrkmgp #mgp2023
Byron and Jowst were a good show closer! Up beat, disco and some nice stage effects. #nrkmgp
my norwegian besties, what are the chances for jowst to qualify in the final? #mgp2023
yall i'm sorry but BYRON WILLIAMS JR + JOWST were by far the best this evening 🤣 #mgp2023 #Eurovision
So so so glad to see Jowst back, although I don't think he has a strong song this time #mgp2023 #nrkmgp
Norway 07 - Byron y Jowst. Llamadme raro, pero me ha gustado mucho. La puesta en escena es graciosa y esta bien definida. El directo de Byron es bueno, y me parece un tema que no sigue los parametros eurovisivos. Me gusta, y mucho. #mgp2023
How did I not know about Byron Williams jr until #mgp2023?!?! He is such a powerful vocalist who singlehandedly carried the whole song so effortlessly. #nrkmgp
Norway Senhit and Byron Williams Jr would get on brilliantly #MGP2023
Freaky For the Weekend makes me glad NRK dropped the automatic finalists format #mgp2023
Well, I was not expecting my favourite to be Freaky For The Weekend, but I actually really enjoyed that! #mgp2023
JOWST COMING TO WIN #nrkmgp #mgp2023
This is not Jowst's best effort. #nrkmgp #mgp #mgp2023
Yeeeaaah I think JOWST is qualifying #nrkmgp
Byron & Jowst are out we WONNNN #mgp2023
i lowkey love freaky for the weekend but this live isn't giving it for me #nrkmgp
#byronwilliamsjr & #JOWST #FreakyfortheWeekend #mgp2023 Uten tvil kveldens hoydepunkt, stodig fremforelse, catchy uten a prove for hardt, far sann gammel musikk i ny drakt folelse av denne som funker bra.....
Ok, but this is giving Serhat, but with good vocals #nrkmgp #jowst
Freaky for the weekend feels like a stepped up version of San Marino 2017 😝 #mgp2023
I really love all Jowst songs... Except this one apparently #mgp2023
Wait the JOWST song is kind of serving #nrkmgp
Wait but why is Freaky for the Weekend kind of eating… #mgp2023
Norway Jowst and Byron Williams Jr have been overlooked there. As a package Freaky For The Weekend was the best of the night #nrkmgp
Jeg klarer ikke a bestemme meg for om jeg liker freaky for the weekend! Goy var det hvertfall #NRKmgp
Sorry but I bloody LOVE Freaky For The Weekend #NRKMGP
Jowst glow down💀#mgp2023
Girl I usually like JOWST but what is this? #MGP2023 #MGP
The staging was kinda fun but this Jowst song is objectively awful #MGP2023
freaky for the weekend is kind of a bop idc asdsksks #nrkmgp
Jowst and Byron willingly put their names to this? #NRKMGP
Christ Freaky for the Weekend is literally on the same production and staging level as Spirit of the Night #nrkmgp
Properly stoked for JOWST's comeback, though, ngl. #NRKMGP #Eurovision
Yes! Trickkleid & Club-Banger! Jowst und der Drifters-Typ liefern ab! #mgp2023
uff no me gusta, un poco hortera, parece mentira viniendo de Jowst :/ #nrkmgp
JOWST really saw Valentina's Spirit of the Night and thought I want some of that 😬 #mgp #mgp23 #mgp2023
Byron and Jowst 💔 #NRKMGP
La poca sangre del ft de JOWST? #MGP2023
Bon, JOWST Cambriole mais c'est la vie #MGP
The audio of Ooh La La playing over the video of Freaky for the Weekend is working too well #Eurosong #nrkmgp
I am unironically here for JOWST and Byron tonight. They are bravely updating Everybody for the 21st century. #NRKMGP
The crowd is going WILD for JOWST with Bryon Williams #NRKMGP
Freaky For The Weekend would've been an AQ in the old format #NRKMGP
la verdad es que no se que opinar de freaky for the weekend, me ha dejado el cuerpo super raro #nrkmgp
Seriamente, se non ci avesse messo la faccia JOWST, mai questa canzone avrebbe visto il palco del MGP e ho detto tutto #mgp2023 #nrkmgp #eurovision
Y para terminar las actuaciones de la primera semifinal tenemos Byron Williams Jr & Jowst “Freaky For The Weekend” Norway #MGP2023
We really went from the slay of the year to JOWST :( #mgp2023
Senhit and Byron Williams Jr collab when?? #mgp2023
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