Status: Eliminated
Artist: Tenori
Song: La Stella
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 4
Oh god they pronounce la stella so fluently I'm so glad and delighted #melfest
Les candidats de ce soir, ils seront 7 a passer au total : #MelFest & #Eurovision & @EuroQuotidien & @eurovisionfrnet : Anna Bergendahl, Lillasyster, Malin Christin, Tenori, Medina, Angelino et Klara Hammarstroem : voici les 7 a s'affronter ce soir a l'Avicii Arena ! Good Luck
Tenori nearly made semifinal lmao #Melfest
Tenori would've been challenging France for #Eurovision favouritism in 2011 lmao #melfest
My god. I LOVED La Stella! #Melfest
Tenori are alright, not Eurovision-worthy, but they're good. *bops* #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
I'm having Lion of love vibes. #Tenori #melfest
La FANTASIA de escuchar Italiano en el #Melfest!! Go, Tenori!! Love Love
Tenori. Haha, det har later som tusen andra Eurovisionlatar sa jag blir ju lite glad i sjalen av att den far finnas. Kommer absolut dansa till den pa ett schlagerdansgolv men laten gar inte under "bra pa riktigt"-kontot. Nej. Cezar kom tillbaka! (smal ESC-referens) #melfest
Tenori anda Love Typ den basta musikaliska insatsen i arets tavling! #melfest
Assa roestade pa Medina sa ar glad foer det iaf men Tenori???? Varfoer ar folk som roestar i #melfest fast i typ 2010??
Tenori. One person in our house thought this was channeling Lion of Love. And another first time lyric (will-o-the-wisp). #Melfest.
Mycket Lion of Love, aka Rysslands bidrag i eurovision filmen, vibes pa Tenori #melfest
tenori: antligen lite melloknas! later som en deltavlingssjua fran 2005. pa ett positivt satt. inget jag kommer lyssna jattemycket pa, men jag blir sa varm och glad att sana har knapperier far dyka upp i mellon igen och inte bara sval radiopop. chansloest men harligt. #melfest
Tenori ar Sveriges svar pa de tre tenorerna. Men vad fan var fragan? #mello #melfest #melodifestvalen
Warum sind denn heute Abend lauter Cuties beim #melfest? Angelino, Tenori, Oscar sowieso
La Stella could definitely be in the Eurovision movie lol #melfest
#Melfest 2022 Heat 4 - My Top: 1. Klara Hammarstroem 2. Angelino 3. Medina 4. Anna Bergendahl 5. Tenori 6. Lillasyster 7. Malin Christin
My top 4 (Not in order): Anna, Tenori, Medina, Klara. #melfest
NNoooo Tenori have slid out of the top points. #melfest
#melfest La Stella will most likely end up 28th on my top 28 for this year
I gave Tenori 5 votes. No joke. #melfest
My top from heat 4 of #Melfest Sweden 1. Klara 2. Anna 3. Medina 4. Angelino 5. Malin 6. Lillasyster 7. Tenori
Stop the children voting and put them to bed. Justice for Tenori. #melfest
My top 4 tonight (no particular order) 1. Klara Hammarstroem - Run to the Hills 2. Tenori- La stella 3. Lillasyster - Till Our Days Are Over 4. Medina -In i dimman #Melfest2022 #Melodiefestivalen2022 #Melfest #Melodiefestivalen
#melfest heat 4 top 7 after show: 1. Angelino - The End 2. Medina - In i dimman 3. Klara Hammarstroem - Run To The Hills 4. Lillasyster - Till Our Days Are Over 5. Anna Bergendahl - Higher Power 6. Malin Christin - Synd om dig 7. Tenori - La Stella
My top of tonight's show: 1. Medina 2. Angelino 3. Anna Bergendahl 4. Klara 5. Malin Christin 6. Tenori 7. Lillasyster #Mello #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Si este ano no gana Alvaro Estrella, que ganen los Tenori, por favor #melfest
tenori and anna bergendahl splitting the crucial oap vote #melfest
Lmao and during Tenori (which is awful) #mello #melfest
Tenoris lat har vi foer oevrigt hoert foerut i form av Nusa Derenda - Energy 2001. #melfest #eurovision
Tenori and Medina duet for next year please? Just throw ALL THE GENRES in one song and see what happens. #Melfest
Tenori. This is CAMP. It's ridiculous in a way that kinda works? Sort of? Opera Schlager? It's just very strange. Now give them fewer clothes and stick them on swinging poles and we've got a winner... Maybe not a #Melfest or Eurovision winner, but a winner nonetheless.
Let's be serious though, if Tenori - La stella was at #Eurovision, we would be ALL OVER IT AND IT WOULD SAVE 2022... however at #Melfest it feels... unusual??
Tenori ("Tenors" in Italian) performs the entry "La Stella" ("The Star"). The singers in the duo are professional opera singers, and Alexander Grove (right) comes from England. The songwriters are highly experienced #Melfest contestants.
no pls i love tenori's entry so much and i have no shame in saying it haha sonically it takes me to melfest of the 00's and i am here for it. the staging could be A LOT more but that key change and pyro moment was everything #melfest
Tenori yassss get that elder votes #Melfest
okay so I assume the heart was not working during Tenori's performance?? Cause that heart was not beating enough for these 10 points ahaha #melfest
Sweden TENORI have done their homework before going to Turin and have come with an Italian songtitle: La Stella They are ready to be the stars of tonight! #melfest
Tenori et Klara en finale please #melodifestivalen tenori c'etait une experience kwangya 5 sens
Tenori me resultan una cosa hortera mas propia de una preseleccion maltesa que de Suecia. Aspiran a tema epico de pelos de punta pero suenan antiguos y bastante rancios, vocal y escenicamente #Melfest
Tenori ser ut att ga direkt fran denna deltavling till Stureplan och vaska champagne och beklaga sig oever boersen. #melfest
Ah, jag gjorde fel. Tenori och Medina ar alldeles foer lika i appen. #melodifestivalen #Melfest
La Stella far mig, pa riktigt, att vilja stanga av tv:n och istallet goera nagot roligare som att typ stirra in i en vagg. #Melfest
I think #Tenori has been signed up by #willferrell for #StoryOfFireSaga part 2!! #eurovision #Melfest
Tenori ar mitt bidrag i kvall! #Melfest
"Higher power" encandila, "Till our days are over" es rock al puro estilo Delacroix, Synd on dig" es una bonita balada, "La stella", una propuesta moderna en voz de tenores. "In i dimman" me sono a "Bella ciao". "The end" es arte y "Run to the
And in extreme contrast to that, next up on #Melfest are Tenori with La Stella which is pop opera meets schlager
OK, this seems to be heading the right direction. Kind of shocked by how many points Tenori are racking up so far, but clearly everyone misses Malena. #melfest
Da ar det plats pa scen foer melodi nummer 4, La Stella med Tenori! #melfest via @24liveblog
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