Tone Sekelius

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Tone Sekelius
Song: My Way
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
My #Melfest2022 top 3: 1st Cornelia Jakobs - she's amazing. I love the song 2nd John Lundvik - beautiful voice. I can't wait to hear the English version 3rd Tone Sekelious - she was fantastic tonight #MelfestWorld #melfest #melodifestivalen
Good evening @LivvyLepoids @bellaqvist - loving the commentary!!! , thanks so much this year for providing it - really enjoying Melfest from the sofa in Bournemouth United Kingdom ! Tone for the win! #Melfest2022 #MelfestWorld
Wow wat a beautiful and powerful performance from Tone Love #melodifestivalen
FANTASTIC!!! I'd love to see Tone win! #melfest
The #Melfest2022 final has been brilliant so far! I have no idea who will win but massive respect to Tone Sekelius who I hope will do really well.
Tone Sekelius is absolutely amazing and the song is wonderful, I love everything about this song!! #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
Tone and Cornelia are both so freaking good and I'm rooting for them so hard tonight Love Let's send a powerful woman to ESC tonight please!!#Melfest2022
My Way makes me so happy love Tone hope she comes back with an even better song #Melfest2022
That was absolutely beautiful, Tone Sekelius you made me cry of happiness tonight I must say Whatever the results are tonight, you're an ICON!! Love #Melfest
I know Tone doesn't care about my opinion but I think she is amazing and I love her so much #Queen #Melfest
tone seems like the most likeable person ever someone give her a better song next time so she can win thank you #melfest
Tone...what a beautiful person...with an important message. She may win #Melfest2022
Sweden So my personal top 5 tonight... 1. Medina - In i dimman 2. Liamoo - Bluffin 3. Theoz - Som du vill 4. Anders Bagge - Bigger than the universe 5. Tone Sekelius - My way Yes we need more fun entries for Turin Love #MelfestWorld #Eurovision2022 #melodifestivalen #Eurovision #ESC
"My Way" gets better and better every listen as does Tone Sekelius' stage presence! She's such a joy to watch and looks fabulous, dare I say dark horse? #Melfest
I love Tone. Hope she does Melfest again , and with a winning song (although I think this will do well!) #melfest
Tone Sekelius. Another iconic costume choice. Solid delivery, with simple but stunning staging. Oh wait, more pyro to finish! #Melfest #Melfestworld
Tone is my winner. So sweet and true Love #Melfest2022
You know - that's my winner #Melfest I don't even care !!! Love Tone
It's time for Sweden to vote for a winner. A fab line up. Lycka till Anders, Tone, Medina och Cazzi. #melfest #melodifestivalen #esc @svt @melodifestivalen
I hope Cornelia for the win, but I'd also be happy with Klara, Tone, John, Anders and Anna ! #melfest
Tone Sekelius is so glamorous and her song has the quality of a stadium anthem. Wish her all luck this evening. #Melfest2022
Okay I love Tone and I hope she will get a good placing tonight! #melfest
Sweden said Trans Rights and for the 1st time ever and I'm so proud of Tone Sekelius making it into the final. The Song is maybe not the best of tonight, but she won the hearts on many people out there! #MelfestWorld #Melfest2022
Tone Sekelius song is a typical pop song but the way she delivers this with this motivation and power turns this to an anthem of freedom of your own life choices, celebrating yourself Sweden Also love her voice and the staging, I think this will end up in the Top 5 tonight #Melfest
Ok I'd like for Tone to win but Cornelia was PURE PERFECTION. #melfest #melodifestivalen
Tone's gonna win it for me! BRAVO #Melfest2022 Sweden
My top 5 for the night: 1. Cornelia 2. Tone 3. Cazzi 4. MEDINA 5. Klara All would be good contestants, but my 12 points go to Cornelia of course Love #melodifestivalen #MelfestWorld
Big love to Tone. Amazing score #melfest
My top 5 for the night: 1. Cornelia 2. Tone 3. Cazzi 4. MEDINA 5. Klara All would be good contestants, but my 12 points go to Cornelia of course Love #melodifestivalen
Love Tone's song, love the way she hits 'bigGER betTER stronGER!' #Melfest2022
Lo buena que es My way oh wow #Melfest2022
tone my love we're going to need a better song in 2023 but we'll appreciate u eating up the stage anyways #melodifestivalen
Farah has been so brilliant; it'd be great to see her and Tone host #melfest 2022
TONE YOU DID AMAZING Love Well done! Can't wait to see you again in the future Love Love #melfest #melodifestivalen
Gosh Tone is just stunning! Love #Melodifestivalen
Tone is my favourite so far! Absolutely incredible! #melfest #melfest2022 @melfest_en
5. Tone Sekelius - "My Way". This one has grown on me since the semis and is a quality self-empowerment banger. Nice moment with the reveal too. A message that's not new to Mello or Eurovision, but one that certainly bears repeating. I enjoyed that! #melfest
Tone Sekelius has a great stage performance and makes an impact with "My Way" I hope if she returns in the future she gets a more competitive song. #Melfest #Melfestworld
I love the way that Tone hits the "er" in bigger and better and stronger #Melfest2022
I will never tire of seeing Tone in that dress Love so beautiful Love #melfest
Tone's red dress IS STUNNING GOSH Love #melfest
omg....anyone else get emosh with #tone performance??? That was INSPIRATIONAL! That was incredible #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
Love the song of Andersen, but I my winner is Tone #melfest2022 #melfest
I absolutely adore Tone Sekelius, and I especially adore that red dress. She looks STUNNING tonight #Melfest
Tone will be a Eurovision winner one day - maybe not this year but soon Love #Melfest
Tone's performance gave me goosebumps! I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Honestly, she deserves to win too. #melfest
I would be so happy if Tone wins it #Melfest #MelfestWorld
Tone winning tonight would be the perfect ending to "Livet ar en schlager 2" #Melfest2022
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