Bjorn Olav Edvardsen

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Bjorn Olav Edvardsen
Song: Turn Off My Heart
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Bjorn Olav Edvardsen. Heartfelt performance, an excellent singer. Very well done. #nrkmgp
Something about Bjorn Olav Edvardsen's voice just goes straight to my heart. “Turn Off My Heart” is like the emotional climax of a musical and I absolutely love it. #MGP
Omg Turn Off My Heart is so beautiful 😍😍😍 #nrkmgp
Bjorn that's so beautiful 🥰 #nrkmgp
Turn Off My Heart is soo beautiful, I want to cry🥹🥹 #nrkmgp
"Turn off my heart" is so beautiful... #nrkmgp
Turn Off My Heart does nothing for me..Though it's a sweet moment, I'll give it that. I'm also thrown off by the jacket bling and the nature of the song lol #nrkmgp
[ Norway #MGP2023 DF2] Bjorn Olav Edvardsen est un excellent vocaliste, dommage que sa chanson ne soit pas a la hauteur de son talent. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #ESC2023 | #NRKMGP
Fun Fact! Bjorn wrote Umami Tsunami's entry. #nrkmgp #mgp2023
A very lovely and sweet performance from Bjorn Olav Edvardsen. He may struggle as I think these types of songs and performances have gone out of fashion. Yes, even in Norway. ~ Dale #NRKMGP
I don't care Bjorn is one of my favourites tonight! Beautiful song - I won't hear a word said against it #mgp
Don't need all the rhinestones on the jacket Bjorn. But this is stunning all the same #NRKMGP
"Turn Off My Heart" is gorgeous! #nrkmgp
Bjorn Olav Edvardsen. Another song with good vocals. An OK song, but this doesn't really go anyhwere until the end. Reminds me of something Westlife would sing in the early '00's. Overall I'd give this 5/10 #mgp #mgp2023 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Turn Off My Heart isn't really my thing but Bjorn gave a great performance there, very pretty #nrkmgp
Bjorn Olav has a really good voice and he sells this song well #nrkmgp
bjorn just grooving with the brazilian beat shfhdhdd he's so adorable #NRKMGP
I'm not really a ballad person. Nice voice, but didn't do anything for me. Turn off My Heart. #mgp
Stem pa Bjorn Olav Edvardsen!!! 🤍 #nrkmgp
Ultimo en las apuestas pero Bjorn es primero en mi corazon ❤️ #EuroLive #MGP2023 #NRKMGP
Bjorn Olav - for en nydelig stemme! ❣️ #mgp
Why does Bjorn's song feel like it belongs as part of the soundtrack to a Broadway musical like "Dear Evan Hansen"? #nrkmgp #MGP2023
Bjorn isn't qualifying tonight, but I tell you hwut, he'd be the jury winner in the American Song Contest. #MGP2023 #NRKMGP
“Turn Off My Heart” es cuqui y Bjorn la ha defendido bien, pero canciones como esta se escuchan todos los dias. Ha habido propuestas mas interesantes esta noche. #MGP2023
Turn off my heart es un baladon 🥹 #NRKMGP
La luna de Bjorn se convierte en el sol! Suena a que el compositor es Christian Ingebritsen. #nrkmgp
Bonita cancion de Bjorn Olav #NRKMGP #MGP2023
Bjorn Olav Edvardsen, Turn Off My Hear SF flojita en #Norway Esta es la mejor de la noche #NRKMGP2023 #nrkmgp #Eurovision
[ Norway #MGP2023 DF2] Dernier artiste a passer : @officialbjorn_o ! Il va interpreter Turn Off My Heart ! #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #ESC2023 | #NRKMGP
What would you rank Bjorn Olav Edvardsen out of 10? #mgp #mgp2023 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Bjorn olav vinner #MGP2023
Coming out: la canzone di Bjorn Olav e la mia preferita di questa puntata e anche se non e la proposta piu innovativa del secolo, personalmente un posto nei 3 glielo troverei. Un po' cheap la panchina con le due violiniste, ma nel complesso fa il suo #nrkmgp #eurovision #mgp23
Bjorn Olav var dagens beste lat #nrkmgp #Eurovision #MGP2023 #mgp
[ Norway #MGP2023 DF2] L'un des auteurs-compositeurs de Turn Off My Heart est Christian Ingebrigtsen, ex-candidat du MGP 2022 avec la chanson Wonder of the World. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #ESC2023 | #NRKMGP
Norway #NRKMGP Bjorn Olav Edvardsen — «Turn Off My Heart»
Turn Off My Heart is RIGHT UP MY STREET #Nrkmgp
Bjorn Olav- huzura kavustum 3 dakikaligina. Muhtesem...Surpriz bekliyorum ben. Ayrica Christian Ingebrigsten nasil piyanoyla cikmaya ikna edemedi merak ediyorum hajajjakajjahj #nrkmgp
Bjorn Olav er min favoritt. #MGP2023
Turn off my heart? Turning off my tv. #nrkmgp
Eeeeh, jeg synes Turn Off My Heart blir veldig sukkersot og klissete. Vokal var helt grei, og har ikke noe i mot tema og slikt, er bare en ballade jeg kommer til a glemme. Beklager Bjorn, men her ma jeg skru av mer en hjerte for a kunne finne noe av verdi for min del #mgp
First Marius Bear, now Bjorn Olav Edvardsen? Keep your feet in your shoes! #nrkmgp #mgp2023
Norway Cierra esta segunda semifinal del #NRKMGP Bjorn Olav Edvardsen con su preciosa balada «Turn Off My Heart». El ya lo intento como autor el ano pasado y este ano como interprete. Sobre el escenario una luna y nieve. ¿Conseguira una de las tres plazas?
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