Alessandra Mele

Status: Winner
Artist: Alessandra Mele
Song: Queen of Kings
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Thank you Norway @stigkarlsen Norway ❤️ it was an honnor to be part of your incredible show 👏🏼 J'ADORE😉 France Congratulations Queen #Alessandra #Queenofkings🤍#mgp See you in Liverpool @Eurovision😍
I love how my favorites places the lowest Well, I know a certain someone who will be happy that Alessandra won, and she did well She deserved to win #MGP2023
Thank you Norway! Great national selection and I'm not unhappy with the result. Plus, Alessandra seems like a nice person (on top of having a good song) #MGP2023
Alessandra… staging is amazing, song is good enough, I just don't think she has a particularly nice voice to listen to probably still going to win tho #MGP2023
While not my number 1, I'm very happy about this and wish Alessandra the best of luck representing my country in Eurovision 💖 Norway #MGP2023 #Melodifestivalen2023 #Eurovision
Alessandra is a full package. Amazing voice, great performer, powerful song. She deserves to win MGP the most 🔥 #MGP2023
Happy with the winning song and the top 3! Wondering if Alessandra can actually win the whole thing now, judging by the top points from the juries... #nrkmgp 👀
Alessandra is a great closer. i hope she gets a good result. or wins. #mgp2023 #nrkmgp
We have a WINNER! The ESC Bubble followers have decided that ALESSANDRA is your favourite! Congratulations to her! And thanks for all your votes! Will the jury and Norwegian public agree? Not long to find out! #MGP2023 #Norway #Eurovision2023
#9 Alessandra Mele -"Queen of Kings" -- aspects of this just SLAP, she looks GREAT -- although if I'm grading with a fine tooth comb, the lyrics are just too rudimentary/contrived -- but I'd STILL be HAPPY if this won? HUGE APPLAUSE #nrkmgp
Norway Fun Fact: if alessandra doesn't win #MGP2023 we Swedes WILL invade and make Norway a part of Sweden again 🥰
🇧🇻 Alessandra Mele is the winner of the #MGP2023 CONGRATS!! AND WELCOME TO ESC FAMILY 🫶🏻💗 #Eurovision2023 #Norway
YAYYY Alessandra won I'm so happy 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #MGP
this winner performance from Alessandra lmaooo, she is sooo iconic for real, I love it #nrkmgp
Congratulations Alessandra, 👏🏼 Not really a fan of the song but can't deny she's an incredible, young and talented performer. #nrkmgp Norway
I love that every contestant is on the stage and just celebrating with Alessandra while she's doing her winner reprise #nrkmgp
Congratulations to Alessandra for winning #nrkmgp and everyone else for their amazing performances this evening
Well at least it was a resounding and unanimous win for Alessandra! Good choice tho not my personal fave. #mgp2023 #eurovision2023
I love how happy Alessandra is. She seems so much fun. Cannot wait to see her appear in some Eurovision content #nrkmgp
anyways despite my obvious dissapointment in the juries taste Alessandra was the 2nd best option they had imo. And seeing how she did really well in the jury this has a chance to do really well at eurovision and potentially even win. #nrkmgp
Congrats Alessandra! Superb performance 😊 #nrkmgp
first amazing act of this year's Eurovision! huge congrats to Alessandra 💛 #nrkmgp
NORWAYYYYY 👏 Thrilled for Alessandra. Queen of Kings will go hard in Liverpool. So exciting!!! #MGP #MGP23 #nrkmgp
Since I'm watching #MGP2023 now, here is a very unpopular opinion: I would actually love to see Alessandra win🤭
Bravo Alessandra! You deserved this win! #MGP2023
Queen of the Kings Alessandra won my vote tonight, and all that is @ronelahajatifp's impact.💖🥺 #nrkmgp #mgp2023
Wow Alessandra Mele - Queen of Kings - #Norway probably will win #Eurovision this year in Liverpool... 12 Points from Sweden! There is nothing more to say... This is amazing!
Congrats Alessandra and good job Norway !!! Her name is She, Queen of the Kings 👸🏻 Norway 🔥👌🎤 #nrkmgp #MGP2023 #MelodiGrandPrix
Alessandra is so overjoyed bless her, she actually deserves this 🥰 #nrkmgp #MGP2023
Norway #nrkmgp #Eurovision Alessandra is last to perform with "Queen of Kings". This position in the running order should go in her favour. It was our #XtraDecide winner but is it your favourite?
LETS GO ALESSANDRA!! 🔥 seems to be no autotune for her this time and the performance was all the better for it 👏🏻 she's now my winner 🔥 #nrkmgp
Pues muy bien, ¡FELICIDADES ALESSANDRA! 👏👑 La reina que merecemos, lo mucho que disfrutaremos su cancion de aqui a Liverpool, bravo. #EuroLive #MGP2023 #NRKMGP
Alessandra incredible masterclass #MGP2023
Norway #nrkmgp #Eurovision Alessandra is last to perform with "Queen of Kings". This position in the running order should go in her favour. It was our #XtraDecides winner but is it your favourite?
It's a clean sweep from Alessandra, the new winner of #nrkmgp! Would not personally choose this to go to #Eurovision but I completely get why she won. Her unmatchable stage energy and vocal acrobatics will light Liverpool on fire! 🔥🔥
Queen Of Kings was ✨ FLAWLESS ✨ Alessandra deserves this win! #NRKMGP #MGP2023
Omg Alessandra's performance was incredible. Haven't wanted a song to go to Eurovision as much as Queen of Kings. Fingers crossed that Norway send her!❤️ #MelodiGrandPrix
Alessandra is such an amazing artist and performance and a very wholesome person i actually won't be mad that she wins #nrkmgp
congratulations to alessandra, happy for her! i will not mentioning my opinion on the song again ❤️ #nrkmgp
Alessandra is the best option for you Norway, everything is perfect, you just need to send her to Liverpool 📦👑 and she's already a success in Europe! Let's gooo 🔥🔥 #mgp #MGP2023
🔴 Melodi Grand Prix 2023 • Grand Final • Combined Results And the winner is… Alessandra 🥳 #Norway #NRKMGP #Eurovision
Alessandra really has this, even the juries are loving her 🥹🥹🥹 ❤️👑 #nrkmgp
Yay congrats Alessandra!!!! ❤️ #mgp2023 #nrkmgp
YAAAAAAY!!! ALESSANDRA WON!!!! 😃😃😃 #mgp23 #Eurovision
very deserved!!! congrats alessandra queen we love you #nrkmgp
Yasssss Alessandra!! Now please Spain: Megara, Vicco or Agoney🤞❤️ #eurovision
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