Lisa Miskovsky

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Lisa Miskovsky
Song: Best To Come
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Best to Come is so simple yet enjoyable, I love listening to it!!! And she's beautiful, I like the staging and everything, I really hope she makes it #melfest
Simply beautiful. Lisa Miskovsky performing with class and elegance, staging fits "Best to Come" so good too. #Melfest
Lisa Miskovsky took part in #Melfest 2012, making it to the final. She has won numerous awards in Sweden & co-wrote the song "Shape of My Heart" for Backsteet Boys. From the heat, she has changed the dress. The performance is stageas as a subway station.
Lisa's song is so beautiful, need her in the final Love #Melfest
Bueno, Lisa apeada pero CAZZI Y THEOZ A LA FINAL MUY BUENA #melfest
Lisa has obvious personal space issues with the game the hosts are playing -- Theoz/Lisa Miskovsky's are both feel good/throw-back but I don't know if that helps against Lillasyster/Cazzi (it probably doesn't for Lisa -- for Theoz it might) #Melfest
Listening to this again, I think Lisa might win over Cazzi #Melfest
Sweden #melfest #eurovision Our next act in the second semifinal is Lisa Miskovsky. Our previous finalist brings Best to Come to Friends Arena tonight.
I hope Cazzi qualify but Theoz is gonna steal the young votes and the older people probably gonna vote through Lisa #melfest
I want Lisa Miskovsky and Cassi Opeia to qualify from Semi 2! #Melfest
Love Lisa Miskovsky #melfest
jag nar jag rullar upp till svt-huset full som fan redo att tanda eld pa skiten och ni valjer att roesta vidare lillasyster och Lisa #melfest
Anna & Lisa going to the final would be amazing, but I'm doubtful of both making it #Melfest
Sweden #melfest #eurovision Lisa Miskovsky totally owns the stage with Best to Come and the storytelling staging concept is something truly unique. The vocal is controlled, confident and very capable. The key change brings life to the final chorus of the song too.
Best is still to come... No Lisa you are the best of your half! #Melfest
Some rock/pop goodness from Lisa! #Melfest
Jag vill ha en plats ombord pa Lisa Miskovskys tag. Ta mig vart som helst dar denna myskansla finns. Asch, jag sager det rakt ut istallet: Ge mig denna myskansla i Finalen! Love #melfest
Stoer mig lite pa att Lisa Miskovskys lat ar grammatiskt inkorrekt. The best is STILL to come? Man sager val anda The best is YET to come? #melfest
Sweden #melfest #eurovision And now we go again! Onto the second semifinal: Theoz, Lisa Miskovsky, Lillasyster and Cazzi Opeia will now compete for the last two spots in next week's Grand Final.
best to come is the SUPERIOR acoustic country bop in this semi just so you know ANNA #melfest
Lisa Miskovsky and Cazzi Opeia HAVE to qualify! #Melfest
Best to Come is such a sweet song, I really like it #Melfest2022
Fyyy tycker inte om denna ALLS lisa deserves better #melfest
La cancion de lisa esta bien pero me da que pensar que fuera casi a la final #Melfest
If Best To Come qualify I can see it be nr2 in the running order #melfest
Velitas por Lisa y Lillasyster, que son lo mejorcito de esta semifinal PORFA SUECIA HACED BIEN LAS COSAS #Melfest
I just learned Lisa's mum is Finnish so I hope she'll go through #melfest
Calls for Semifinal 2: Who I want - Lisa & Cazzi Who I think - Theoz & Lisa #Melfest
-Lisa Miskovsky - "Best to Come" Z "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely"Lisa"Shape of My Heart" #melfestjp #melfest #OscarZia
Lisa Miskovksy is giving Red (Taylor's Version) yasss #Melfest
Lisa ska absolut vara i final ocksa. Det var ett enormt felsteg att Faith Kakembo tog sig foerbi "Best to come" i deltavlingen. Kar i melodislingan i refrangen. #melfest
My #melfest prediction for tonight (It's a really tough competition tonight so anyone can make it) I think the finalists will be: Alvaro Estrella "Suave" Anna Bergendahl "Higher Power" Lisa Miskovsky "Best to Come" Theoz "Som du vill"
Det star nu mellan Cazzi Opeia, Lillasyster och Lisa Miskovsky om den sista finalplatsen fran semifinalgrupp 2 #melfest via @24liveblog
Lisa Miskowsky! Yes. Sa bra. Harligt gung i den laten! #melfest
Did you know Lisa Miskovsky wrote Shape of my heart (Backatreet Boys)? #melfest
Has to be Theoz and Lisa from the second lot. #Melfest
Lisa Miskovsky definitely, and either Theoz or Cazzi Opeia from SF2? #melodifestivalen
Lisa ar klart bast ikvall! #Melfest
Markte nu att jag inte skrivit om Lisas lat, men mamma tyckte det lat som Jill Johnson utan att vara Jill Johnson. #Melfest
Attan hade hoppats pa Lisa #melfest
Gillar verkligen Lisas lat. #melfest
Kvallens tips: Tone v/s Alvaro (1) Danne v/s Anna (1) Theoz - Lisa (1) Lillasyster - Cazzi (1) #Melfest
Pues toca que pasen Anna y Lisa #Melfest
Dom 3 kvinnorna i kvallens tavling ar klart bast iaf, Anna, Lisa och cazzio. #Melfest
Mina 3-4-aringar pa jobbet ar lite otippat Lisas stoersta fans, foerresten. Genidrag att ha ett tunnelbanetag i bakgrunden. De vill se laten flera ganger per dag. Gulligt. #melfest
OH SNAP Lisa sa hart dissande #Melfest
Alla later igrupp 1 ar hemska. Hoppas Lillasyster fa kommer vidare iaf, helst tillsammans med Lisa Miskovsky. #Melfest
Lisa Miskovsky: trevlig radiolat men tycker tunnelbaneestetiken ar sa trist. #melfest
Lisa och Lillasyster vidare. #melfest
1. Theoz 2. Lillasyster 3. Lisa Miskovsky 4. Cazzi Opeia #melfest
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