John Lundvik

Status: Eliminated
Artist: John Lundvik
Song: Anglavakt
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
John slayed his beautiful song. It looked amazing with all the lights. Not sure about a chance of winning. But well done!!!! #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen #Eurovision2022
John Lundvik. Always amazing vocals - love that he doesn't lean on the backing track. Change in style from what we've heard before but connects beautifully. And having the audience with their lights was outstanding #Melfest #Melfestworld
I have to say, John's song is incredibly underrated. Not only that, his voice is truly beautiful and totally effortless. Love him! #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022
not gonna lie i really love Johns song this year if it somehow won it would probs be my winner for eurovision #Melfest2022
Whenever John sings a ballad it's just incredible - I hope this does okay tonight because it's highly underrated #Melfest
i loved too late for love but i'm not the biggest fan of anglavakt tbh but hey john lundvik i still love you anyway #melfest
The 2019 #Melfest winner John Lundvik ("Too Late for Love") went to the final for the 3rd time in 3 attempts. The song title "Anglavakt" translates approximately "Guardian Angel".
Probably now is a good time to come out as an anglavakt stan literally john lundvik's best song so far (sorry the mamas ) #Melfest
I like John's song, nice to hear him sing in Swedish. Shouldn't win #Melfest
Former #Melfest winner John Lundvik is next up with the Swedish language ballad Anglavakt. John knows what it takes to win the crown.
John Lundvik is beautiful but I think that other deserves to win tonight #melfest #melfest2022
It's nice heartfelt ballad and John really delivers it very well. The Stockholm crowd playing their part too! #Melfest
04. Anglavakt. John Lundvik really delivers and I wish I could enjoy this song more. Great singing but my last place in this lineup. #melfest
John was awesome! Best so far! #melodifestivalen
That shot always does it for me Love (also, amazing live vocals by John) #Melfest
I think I'm in love with John Lundvik. So beautiful #melodifestivalen Love Love
John Lundvik -) the song is beautiful Love Love #melfest #melodifestivalen
Never been a big fan of any of the songs John send, sorry. But got to admit, he got probably the best vocals of tonight. Voice of an angel. #Melfest
John is a brilliant vocalist. I love listening to him sing. Anglavakt just isn't the one though and I think he knows that. #Melfest
They say John Lundvik's passion to do #Eurovision is Bigger Than Us, but is it Too Late For Love? #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022
I don't care I find John incredibly charismatic and charming. #Melfest
The spotlights from the audience really make John Lundvik "Anglavakt" stand out. Both English and Swedish versions of lovely, but the local language version I think is the best. #Melfest #Melfestworld
I am pleased John's song is in Swedish this year. Although originally written in English, it doesn't sound as good as the Swedish "Anglavakt" #melfest
Sweden #melfest #Eurovision John Lundvik is another former Melodifestivalen winner returning to the contest. He qualified straight to the final for the third time this year!
Wow. John Lundvik...there here was. All of a sudden I think he could win this. That voice #Melfest2022
Moment of the night so far. John Lundvik never disappoints and also this shot was incredible #Melfest
If only John had won with Anglavakt instead of It Is Too Late For Love #melfest
John's voice is gorgeous though Love #melfest
John Lundvik just knows how to present a polished package, that he is able to connect with his genuine emotion -- that was beautiful, the song just lacks that "moment" #Melfest2022
Hiya there John! It's not Too Late For Love, but at least you're a smashing vocalist, so there will be votes, way more than people think. #Melfest
John's voice is so beautiful. The song and melody works better for me in English though. It doesn't click or stay with me as much here. #Melfest
john har oevat pa sitt "i didint win" fejs wow #melfest
I don't see John as successful as another gentleman(Marius) with the name of Lundvik today #Melfest2022
Huge respect to John Lundvik and that voice. Stunning. #Melfest
John Lundvik's song this year proves he needs The Mamas to hold him to make a good song. Essentially, it was them in 2019 and he was the backing singer #TooLateForLove #Melfest2022
John Lundvik serving flawless vocals! I still wished he sung this in English though #Melfest
Song 4: John Lundvik Anglavakt #melfest #melodifestivalen #Melfest2022 #Sweden He finished in 5th place for Sweden in Tel Aviv at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Too Late For Love. Is it possible for him to go a few places better in Turin? SVT / Janne Danielsson
John literally can't hit a bum note to save his life. My 2nd fav tonight #melfest #Melfest2022
Nice enough ballad and John's vocal is as stunning as ever. Just don't have THAT moment. A shame #Melfest
Omgg John looks so happy, how sweet #melfest
i wanna thank john lundvik for his service to the eurovision community. and by that i mean this iconic meme #melfest
john's song is so underrated :( i love it so much!! #melfest
Song 4: No doubt that John can absolutely belt it out and it's nice to get a big name performing in Swedish. Not my kind of song but it's still enjoyable #melfest
My winner of MF & ESC 2019, ladies and gentlemen... John Lundvik #Melfest
obsessed with john lundviks voice it is so beautiful #Melfest
I actually really do quite like the John Lundvik song, it's pretty and the improbable scenario of him or the Mamas being involved in 3 of the past 4 wins would send #Melfest
Ahhhh that shot with alllll these lights in the arena!! Amazing!! #JohnLundvik #Melfest
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