Shirley Clamp

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Shirley Clamp
Song: Let There Be Angels
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 1
I am glad #Melfest extended an invite to Shirley - her voice is great, but "Let Their Be Angels" is just one level and staging is simple and bear -- but I think she MIGHT make the second chance? This has the feeling of "people of a certain age will love, young people won't"
I am glad #Melfest extended an invite to Shirley - her voice is great, but "Let There Be Angels" is just one level and staging is simple and bare -- but I think she MIGHT make the second chance? This has the feeling of "people of a certain age will love, young people won't"
Getting emotional as I'm thinking about a late eurofan friend who loved Shirley Clamp and would've loved to seen her back, such a wonderful performance #Melfest
Glad to see lovely Shirley is back with a strong ballad #Melfest
Shirley Clamp, wow Love You are sure the angel with that voice! Tears and goosebumps #Melfest
Shirley Clamp's vocals were fantastic, and "Let There Be Angels" is a solid, serviceable ballad if on the generic side, though I fear a strong traditional ballad here is unlikely to see much success. #Melfest
Shirley has so beautiful voice Love Love Love #melfest
Shirley Clamp did great. 8/10. Overall, really good. Strong lightning covering her face was unpleasant. I liked how she conveyed the message by herself. Not sure if it can go through at the moment. Need to wait to see what the rest can do... @melfest_en #Melfest
Let there be angels is better than I thought and Shirley is fantastic on stage, but Zzzz... #Melfest
Pure class from everyone's fave Brit-Swede singer, Shirley Clamp. Sweden United Kingdom Songs about angels come across as complete nonsense to me though, so I wouldn't be voting for it. #Melfest @melfest_en
Shirley Clamp best song so far. Love this! #melodifestivalen 2022
shirley clamp obviously has a fantastic voice, and this song is not bad, but i think most people will understand what i mean when i say: "'s a ballad" #melfest
I really like Shirley and she has an amazing voice and the song really showcases it, but this is not a competitive entry unfortunately... #melfest
Let there be angels is my fave so far (I didn't listen to the clips) it's really beautiful #Melfest
shirley you know we adore you but you also know we wanted to be listening to a schlager banger right now with a million key changes #melfest
Shirley's ballad is sweet and all...but way to outdated....great vocals tho #melfest #mellovisionpodcast
Is Shirley Clamp's ballad somewhat ordinary? Perhaps. But she sings it so well and her voice is great, I genuinely enjoyed this. Some of this youngsters, take notice, this is how you perform a song #melfest
[ Sweden #Melodifestivalen serie 1] La #3 est une multi-recidiviste, qui fait son grand retour apres 8 ans d'absence : Shirley Clamp, avec Let The Be Angels #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | @SVTmelfest
Shirley Clamp nails this vocally of course and while technically flawless, the song is totally out of rhyme with its time. #melfest
I never understand why they give Shirley Clamp such weak songs, there is so much potential with her amazing voice Sweden #Melfest
Shirley Clamp my beloved #Melfest
Shirley Clamp is a legend and I won't hear otherwise #Melfest
Bueno espero que Shirley Clamp vengan a levantar esto que por ahora muy flojito #Melfest
Fin faerg pa Shirleys topp Love #melfest
Pampig schlagerballad Love Diggar Shirley Clamp #Melfest
Shirley is too good for this song #melfest
With my dear friend, Shirley Clamp. #melfest
Time for song number 3. (Gotta love how quick the Swedes are!) It's Shirley Clamp with Let There Be Angels. She is back for the 7th time at #Melfest
Shirley! Love #Melfest
I adore Shirley Clamp. She has such a recognisable voice. #melfest
Shirley vozarron! Love #Melfest
Shirley Clamp goer comeback Love #melfest
Shirley Clamp nunca decepciona Love #Melfest
Fan att inte shirley gick vidare #melodifestivalen
C'mon Shirley!! Love #Melfest
All hail #melodifestivalen Queen Shirley!
Vad jag aelskar att Shirley later sig intervjuas helt osminkad och ostylad. Tack foer det! Love #Melfest
That cheer for Shirley Clamp? Show some bloody respect. #Melfest
Shirley Clamp is taking part in #Melfest for the 7th time (+ a #Eurovision bronze as a 2001 Greek backing singer). She has an English father. In 2020, she was inducted in the #Melfest Hall of Fame "Min kaerlek" in 2004. The Contest Bible:
Shirley Clamp winning the semi now because the app crashed and only televotes count lmaooooo #melfest
I should love Shirleys song, shouldn't I? Well I don't #melfest
Gloem foer allt ni goer nu inte att roesta pa Shirley foer fan #melfest
Bueno pues Shirley, bonita voz pero ya, la cancion es plana plana #Melfest
#melodifestivalen Love Heya Shirley Clamp Love
Bonita balada este Let There Be Angels, bien interpretada y cantada por Shirley, de menos a mas. Puesta de escena por ahora, la mas sobria de lo que llevamos de semifinal #Melfest
No esperabamos otra cosa de Shirley Clamp, esto es una balada clasica con cara y ojos. El tema es: Le dara para pasar con esto? Soy de los que piensa que sera complicado. Una vuelta de tuerca le podria haber venido bien.#Melfest
Nothing new here but Shirley is a #melfest legend
Shirley is certainly better than her song #melfest
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