Status: Eliminated
Artist: LIAMOO
Song: Bluffin
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
"Bluffin'" is such an amazing bop and Liamoo is just an awesome vocalist and performer. This staging is also great, would love to see this in Turin too but I think it will only end up like mid table tonight unfortunately Sweden #melfest
I love Liamoo's daggy dad dancing so much. He's so gorgeous. By far my favourite song he's sent to #Melfest. And the addition of the dancers elevates the performance even more.
Gonna repeat this for the 10th time, but Bluffin is really, REALLY well-produced. Imo, best production this year. Surprised it's not that loved by fans. This is really good. #melfest
Liamoo is so cute, I adore him. How I wish he could get the right song to win one of these days. #melfest
My winner Love thank god he added dancers bc the stage was looking empty before I really hope Liamoo will finish top 3 at least #melfest
Bluffin is just an amazing banger. Bye. Love #melfest
liamoo. YES. purple is my favourite colour and that elevates this whole performance for me lol #melfest
Another good performance from LIAMOO. He felt more relaxed in this performance. Perhaps the App and Televoters might reward him tonight. #Melfest
Don't know if the added dancers will get LIAMOO a win, but really good song AND performance #melfest #mellovisionpodcast
Come thru LIAMOO absolutely love this song. My winner. #melfest
Liamoo has a good song but I don't see him winning #melfest
Omggg if my baby LIAMOO wins tonight Love #melfest
LIAMOO really should be one of the favorites to win, but here we are. Oh well #Melfest
bluffin better win then #Melfest
I love Bluffin but idk if the dancers were a good add #Melfest2022
Wow - Liamoo surprise win?? #melfest
Song 9: LIAMOO Bluffin #melfest #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022 #Sweden Idol winner LIAMOO has recently welcomed the birth of his first child. This is the Gothenburg go-getter's third Melodifestivalen final appearance. SVT / Janne Danielsson
Bluffin' grew on me more. So catchy! Love the filled out performance with the dancers #Melfest
LIAMOO nailed it !!! He can win this ! #Melfest
I hope Liamoo wins #melodifestivalen but anyway I just keep on bluffin'
Que bueno Liamoo. Tiene que quedar top 4, por favor. #MelfestWorld #Melfest #Melodifestivalen #Melfest2022
Liamoo: Remember I wrote about soulless mainstream songs that Sweden always send to Eurovision This is it So I hope he will not win tonight #melfest
I wouldnt mind if Liamoo wins! The song is a bop! Club banger. #melfest
I feel if this was just a few years ago, 'Bluffin' would be the hot favourite to win. #Melfest
09. Bluffin'. A solid track but also highly unsurprising. We've had a fair share of these songs in #melfest in the last ten years or so. A good delivery but something's missing.
Wow. The back up dancers was a great addition LIAMOO! #melfest
please i need to see liamoo win tonight i beg #melfest
LIAMOO is an amazing option he has EVERYTHING the song slaps hard, he performs it perfectly and the overall vibes are immaculate, even his face on the led screen wasn't cringy (a first in usage of the artist's face on the led screen) #melodifestivalen
I'm glad Liamoo did so well as well hope to see him represent Eurovision in the future #melfest
bluffin is such a bop one of my faves for sure i love liamoo's stage presence too #melfest
Actually want Liamoo to win now #melfest
Mi ninoooooo que bien lo ha hecho Liamoo Love Love Love Love Love Love Love #Melfest2022
LIAMOO can still win this, Swedes! #Melfest Vote number 10 to put LIAMOO over the finish line #melodifestivalen
Liamoo dame fuego locura y pasion por favor, muevete un poquito mas que la semi Love #Melfest
Liamoo please win god let it be him #melfest
Can imagine dancing this in Stockholm clubs (and esc parties ), but Bluffin is not unfortunately going to win #melfest
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision LIAMOO is so charismatic performer and I am very surprised on how this is not more loved. They should have added the dancers much earlier, if they really wanted to have them. In my opinion, I don't think they add a lot.
love you liamoo (i'm free on thursday) love you bluffin but these dancers look like they are just flailing around now #Melfest2022
tbh i wouldn't mind liamoo winning #melfest
Ok now Swedish besties please vote for LIAMOO #melfest
Liamoo. Now with dancers! Definite staging improvement and better performance overall than the semi #Melfest #Melfestworld
LIAMOO is serving! Such a great performance. He deserves a top 5 result tonight #Melfest
Liamoo is the HOTTEST! I love when his chorus vocal just gives up and he goes for vibez only! #Melfest
The world: Bluffin' could win Eurovision Sweden #melfest
Liamoo is winning melfest one day. Not this year but one day. #melfest
Just look at how beautiful Liamoo is! #Melfest2022
Es que ya me da Liamoo me da unos winner vibes enormes #melfest
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