Samira Manners

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Samira Manners
Song: I Want To Be Loved
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 2
Samira Manners "I Want To Be Loved" -- staging is intimate and she has such LOVELY RAWNESS in the emotion in her voice -- this is beautiful and SIMPLE (but this is the type of song that gets left out of advancing for something as simple as that fumbled guitar set-down) #Melfest
#melfest Regina-Spektor-voice is in, it seems, especially given last week's winner, but Samira Manners is still pretty competent I guess. I like it better than the first two.
Say what you want but Samira is different. Calming and Gentle and Soothing. 10/10 #Melfest
"I Want to be Loved" is cute and nicely written, Samira's voice is a great fit. #Melfest
Ok Samira is pleasantly surprising me. Love her cute and unique voice! #Melfest
Y aqui esta la mas original y genuina de la noche. Que delicia 'I Wanna Be Loved' de Samira Manners Love Love Love Que gane. #Melfest
Samira, what a beautiful voice and song and what a staging, I love it #melfest #melodifestivalen
I adore Samiras birittish accent. And the song was so enthralling. She got 5 votes from me! #melfest
Samira's song is so nice Love #Melfest
Aay por favor que cosa mas bonita Love Samira Love #Melfest
Samira Manners. Her voice. Everything Love I like it because it's not typical #melfest song, very intimate and chilling at the same time.
Samira Manners singing I Want To Be Loved ... is exactly what whoever representing the UK in this year's #Eurovision is hoping for - to be loved well enough to score points. #melfest
Loved I Want To Be Loved by Samira Manners, very intimate, very lounge-like #Melfest
I think this Samira Manners story might be my favourite ever on #Melfest... ICONIC!
Samira gives me Gabrielle Aplin vibes, and I love her music. Don't think it's a right fit for Eurovision though. Could surprise though! Was performed well #Melfest
I Want to Be Loved. This is cute and real and I'm a sucker for this kind of song. You can really tell that this is *her* song and not something written for her. Kinda wish the chorus were more than just the repeated title, though. #Melfest
SAMIRA MANNERS! That was beautiful! #Melfest
Samira Manners. The boys first thought she was Greta Solid song, hope it gets votes #Melfest
I sincerely hope I Want To Be Loved advances tonight but this could go either way, DTF or 7th #Melfest
Samira det var en beroerande lat Love #Melfest
Men jag fick lite Lena / Frans kaensla oever Samira Manners och hennes I Wanttobe loved. Snygg lat och framfoerallt naervaro pa scenen. Kan definitivt fa ga langt ikvaell. #melfest
samira dios Love #Melfest
3 Samira Manners "I Want to Be Loved" #Melfest Sweden #Melodifestivalen Soy muy fan de estas propuestas simples, de voz intimista, con esencia. No me sorprenderia un buen resultado para ella esta noche. Aunque, me han faltado tablas como artista, por no hablar del vestuario.
Samira me produce mucha ternura Love Love #Melfest
If I want to be loved doesn't win I'm going to punch a wall #iwanttobeloved #melodifestivalen
Not me cryin over Samira Manners #Melfest
Naer jag var liten och stort fan till @zaralarsson sa hittade jag @samiramanners och nu taevlar hon i #Melfest! ROeSTA!
i want to be loved i wanna be loved #Mello #melodifestivalen #Melfest
A mi Samira, con Cornelia Jakobs ya en la final, me sobra. Dependiendo de lo que quede por ver, prefiero que ni pase #melfest
Samira tiene una cancion buena pero es como que le falto algo. Un poco mas de power en el medio #melfest
Que bonita Samira Love #Melfest
ATENCION ATENCION, WINNER ALERT, WINNER ALERT!! Ys lo estoy avisando, Samira canta precioso y su cancion es preciosa #Melfest
Samira Manner saeger att hennes lat "I want to be loved" handlar om att man vill bli aelskad. Ah fan... #mello #melfest #melodifestivalen
I want to be loved was so heartfelt #Melfest
Samira Manners ha sido precioso por dios estaba nerviosa pero lo ha hecho genial, porfa porfa un Andra al menos #melodifestivalen
Bastante decente la segunda semi hasta ahora, cada uno de los tres temas hasta ahora tiene sus cualidades. Muy fan del registro vocal de Samira Manners. #melfest
It's like Samira is waiting for someone to kiss her before the baseball game #Melfest
I wanttobe loved med Samira Manners: Jag aer osaeker pa om jag kommer vilja hoera den haer laten manga ganger men haer och nu ryser jag, detta var mycket baettre aen jag trodde! #Melfest
Samira Manners tiene una voz preciosa Love #Melfest
Our third entry is 'I Want to Be Loved' by #Melfest newcomer Samira Manners. Time for a nice guitar ballad!
dear Sweden, please don't let @samiramanners out. put hear at least in the semifinal, I beg you Swedes. #Melfest #Melfest2022
Love the staging on samira's song #Melfest
Snaella Sverige! Skicka vidare Samira Manners. Soet tjej, sjunger bra och DEN BRITTISKA DIALEKTEN!! Love #melfest
Stackarn grater naestan omg aelskling samira Love #melfest
I Want To Be Loved not getting much love. #Melfest
Samira is cute. Did she make a point of looking like every day? Like doing her own hair and makeup? Again: she looks cute #Melfest
#melfest Me encanta Samira, ya tengo mi favorita Love
Pues oye esta baladita intimista con la voz de Samira me ha encantado Love #Melfest
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