Klara Hammarstrom

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Klara Hammarstrom
Song: Run To The Hills
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Klara did great. A much more confident performance than her semi final. She optioned down a good part which made the vocals stronger and more manageable. I would love to see her win but feel the momentum is elsewhere. It would be a much needed bop for Turin! #Melfest
Well I am rooting for a Cornelia win, which may even end up as my ESC winner because her performances are magic, but would also be very content with Cazzi or Klara, and I dare say MEDINA would be fun too. #MelFest
Tonight, it really has to be CORNELIA who wins the #Melodifestivalen! It's the best by far! If ever she doesn't win, I hope it will be Klara then, but it has to be one of the two, with a big preference for Cornelia!
Return of the Klara!!! "Run to the Hills" is a fantastic 3rd installment to her trilogy of entries and her performance is very enthusiastic and entertaining, maybe a winner? #Melfest
Klara was a superb opener! Would be delighted if she wins tonight! #Melfest2022
There's such a joyfulness about Medina. As much as Klara was the perfect opener these 2 are the best to close it! Love Absolutely loved the show tonight!! #Melfest2022
01. Run To The Hills. Very catchy and a good opener. Some people thought this a potential winner in week four but I doubt it'll go as far as that. #melfest
There are at least four other songs that I'd rather see win #Melfest tonight, but my word what a serve at Eurovision 'Run To The Hills' would be for Sweden. It gives big KEiiNO televote winner vibes and would be an easy stand-out in Turin.
I hope klara wins and if she doesn't cornelia all the way take your chances sweden with a woman please! Greetings from Belgium #melodifestivalen #melfestworld
klara that was incredible please please win ohh my god #melfest
#Melfest2022 #MelfestWorld Loved the first two songs. Klara's was great, would do well in Turin. Theoz, a lot of fun.
Loved Klara's performance! Love Love Love It was way better than in the semi. I liked that they added a forest for the background. #Melfest
I love Klara and I would be so happy if she wins, but I'm all for Cornelia #melfest #Melfest2022
klara if you'e gonna dodge the high notes please tell your backing singers so glad she sounded amazing tho #melfest
Klara is so cuteee love her hope she comes back with a better song next time #melfest
i'm so excited!! i really hope that cornelia or klara will win #melfest
I hope Cornelia for the win, but I'd also be happy with Klara, Tone, John, Anders and Anna ! #melfest
I hope the best one will win #melfest For me it'd be either Theoz, Klara or Anders
queen klara always gets better, first nq, then qualify through andra chansen and now dtf so hopefully she'll win next year, bc this year is for cornelia #melfest
Klara gave a better performance, the song is a banger but I don't think it will win #melfest
Klara is my personal favorite. But i have no hopes of her winning. #melfest
Klara and Theoz did an amazing opening, such an energy Love #Melfest
no matter what happens, klara's my winner Love #Melfest
Am i the only one who is for Klara? Yes, Cornelia is really good, and i think she is even the winner, but Klara is SO GOOD! #melodifestivalen
My top 5 for the night: 1. Cornelia 2. Tone 3. Cazzi 4. MEDINA 5. Klara All would be good contestants, but my 12 points go to Cornelia of course Love #melodifestivalen #MelfestWorld
I am at the #Melfest 2022 final Sweden Love So excited to be back after 2018! Malta My #Melodifestivalen top 3 tonight: 1. Cornelia Love Love Love 2. Klara Love Love 3. Liamoo Love #Melfest2022 #MelfestWorld
Pues bueno, Klara es muy buena. Que quede en el top 4, pero que no gane #MelfestWorld #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Here comes my runner up - or winner if Klara doesn't win. #Liamoo #Melfest2022
My top 5 for the night: 1. Cornelia 2. Tone 3. Cazzi 4. MEDINA 5. Klara All would be good contestants, but my 12 points go to Cornelia of course Love #melodifestivalen
good luck to everyone tonight rooting for klara #Melfest #Melfest2022 #MelfestWorld
Yo. I'm loving this English commentary. They've done their homework. Knowing the bookie's favorites and that Klara's the most streamed? Is this what good commentary is like? #melfest
If Cornelia doesn't win, I would love Klara does #Melfest2022
I wouldn't mind if Klara wins, a great performance #Melfest
Klara is amazing ! I love her staging ! #melfest
klara was AMAZING Love #melfest
Klara you're amazing and I love Run To The Hills, but girl seriously change your stylist #melfest
just watched klara's performance and she was fantastic Love #melfest
Klara's my winner Love #Melfest
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision I love hearing the audience clapping along! Overall this was, especially vocally, much better than the performance in the heat. Well done, Klara!
Klara winning would also be nice #melfest
Klara is so amazing Love Love Love #melfest
Cornelia Jakobs really deserves to win, what a song Love ! OMG I am soo between Cornelia and Klara #melodifestivalen
Off a strong start with Klara Hammarstroem and "Run To The Hills" Sweden This will end up Top 3 for sure tonight, the audience loved it #Melfest
i don't accept anyone else winning melfest other than cornelia but if that happens it better be klara #melfest
Klara did great brilliant song! What a way to open! #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022
That was a very solid start from Klara! Tho it isn't my favourite, I wouldn't mind it too much if she won #Melfest
Run to the hills is great, but not a winner #melfest
Klara nailed this, I love it. She could definitely win this #melfest
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