Status: Eliminated
Artist: LIAMOO
Song: Bluffin
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
My winner Love thank god he added dancers bc the stage was looking empty before I really hope Liamoo will finish top 3 at least #melfest
"Bluffin'" is such an amazing bop and Liamoo is just an awesome vocalist and performer. This staging is also great, would love to see this in Turin too but I think it will only end up like mid table tonight unfortunately Sweden #melfest
I love Liamoo's daggy dad dancing so much. He's so gorgeous. By far my favourite song he's sent to #Melfest. And the addition of the dancers elevates the performance even more.
Liamoo is so cute, I adore him. How I wish he could get the right song to win one of these days. #melfest
Sweden Even if Liamoo and Medina are my favorites, all the songs are great. My playlist will be very happy after tonight. #melodifestivalen never disappoints Love #MelfestWorld #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision #ESC2022
Sweden So my personal top 5 tonight... 1. Medina - In i dimman 2. Liamoo - Bluffin 3. Theoz - Som du vill 4. Anders Bagge - Bigger than the universe 5. Tone Sekelius - My way Yes we need more fun entries for Turin Love #MelfestWorld #Eurovision2022 #melodifestivalen #Eurovision #ESC
Bluffin is just an amazing banger. Bye. Love #melfest
Gonna repeat this for the 10th time, but Bluffin is really, REALLY well-produced. Imo, best production this year. Surprised it's not that loved by fans. This is really good. #melfest
I've followed #Melfest Sweden every year since 2009. This is a strong final. The vote of the Swedish people is important. It is their song after all. But for me there are 2 songs that can bring it to Sweden - Hold Me Closer & Bluffin. I hope the international jury will support them.
#Melfest songs 7-11 have been on my playlist and will be happy if any one of these win it. 9 and 10 are my faves though #LIAMOO #corneliajakobs
liamoo. YES. purple is my favourite colour and that elevates this whole performance for me lol #melfest
Wow - Liamoo surprise win?? #melfest
I am at the #Melfest 2022 final Sweden Love So excited to be back after 2018! Malta My #Melodifestivalen top 3 tonight: 1. Cornelia Love Love Love 2. Klara Love Love 3. Liamoo Love #Melfest2022 #MelfestWorld
Here comes my runner up - or winner if Klara doesn't win. #Liamoo #Melfest2022
Wow. The back up dancers was a great addition LIAMOO! #melfest
i would be happy to see either liamoo or cornelia win #melfest
Another good performance from LIAMOO. He felt more relaxed in this performance. Perhaps the App and Televoters might reward him tonight. #Melfest
Don't know if the added dancers will get LIAMOO a win, but really good song AND performance #melfest #mellovisionpodcast
This is fairly easy for me. I enjoyed the 2nd half of songs more than the first half. Robin, Faith, Liamoo, Cornelia, Cazzie Opeia and Medina have all brought some strong stuff. It's be good to see any of them do well. The first 6 songs I literally don't remember #Melfest
Come thru LIAMOO absolutely love this song. My winner. #melfest
I'm sorry but why isn't Medina talked more?! This was AMAZING, my other fav along with LIAMOO! A banger! #melodifestivalen
Que bueno Liamoo. Tiene que quedar top 4, por favor. #MelfestWorld #Melfest #Melodifestivalen #Melfest2022
Liamoo has a good song but I don't see him winning #melfest
Omggg if my baby LIAMOO wins tonight Love #melfest
It's Robin and Tone for me tonight, followed by Liamoo and Medina. Cornelia is going to win, but I'm sticking by my faves. #melfest
LIAMOO really should be one of the favorites to win, but here we are. Oh well #Melfest
bluffin better win then #Melfest
I love Bluffin but idk if the dancers were a good add #Melfest2022
Song 9: LIAMOO Bluffin #melfest #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022 #Sweden Idol winner LIAMOO has recently welcomed the birth of his first child. This is the Gothenburg go-getter's third Melodifestivalen final appearance. SVT / Janne Danielsson
For me, it's 1. Tone Sekelius 2. Theoz, 3. Liamoo with special mention to Cazzi Opeia. #melodifestivalen probably no one will win but that's ok
if someone ends up winning instead of Cornelia then it better be Liamoo, cause Medina's song is a big no no #melfest
Bluffin' grew on me more. So catchy! Love the filled out performance with the dancers #Melfest
Cornelia is in my top 3 and I'm not mad at all if this wins (but I'd still love it to be Liamoo) #melfest
I hope Liamoo wins #melodifestivalen but anyway I just keep on bluffin'
My prediction for the #melfest 2022 Grand Final results: 1. Cornelia Jakobs 2. Anders Bagge 3. Klara Hammarstroem 4. Liamoo 5. Medina 6. Tone Sekelius 7. John Lundvik 8. Cazzi Opeia 9. Theoz 10. Robin Bengtsson 11. Faith Kakembo 12. Anna Bergendahl HAPPY MELFEST FINAL!
Liamoo: Remember I wrote about soulless mainstream songs that Sweden always send to Eurovision This is it So I hope he will not win tonight #melfest
Cornelia Jakobs has won the jury voting ! LIAMOO is 2nd. There is still hope. #Melfest
My ranking for tonight Sweden #melfest I Can't Get Enough Run To The Hills Innocent Love In i dimman Bluffin Hold Me Closer Bigger Than The Universe Anglavakt My Way Som du vill Freedom Higher Power Good Luck Everyone!!
Don't think her performance is as strong as it was in the heats, unfortunately. I still want Klara to win it though, if not, then Liamoo #Melfest2022
Liamoo please win god let it be him #melfest
I wouldnt mind if Liamoo wins! The song is a bop! Club banger. #melfest
My prediction for the #melfest 2022 Grand Final results: 1. Cornelia Jakobs 2. Anders Bagge 3. Liamoo 4. Klara Hammarstroem 5. Medina 6. Tone Sekelius 7. John Lundvik 8. Cazzi Opeia 9. Robin Bengtsson 10. Theoz 11. Anna Bergendahl 12. Faith Kakembo HAPPY MELFEST FINAL!
I feel if this was just a few years ago, 'Bluffin' would be the hot favourite to win. #Melfest
09. Bluffin'. A solid track but also highly unsurprising. We've had a fair share of these songs in #melfest in the last ten years or so. A good delivery but something's missing.
if liamoo wins jamala style now ...... come on sweden don't let me down and send cornelia or medina PLEASE #melfest
LIAMOO is an amazing option he has EVERYTHING the song slaps hard, he performs it perfectly and the overall vibes are immaculate, even his face on the led screen wasn't cringy (a first in usage of the artist's face on the led screen) #melodifestivalen
Cornelia & Tone my top 2, Liamoo Theoz or Klara id be happy with too #Melfest2022
I'm glad Liamoo did so well as well hope to see him represent Eurovision in the future #melfest
Decided I want Cornelia and Liamoo to both win and compete as separate entries #melfest
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