Robin Bengtsson

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Robin Bengtsson
Song: Innocent Love
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
I really like "Innocent love" too, it's fun, catchy and cool. Also Robin is a great performer, but it's been 5 years since he was at Eurovision so he should get over it trying again to win Mello Sweden Yet I can't see this doing that well tonight #Melfest
Robin is always my winner Love Love Love The sexiest swede ever ! Quite an achievement - those eyes #melfest
yes we all have faves no they might not win but all the artists have worked hard to be here. whatever you think of the winner, be respectful. dislike the system & song all you want - just not the artist i also just wanted to reiterate what robin said before we start #melfest
Robin won't win with this song as it's awful - but give him even an average song and you can never write him off!! Because he's fucking gorgeous - and a nice guy! Love love him so much - every year #melfest
Robin with definitely the most 80s song tonight. Quite like this. Yet another former winner. This contest gets tougher to win #Melfest2022
07. Innocent Love. Another perfectly good radio pop song. I just wish Robin was a more captivating stage personality. Imagine this performed by someone who knew how to melt the cameras. #melfest
The 2017 #Melfest winner Robin Bengtsson finished 5th in #Eurovision with "I Can't Go On". He went straight to the final for the 4th time in his 4 attempts, a tied all-time best. He was switched the clothing colours on the torso since the heat.
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision Robin is probably not winning, but this is a great addition to the final for sure (and is my most played song this year). The audience seemed to like it a lot too!
this is a nice attempt from robin but don't think it'll win #melfest
Just out here vibing with Robin's performance. I think it's easier to have a good time with the songs that have no chance of winning #melfest #Melfest2022
I really like this song it's not one of the best in the final but it is a bop #Melfest2022 plus I love Robin
Innocent love is the perfect romantic comedy movie trailer song actually #Melfest
But I do love Robin tho. I am really happy that he returned after 2017. Always happy to see him back. #melfest
Innocent Love is such a good feel song. Love you Robin. Love #melfest
Good stadium performance from Robin. Not sure he'll be this year's winner, but it's a very catchy song! #Melfest
I know it's super generic but I adore Innocent Love. Don't hate me. #Melfest #Eurovision
So another cutie at #Melodifestivalen singing, what a surprise ROBIN BENGTSSON Love
Robin's song is good but I don't think he's the best choice for Sweden this year #melfest
Robin Bengtsson's best melfest entry remains Constellation Prize x #Melfest
ily robin but this song is nothing special #melfest
It typically efficient Swedish style, we're already up to Song number 7! It's our #Melfest 2017 winner Robin Bengtsson with Innocent Love. Flown under the radar this one.
In my opinion innocent love is not better than constellation prize but at least it's better than I can't go on lol #melfest
pues no conocia yo INOCENT LOVE ni a Robin, y muuy bien #Melfest2022 Love #ESC22 #Melfest
This song from Robin is SO MUCH BETTER!! I Love it #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
Robin isn't gonna win of course but I do like this song a lot! #Melfest
lol I'm not even sorry Innocent Love is my fave, can't beat a Blinding Lights-alike #melfest
Robin will forever be incredible eye candy. #melfest
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision Another winner! Robin Bengtsson is back in the final for the fourth time. He is one of the few artists who have gone straight to the final with their first four entries.
GO ROBIN!!! WE'RE ROOTING FOR YOU!!! love from York Canada with Freddie, Sam and Tabitha watching Love Love Love Love Love #MelfestWorld #Melfest2022
I actually like Robin's song this year. Obviously if he wins my soul will be ripped in two, but tune. #Melfest
I'm liking Robin's song more and more, what a good vibe #melfest
lol I'm not even sorry Innocent Love is my fave, can't been a Blinding Lights-alike #melfest
I don't care that it's more or less dead last, any addition to the Robin Bengtsson Disco Hour is a win for me #Melfest
Love Robin and appreciate the dedication to the chase, but he needs to give Melfest a break for a few years. #Melfest #Melfest2022
I'm crying why does Robin look like he's ten foot tall in this screencap. #melfest
Robin Bengtsson. His performance is consistently good, and good stage presence even if there's dad-dancing going on #Melfest #Melfestworld
I really fkn love Robin's song heck I'm obsessed #Mello #Melfest2022
It's nice to see Robin Bengtsson jump on the 1980s Revival Train before it leaves the station with "Innocent Love". He is a #Melfest veteran for a reason. #Melfestworld
Robin is one beautiful swede #Melfest2022
Throwback to when Robin Bengtsson tweeted me on #Eurovision night in 2017 That said, I do think he has a good song this year (and I did like his 2017 song too) #Melfest2022
lol robin #melfest
Innocent Love is probably my favourite Robin B entry tbh. Does feel like it's been thrown under the bus here though... #melfest
Robin Bengtsson definitely has star quality (and a punked hand held shot) #Melfest2022
ROBIN Love Love Love Love #melfest
Robin Bengtsson's song is good for a car ride. #Melfest
why is Robin Bengtsson so handsome bye #Melfest2022
I bloody love Innocent Love and Robin hey x #melfest2022
Bueno bueno, que se viene Robin, otra suecada basica pero me vengo arribisima #Melfest
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