Status: Eliminated
Artist: Medina
Song: In I Dimman
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Medina to close the night, bringing the energy! Another fun song, great hook and gets the crowd going. Well done! #Melfest #Melfestworld
MEDINAAAAA. I bloody love this. The best song to close this amazing show. Deserves a top three finish tonight. #Melfest
that was amazing aaa surprise medina win yes please #melfest
Love the high energy in In i dimman. So glad we have an audience. They are really contributing to the atmosphere for this one. Great to see so many dancing! House party anthem!!! #Melfest
I love Medina's song Please send it to Qatar to help Sweden win the World Cup. It's a football chant, not a Eurovision song #melfest
Great way to round out competing entries this year! Well done Medina The crowd in the arena seemed to enjoy that. #Melfest
Medina is such a stunning show closer so much energy I love it #Melfest2022
What's the possibility of Medina winning I need to know because that would be the best thing to ever happen to me #melfest
I don't normally like this kind of music, but there's something pretty epic about In i dimman #melfest
god in i dimman is so much fun, would love to hear this at any stage tbh #melfest
The only one I genuinely love is Medina #Melfest. Won't win though :( #Melodifestivalen
Also, yay Medina. I expected that to tank in the jury votes but awesome to see them in third #melfest
"In i dimman" by MEDINA is such a summer anthem hit and will be one in Sweden. This is so well performed by them, so catchy and also so happy - makes me want to go on a summer vacation and just party there Sweden #Melfest
the timeline when medina pull a surprise win thank you #melfest
Medina perfect closer Love #Melfest
medina winners come on say it #melfest
I honestly feel like I'm too old and out-of-touch with popular music to 'get' the Medina hype. #Melfest #Eurovision
Es que otro bop el de Medina, menuda final mas buena se ha quedado Love #Melfest2022
Medina better win #Melfest
Q buena la final de Medina!!! Love #Melfest2022
Acabar la fiesta con MEDINA!? Best. Decision. Ever. Love #Melfest
Medina is the perfect closer for this final. What a BANGER #Melfest2022
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision Time for the last finalist already! "In i dimman" marks a comeback for extremely popular duo, MEDINA! This is their first single in almost six years.
now I want Medina to win #melodifestivalen
Lo bien producido que esta el temazo de Medina. Es tan bueno que da igual que sea en sueco. #melfest
Todo el Friends Arena en pie con Medina, menudo finalazo para esta noche Love Love Love #Melfest
I am so thrilled that Medina came 3rd though! #Melfest
OK i kind of love Medina #melfest
Dare I say that In i Dimman could get top 3 at Eurovision. Televote winner written all over it. #melfest
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision Time for the last finalist already! "In i dimman" marks a comeback for extremely popular duo, MEDINA! This is they first single in almost six years.
Please yes Medina Love Love #Melfest
Medina are just so likeable. So catchy. #darkhorse #melfest #Melfest2022
Love seeing in i dimman thriving #melfest
Sweden please just have some fun and send Medina #Melfest2022
medina winning televote assa jag kan typ se de handa???? #melfest
And to close this tremendous final... MEDINA! #Melfest
bagge eller medina for the win #Melfest2022
If Sweden was to finally send another entry with lyrics in Swedish, there would be a beauty to it if Medina was the one. #melfest
medina should win #melfest
Oh I see what's going to happen... Cornelia'a going to be a climber to win - surprised by In I Dimman surrrging ahead #melfest
12. In i dimman. Possibly a dark horse tonight, if there is a surprise winner then this could be the one. Who can resist a singalong chorus and some tipsy uncle at a wedding-dancing? #melfest
I would actually love for Sweden to send an entry like Medina's to Eurovision. #Melfest
Medina winning would ACTUALLY be a cultural reset for Sweden #melfest
Epic from Medina! #Melfest2022
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