Malou Prytz

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Malou Prytz
Song: Bananas
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 1
Up first - returning to the Melfest stage for the 3rd time, it's the fabulously iconic Malou Prytz with 'Bananas'! From the rehearsal, it seems like she's taken a different direction from 'Ballerina', but hopefully the performance goes brilliantly! #Melfest
Malou Prytz's song is... conflicting. It's a nice upbeat song and her vocals are solid, but the staging kind of loses me and also I am not sure that the chorus with just the word "Bananas" and spelling it out were, uh, the best decision. #Melfest
Malou don't worry, I love drinking milk aswell so YAY you are not alone! #Melfest
Malou did a great job! She's improved her stage charisma and while the lyrics are odd but "Bananas" is a good party song. #Melfest
#nrkmgp Maria Mohn -- "Fly" -- STUNNING #melodifestivalen Malou Prytz -- "Bananas" -- song is just THAT --- but the staging gave it ENERGY and was FUN
Bananas is amazing ! Well done Malou ! #melfest
Oye pues me ha gustado mucho Malou Prytz. La cancion es un petardazo bueno y ella para mi gusto ha estado genial #Melfest
I love Malou but this ain't her strongest. As "Bananas" go this was a far superior effort. #Melfest
Bananas - A song written by ace wilder and the family and Jimmy joker should be better than this. This is giving me High 15 covering The Ark. it was ok but if it doesn't make the top 4 I'd be fine with that (6/10) #melfest
Love this! Malou is so amazing Love Love #Melfest
Malou is having so much fun with this song!!! Love it! #Melfest
I'm liking 'Bananas'. Well done. #melodifestivalen #melfest
I love Malou but for me there's too much going on on stage. The song is good though! #Melfest
Bananas was well-performed but not staged as well. There's plenty of room to improve but it was a fun opening act, for sure! #Melfest
The staging is amazing, without being anything special as a song, "Bananas" should at least go to the 5th semi #Melfest
I don't hate Bananas, but it's probs her weakest entry thus far. I'm a fan of her though #Melfest #Mello
Our first competitor for this evening is fan favourite Malou Prytz with her song 'Bananas'. This is should do pretty well with the voters! #Melfest
Really surprised Malou crashed out how she did, because in 2019 she was one of the favourites to win. This time she hasn't even qualified for Anderer Chansen. #Melfest.
Malou is a great singer but she deserves a better song, Bananas is unbelievably dated #Melfest
Pleasantly surprised by Malou Prytz....semifinal chance maybe??? #melfest #mellovisionpodcast
I am so glad Malou Prytz is continuing to serve us the Ace Wilder sass that #Melfest desperately needs
no but i really like malou's staging and styling tonight and she is giving a strong vocal tooi just feel this semi is too competitive for 'bananas' #melfest
Here for Malou Prytz and Subwoolfer winning their respective national finals and subsequently the whole of #Eurovision being one big banana fest #Melfest #nrkmgp
Malou Prytz is really good and is doing everything right but who is she? She has a new style every time she participates. What's her vision? What does she want to be? #melfest
I love Bananas Love Love Malou is such a star #melfest
Loving this. Welcome back Malou #Melfest
Malou was fun!! #melfest
Malou and her entry 'Bananas' are not impressive to me. A normal song but it looks fun to see on stage. A little catchy. 6/10 @melfest_en #Melfest
Fun facts: Det aer Gatan fran Batman som designat Malous klaeder. #melfest
Id be able to enjoy Malou's song if it wasn't branded as going 'bananas' i get the younger audience vote appeal but i think she'd still have that if it wasn't so childlike anyway? #melfest
Ace Wilder giving up her career to live vicariously through Malou Prytz and building her career is one of my favourite #Melfest plot lines
Loved Malou's first two songs but Bananas seems like a step back #Melfest
lo ha hecho genial bananas es bop #melodifestivalen
Yeah im here for Bananas. Whether it's Norway or Sweden apparently #melfest
Que flojita la cancion de Malou... Con lo buena que era Ballerina #melfest
Malou prytz is serving me euphoria high this evening #melfest
I liked Bananas but it felt like a regression for Malou I know she has better then this in her #Melodifestivalen
Uf que buena bananas #melfest
Bananas feels very much like the song that got left over and that Ace Wilder decided against recording herself. #melfest
This looks and feels like something Ace would do but she's too old so they made Malou do it. I do Me outsold #melfest
"Bananas" sounds so much like an Ace Wilder song, Malou really DID THAT. Also it sounds really different from usual Melfest songs in the last years Sweden #Melfest
Bananas es muy buena, creo que se va directa a la final, no se me da la espina #Melfest
I'd never voluntarily listen to this but it's great to see Malou evolve #Melfest
Sack the stylist. Malou Prytz looks perfect in de ve...but on stage ahe looks like they dragged her through a Christmastree #melodifestivalen
vet inte hur jag kaenner infoer bananas refraengen, men verserna aer ganska catchy #melfest
B-A-N-A-S - Bananas! Great work, everyone. #Melfest
have you heard bananas @ossee01 ? It is a really good song #melodifestivalen
The squared stage floor for Malou Prytz has my thinking about the iconic record cover Herreys made for their Diggi-loo Diggi-ley album. #melfest
I love Bananas. #Melfest
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