Tribe Friday

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Tribe Friday
Song: Shut Me Up
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 3
Sweden #melfest The trio, Tribe Friday, take centre stage and have brilliant chemistry with each other and this catchy, high-tempo indie song Shut Me Up. Graffiti and urban imagery appears on the video screen behind the group and they deliver pitch perfect vocals. #Eurovision
Tribe Friday. Love the vibes and beat of this one. A bit more cohesive musically than last week's rock entry. Ideally I'd love to see something like this move forward but we all know Sweden's gonna stick this in last place.... #Melfest
I low key hope that Tribe Friday qualifies since they seem like good guys. #melfest
Really enjoying #Melfest tonight! My favourite song so far has to be "Shut Me Up" by Tribe Friday. Very catchy.
Tribe Friday were one of the 5 nominees for the Group of the Year Award at P3 Guld in 2021, the gala for the "cool kids" of Swedish popular music, as opposed to #Melfest, which is for the wide audience. The song has the highest BPM in Melfest history.
Sweden Our next act was nominated for the Band of the Year award at the 2021 P3 Gold awards. Making their #melfest debut, this is Tribe Friday with Shut Me Up
dear tribe friday, teenage me would be obsessed with you... and 21-year-old me is no different!!! i love you already #melfest
El rollazo de Tribe Friday me ha encantado y la vestimenta del cantante Love . Que adorable!! #Melfest
4. Tribe Friday - Shut Me Up. La apuesta marica de la semi. Totalmente a favor de todo. La puesta en escena, el vestuario... todo. Bueno, la cancion no es de mi estilo pero es que para mover el ogt viene super de perlas. ARRIBA EL MARICONISMO. #melfest
tribe friday deserved better. justice for tribe friday #melfest #mello #melodifestivalen
pls tribe friday had like the only good song in mello so far #Melfest
LOL TRIBE FRIDAY VOTE (so far) #mello #melfest
I thought @tribefriday was better than what Sweden gave them points for. That was our favorite song in #melodifestivalen tonight...
Vart fan tog alla 12or pa Shut me Up vagen? #Melfest
Hahah min mormor 90 ar tyckte Tribe Friday var bast hittills Love 3 #Melfest
Excited to see Tribe Friday perform live on the biggest national tv show in Sweden to premiere their new song shut me up from their bubblegum emo LP via Artist For Artist Label. @AFAmgmt @tribefriday @SVTmelfest @svt #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #Melfest #tribefriday #music
i love tribe friday already #melfest
ok folk har ingen musik smak. fortsatt lyssna pa era javla trakiga poplatar. TRIBE FRIDAY DESERVED BETTER #melodifestivalen
"Shut me up" is a really good song! #melfest Suddenly I am 15 again listening to Blur and Wannadies
tribe friday my beloved #Melfest
Wow, Tribe Friday is cool #melfest
Get ready to rock It's Tribe Friday with 'Shut Me Up'. Some nice retro vibes to this one! #Melfest
Bueno, pues me ha despertado un poco este Shut Me Up de Tribe Friday. No se si tendran mejor suerte que Browsing Collection, que no pasaron el corte en la segunda semifinal #Melfest
Tribe Friday are great. #Melfest
Sweden "Shut me Up" is quite charming actually. It's not a melfest song but I wouldn't have this last so far #Melfest
tribe friday var ju helt klart bast, hur fan roestar folk #melfest
Please tell me I'm not the only one who liked tribe Friday? #Melfest
Med tanke pa en del av tipsen var detta en glad oeverraskning! #melfest #TribeFriday
#melfest Tribe Friday superior to the others
Tribe Friday fave so far #Melfest
Justice for tribe Friday #melfest
I seriously fucking loved tribe friday #Melfest
new fave alert, tribe friday #melfest
Aww, Tribe Friday are adorable. Like The Kooks with a pop-punk attitude. #Melfest
Tribe friday ar en blandning mellan maneskin och the ark, fast bestallt fran wish.... Inte daligt men inte helt ratt! #Melfest
Tribe Friday song is very opening montage to a 2010s teen comedy. #Melfest
Fy vad jag blir besviken pa svenska folket. Tribe Friday var sa varda final/semifinal #mello #melodifestivalen #tribefriday #mello2022
Tribe Friday = kvalite #Melfest
sangaren i tribe friday #Melfest
Tribe Friday bjoed in till roliga timmen. Tack och godnatt pojkar eller icke-binara! #melfest
Shut me up haha, all karlek #melodifestivalen
They shut me up. #melfest
Sweden.... how did you place Tribe Friday last 3 times in a row #Melfest
Assa jag hatar det inte men ar kluven!! #melfest #tribefriday
ursakta shut me up borde fatt 16ar+ roesterna #Melfest #melodifestivalen
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