Status: Eliminated
Artist: Theoz
Song: Som Du Vill
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
There is something so endearing about Theoz. It's just all so adorable. And to be that confident of a performer at 16?! Hello?! Impressive. This song is the best male bop in #Melfest in recent years. Would love for him to do well tonight!
Still love "Som du vill" such a Swedish bop and Theoz is such a great performer at only 16 years Sweden I just hope it gets a good result tonight #Melfest
I am really happy for Theoz that he made it to the final. Som du Vill is a fun song. Would love to see him back in future editions. #melfest
Funny to think that Theoz - Som du vill could win #Melfest tonight. With the app messing up Heat 1 we have no real ide how well he did! Maybe he was Heat 1 winner?
som du vill is an absolute bop, best of luck to theoz Love #melfest
Good luck, Theoz! Great song! #somduvill #Melodifestivalen #Melfest2022 #melfest
Theoz is looking good, sounding good. The whole performance is polished and tight. Might be the highest placing song tonight from the second chance round. I really enjoyed that! #Melfest
16 years old and #Melfest finalist, Theoz will be the coolest kid in school now! "Som du vill" is a banger
2nd position seems to be a non-winners' position, so I wouldn't worry if THEOZ would win. Just enjoy that bop that is Som Du Vill - du goer som du vill! #Melfest #melfestworld
I hope Theoz will have a good placement bc this song is cuuuute #melfest
You can't beat good Swedish language pop from Theoz. 'Som du vill' might not win, but I'm sure the singer will be back in the future #Melfest #Melfestworld
Will Theoz win #Melfest? Not this year, no. But I'm willing to bet he will within the next 5 years, what a confident performer!
Theoz is my 3rd place for #Melfest2022. In all honesty, I don't see him winning BUT I do think he has potential in future years. We will defo see him at a #Eurovision in the next 5 years representing Sweden.
Theoz aka The Child is really good and I'm not surprised I liked it because Dandi Dansa was my favorite last year and I see a lot of similarities #Melfest
2. THEOZ - "Som du vill". A twink with a light show, but more tolerable than the usual Mello twinks with light shows. Performed well and will definitely be a summer hit on dance floors from Malmoe to Kiruna. Lamin and Kenny having a clearly great time is a bonus. #melfest
Theoz potential come back next year and win I think #melfest
I haven't heard a few of these songs before tonight - Som du Vill is such a joy Love #Melfest
the fact that theoz can sing that good while he's dancing is so impressive #melfest
THEOZ's performance was so much fun. Loving two high energy songs to kick us off. I am definitely in a party mood now #Melfest2022 #MelFest
I really enjoy Som du vill. What a well put together banger! And Theoz is so talented! #Melfest
I was about to compliment THEOZ on his support for Ukraine until I remembered what Sweden's flag looked like. #Melodifestivalen
Theoz is fine but... He will not win :/ #melfest
Three songs in Theoz is favourite to win #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
Theoz has been a surprisingly fun and enjoyable song. A real earworm. #melfest
Aww Theoz is really the sweetest Love Love #melfest
I LOVE Som du vill so much! THEOZ is my favourite tonight #Melfest2022
I think Theoz is gonna win melfest in like 7 years and it's gonna be our first Swedish entry #melfest
Som Du Vill is my fav it is sooooo good #Melfest
the song isn't my favorite but theoz is such a good performer #melodifestivalen
[ Sweden #Melodifestivalen F] Theoz n'est pas un grand vocaliste et son titre n'est pas de premiere originalite. Mais "Som du vill" me fait le doux effet d'un @oasisbefruit : frais, joyeux, plein de pep's et de good vibes ! #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | @SVTmelfest
Theoz, live I really enjoyed it! Audience loves him! #melfestlive #melodifestivalen #melodifestivalen2022
I like Theoz He's 16 and a terrific performer. Definitely we'll be seeing more from him in Melfest future #Melodifestivalen
The 16-year-old debutant THEOZ is 2 months older than Carola when she had her classic #Melfest breakthrough in 1983. He is a star on social media and featured in the on-stage screen in the Samir & Viktor performance "Shuffla" in 2018.
Is it just me or is #theoz sounding much better tonight! Ah man.....I love this final #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022
A suprise Theoz win, I wouldn't mind. #melfest
Som du vill is probably up there in my top three. I love it. #melfest
Theoz. Such a fun song, really relaxed performance. The screaming girls at Friends Arena can't be wrong! #Melfest
Som du vill is quite the fun bop tho #melfest
so far theoz is my winner #melfest
can't describe how grateful I am that THEOZ is in the final. the song is like crack to me honestly #Melfest
Oh god I'm singing along to Som du vill. It's insanely catchy. If anyone could sneak the victory then it could be this fella. #melfest
he sounds kinda like the studio version damn. hes only like 16 right??? props to theoz he's doing great #melfest
02. Som du vill. This kid is so charming and will hopefully get more chances to prove himself. The song is ok but gets very repetitive very soon. #melfest
theoz could come back when he's older i'm sure he could win in the future #melfest
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