Linda Bengtzing

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Linda Bengtzing
Song: Fyrfaldigt Hurra!
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 3
Sweden #melfest If there's one thing Linda Bengtzing brings, it's fun. Her postcard is fun (she sings her previous 7 entries), her performance is fun. Fireworks on the screen & an orange outfit support the celebratory lyrics and the key change is so effective, wow! #Eurovision
glad Linda's enjoying everything in this performance!! what a fun song!! #Melfest
Lmao love Linda Bengtzing so much. An absolute icon #Melfest
Linda Bengtzing bringing the ENERGY! It's a but chaotic but that's part of its charm. After the general dreariness of the last few songs (apart from Tribe Friday) it's nice to have a song to wake us up again. Hope it goes through! #Melfest
Antligen lite uptempo, tack Linda Bengtzing! Ingen vinnarlat men en glad och god karamell Love #melfest
Linda Bengtzing you fucking legend. That was bloody brilliant #Melfest
OMG OMG Linda, sooo epic Love Love Love Inget boegdisco utan Jag Ljuger Sa Bra. Heja!!! #Melfest
Adorable! I love Linda B. #melfest
Linda is perfect Love Love Love Love #melfest
Linda Bengtzing, Shirley Clamp, Charlotte Perrelli, Afterdark, Nanne Groenvall and legends like this at least qualify the andra chansen/semi final as a thank you for their past #melodifestivalen
Bueno Linda muy buena que pase DTF y, si Suecia tiene un poco menos de verguenza de la que deberia tener pero no es una puta basura, que pase al Andra #melfest
While I'd love Linda Bentzing to finally get to Eurovision, I loved Anders Bagge tonight #melodifestivalen
Sweden Brilliant energy from Linda. Criminally underated through the week #Melfest
Bueno, una semana mas, indignadisimo con Suecia. Justice for Linda Bengtzing. Menos mal que tenemos a Cornelia en la final #Melfest
Linda may not be through but the adrenaline from that performance was amazing and at least we'll have it on Spotify straight away #Melfest
Sweden #melfest They say eight times is the charm five-time finalist Linda Bengtzing returns with her latest schlager entry (this time co-penned by Thomas G:son), Fyrfaldigt hurra! #Eurovision
I love that Linda's performance are so energetic #Melfest
Linda Bengtzing for the win #Melfest
?????? el servicio de linda y lo malita que esta????? wow #melfest
Absolutely loooveee Linda's energy a schlager explosion! #melfest #mellovisionpodcast
Yes Linda! Love #melfest
Linda is an absolute icon I would love her to go through #melfest
Linda seems like having a lot of fun #Melfest
Can't believe Linda Bengtzing has just won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 #Melfest
Not the best show tonight but for me it's: Direkt til finalen: Linda Bengtzing Faith Kakembo Andra Chansen: Lisa Cazzi Opeia #Melfest Sweden
Linda Bengtzing visar att det ar skillnad pa Mello och Love Mello Love #melfest
LINDA THEE BENGTZING Love Love Love #Melfest
Linda Bengtzing OWNS Melodifestivalen Love Love #melfest
Mira que soy fan de un buen schlager, pero el de Linda Bengtzing esta pasadisimo de rosca. Uf. #Melfest
Bueno al menos parece que de segunda pasa Lisa, aunque se me van a cargar a Linda :( #melodifestivalen
Fy fan vad bra Linda ar!!! #melfest
Linda Bengtzing @BengtzingLinda jag alskar dig Love #Melfest
I fucking love Linda Bengtzing she just feels like family to me at this point #Melfest
[ Sweden #Melodifestivalen serie 3] Multirecidiviste au MF, elle y signe ce soir son grand retour avec une 8eme participation sur un titre de Thomas G:Son. Voici Linda Bengtzing avec "Fyrfaldigt Hurra !" #Eurovision | #Eurovision2022 | @SVTmelfest
ALSKAR LINDA Love #melfest
LINDA Love #Melfest
Utterly thrilled for Faith tonight, gutted about Linda, and generally thoroughly bewildered? #melfest
Lindaaaa Bengtziiiing Love Love Love #Melodifestivalen
Aaawhhhh LOVE LINDA Love #melfest
Linda Bengtzing ar too good foer Melodifestivalen. Ge henne sangfageln allaredan! #melfest
Bueno la Kakembo se lo merece tambien, yo hubiera cambiado a Cazzi por Linda #melodifestivalen
Linda absolutely won this semifinal for me #melfest
La peor semi q he visto en anos del #melfest pero bueno solo quiero que Linda sea finalista esta noche.. Luego entre Andreas y Faith q se coman el resto pero me da igual la verdad.. Solo quiero ver feliz a Linda
mi top de esta semi #melfest 1. Linda 2. Cazzi Opeia 3. Lancelot 4. Tribe Friday 5. Lisa Miskovsky 6. Anders Bagge 7. Faith Kakembo
#melfest top 7 after show: 1. Tribe Friday - Shut Me Up 2. Anders Bagge - Bigger Than The Universe 3. Cazzi Opeia - I Can't Get Enough 4. Lancelot - Lyckligt Slut 5. Faith Kakembo - Freedom 6. Linda Bengtzing - Fyrfaldigt hurra! 7. Lisa Miskovsky - Best To Come
Never thought I would say this in the year 2022 but Linda really should be top 4 tonight #Melfest
Linda Bengtzing increases her own record of taking part as a solo artist for the most years in #Melfest history (8). If she makes it to the final, it will be for the 5th time, which would be a tied second place on that list. The title means "Four Cheers!".
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