Atle Pettersen

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Atle Pettersen
Song: Masterpiece
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
What an improve @iamElsieBay !!! Your vocals were on point and you made me cry!!! We need this beautiful song in #Eurovision2023 . It´s unique, beautiful athmosphere & the staging is epic! Please Norway! Vote this masterpiece💚💚💚 #MGP2023
I am so proud of Atle for giving such an emotional performance and for being such a good father to his toddler aged son.🥺🥺 That kid is so very lucky with a father like that. #nrkmgp #mgp2023
Masterpiece is such a beautiful heartfelt song❤️😭 #MGP2023
A great performance from Atle there, vocally better than the semi and visually fantastic again... though I think the laser light show worked better in the smaller hall. ~ Dale #NRKMGP
Alte Pettersen sings flawlessly and backed by impressive lighting. Quite a mesmerising performance! "Masterpiece" is a grower #nrkmgp #MGP2023
Starting to get really worried that Atle is going to win, I'd be happy with 4 different winners representing Norway, he is not one of them #nrkmgp
Yeah I'm sorry. I'd be absolutely fine with an Atle victory. Flawless tonight. #NRKMGP
Atle Pettersen. Beautiful song, so heartfelt. Great performance, but tough competition. #nrkmgp
I'm so glad Masterpiece is getting the love it deserves 🥹🥹 #mgp #nrkmgp
I think I'll be the only person on the TL happy if Atle wins #nrkmgp
idc i LOVE masterpiece and would so support it if it won #MGP2023
Lol if atle wins because of Czech Republic istg #nrkmgp
I don't reckon much to the song, but Atle's performance is stunning. I love the lights and camera work #nrkmgp
SONG 6 - ATLE PETTERSSEN - Masterpiece A nice midtempo song about his daughter, this sounds so much like LIAMOO doing Hold Me Closer. I think this will do well tonight but I'm not convinced on it winning. #MGP2023 #Norway #Eurovision2023
I haven't cried at a national song for years, wow what a masterpiece 😭❤️ #MGP2023 #MGP
What a fantastic performance from Atle ❤️ #MGP2023
i love atle's song so fvcking much. hope it does well tonight. a top 5😌🫶🏼 #nrkmgp
I hope they can use those lasers in Liverpool if Atle wins #NRKMGP 😁
I actually think Atle is my winner😭😭 Its so good #MGP2023
This song is nice too. And he has a trip downtown. Sometimes that's the only thing you need to win. #atlepettersen #MGP2023
ATLE'S VOICE IS SOO GOOD?? 😭💚✨ #nrkmgp
Did anyone see The #Eurovision Instagram account announcing Atle as "the winner of MGP who is going to Liverpool"? 😂🤦‍♀️ #MGP2023
I just love Atle's voice 😍 #nrkmgp
Atle you sing nicely but pls don't win #MGP2023
Why yes I do love this song! Will it win? No chance… Atle #MGP2023
Wow Atle actually sounded amazing there!!! #MGP2023
I love Masterpiece so much. 😍 #nrkmgp #mpg2023
This is the most exciting MGP in years I fear. No idea who's going to win but I fear it's gonna be Atle #NRKMGP
I don't think Atle will win but if he does I'll accept it.. #nrkmgp
C'mon please tell me Atle is not winning this... #MGP2023
masterpiece as the unexpected winner? yes ma'am #MGP2023
masterpiece sounds like the lucky one by uku suviste convince me otherwise #mgp2023
Ah yes.. the winner is ✨ Atle Peterson ✨ #mgp23 #mgp2023 #Eurovision
have a feeling atle will win tonight… idk how to explain it #nrkmgp
Husk pa stem pa Atle Pettersen #mgp ❤️🥹😍
Atle Pettersen doing a complete 180° from 2021 to 2023 in terms of music is my favourite thing of #nrkmgp, and it just makes me even more happy for him. 🥺 #mgp2023
yeah masterpiece is giving me winner vibes tonight #nrkmgp
I haven't cured at a national song for years, wow what a masterpiece 😭❤️ #MGP2023 #MGP
Victor and Atle on at the same time. Perfect opportunity to make another cup of coffee. #mgp2023 #nrkmgp #melfest
The jury needs to call Atle mid enough that it can make up for him winning the televote. #mgp #nrkmgp
Atle is a great performer tbh he really sells the song, I think this is top 3 material #MGP #nrkmgp
I feel like I'm warming to masterpiece. Love the lighting. #NRKMGP
I can see Atle winning #MGP2023 #MGP
Even them were ready for Atle winning instead 💀 #Eurovision #nrkmgp #mgp2023
Atle's face looks like ti was sculpted from marble. Perfect cheekbones, perfect symmetry, is he real?#nrkmgp
i see atle's winning tonight #nrkmgp
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