Faith Kakembo

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Faith Kakembo
Song: Freedom
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Give Faith a fantastic song - and Sweden would win again. This song however is not it!! great in studio version though !! Love #melfest
Faith does amazing at bringing Freedom to life on stage. Love the uniting energy on stage. Gorgeous voice #Melfest
another underrated gem!! freedom is wonderful and faith is an amazing singer #melfest
wow faith is so gorgeous love freedom Love 33 #Melfest2022
Faith Kakembo in my top 5, this was so moving, so beautiful, LOVED it #Melfest
Tone Sekelius song is a typical pop song but the way she delivers this with this motivation and power turns this to an anthem of freedom of your own life choices, celebrating yourself Sweden Also love her voice and the staging, I think this will end up in the Top 5 tonight #Melfest
Wow wow wow!! Faith Kakembo was amazing tonight!! #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
i rlly hope faith comes back and wins in the next like 5 years she's so talented #melfest
Much preferred Freedom tonight to in the heat - Faith is beautiful and has a wonderful voice! #Melfest
Faith's performance was so beautiful. I hope she can come back with an even stronger song in the near future #Melfest2022
faith that is amazing, we gotta love swedish nurses #melfest
This is fairly easy for me. I enjoyed the 2nd half of songs more than the first half. Robin, Faith, Liamoo, Cornelia, Cazzie Opeia and Medina have all brought some strong stuff. It's be good to see any of them do well. The first 6 songs I literally don't remember #Melfest
Faith is my winner Love #melfest
Faith Love I love her voice and the lyrics is beautiful #Melfest2022
faith is literally the nicest person ever created she needs to win melfest at some point #melfest
Faith sounds way too much like Tusse. Great voice but can't see this winning #Melfest2022
Bless your heart faith you beautiful soul #melfest
Que buena es Faith Love y que justa su eliminatoria en 2019 #Melfest2022
I love Faith's backing singers, such a huge sound. #MelFest
I'm very happy for Faith I think she's a great girl, but I really don't like this song #melfest
My prediction for the #melfest 2022 Grand Final results: 1. Cornelia Jakobs 2. Anders Bagge 3. Klara Hammarstroem 4. Liamoo 5. Medina 6. Tone Sekelius 7. John Lundvik 8. Cazzi Opeia 9. Theoz 10. Robin Bengtsson 11. Faith Kakembo 12. Anna Bergendahl HAPPY MELFEST FINAL!
My ranking for tonight Sweden #melfest I Can't Get Enough Run To The Hills Innocent Love In i dimman Bluffin Hold Me Closer Bigger Than The Universe Anglavakt My Way Som du vill Freedom Higher Power Good Luck Everyone!!
Very classy performance from Faith. Love it. #Melfest
My prediction for the #melfest 2022 Grand Final results: 1. Cornelia Jakobs 2. Anders Bagge 3. Liamoo 4. Klara Hammarstroem 5. Medina 6. Tone Sekelius 7. John Lundvik 8. Cazzi Opeia 9. Robin Bengtsson 10. Theoz 11. Anna Bergendahl 12. Faith Kakembo HAPPY MELFEST FINAL!
Que buena es Faith Love y que injusta su eliminatoria en 2019 #Melfest2022
I hope Faith Kakembo comes back one day with a winning ballad. #melfest
Faith Kakembo with Freedom, one of my favourite songs this evening Love #melfest
Melodifestivalen 2022 TOP EN DIRECTO 1. Anna Bergendahl - Higher power 2. Klara Hammarstrom 3. Tone Sekelius - My way 4. Anders Bagge - Bigger than the universe 5. Faith Kakembo - Freedom 6. Robin Bengtsson - Inocent love 7. Theoz 8. John Lundvik - Anglavakt #Melfest2022
Faith was very good. Audience liked her a lot! Very juryfriendly. We will see! #Eurovision2022 #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
Freedom is an incredible anthem. It just doesn't grab me like the rest. #melfest
ok but faith is just incredible. the song is infectious #melfest
Class, powerful and wonderfully performed! Faith Kakembo deserves so many points for that, by far the most underrated song tonight #Melfest
Melodifestivalen 2022 TOP EN DIRECTO 1. Anna Bergendahl 2. Klara Hammarstrom 3. Liamoo - Bluffin 4. Tone Sekelius - My way 5. Anders Bagge - Bigger than the universe 6. Faith Kakembo - Freedom 7. Robin Bengtsson - Inocent love 8. Theoz 9. John Lundvik - Anglavakt #Melfest2022
Faith is so talented but this song kinda grew off me she has great vocals though #melfest
Melodifestivalen 2022 TOP EN DIRECTO 1. Anna Bergendahl 2. Klara Hammarstrom 3. Cornelia Jakobs - Hold me closer 4. Liamoo - Bluffin 5. Tone Sekelius 6. Anders Bagge 7. Faith Kakembo - Freedom 8. Robin Bengtsson - Inocent love 9. Theoz 10. John Lundvik #Melfest2022
My favourites are My Freedom, My Way and Innocent Love but I think Hold Me Closer is the best choice to get Sweden the best result at ESC #Melfest
My final top 12 of #Melfest Love 1. Hold Me Closer Love 2. My Way Love 3. Bluffin Love 4. Run To The Hills Love 5. Higher Power Love 6. Som Du Vill Love 7. In I Dimman Love 8. Freedom Love 9. I Can't Get Enough 10. Innocent Love 11. Bigger Than The Universe 12. Anglavakt
Faith is pretty good but I have a feeling Freedom gets bottom 3 #melfest
'Freedom' is so 'if Beyonce went to Melfest with her grammy winning song' #melfest
My #Melodifestivalen faves are as follows. The top 2 are way ahead of the others. 1st Cazzi Opeia 2nd Tone 3rd Theoz 4th Cornelia 5th Liamoo 6th Faith 7th Robin 8th Medina 9th Klara 10th Anders 11th Anna 12th John @melfest_en @SVTmelfest #melfest
I always appreciate songs in #Melfest that come across as genuine with emotion. Also pink is 100% Faith's colour
Faith Kakembo saying it's lucky she got into the final because she had a shift at the hospital on the day of the semi-final. What a star #Melfest
Faith now, god I love her #melfest
Faith's voice is amazing but the song is meh. I like the choir parts though #melfest
I feel bad for one of Faith Kakembo's backing singers if she wins the ticket to Eurovision. #Melodifestivalen
Another beautiful song Freedom #melfest2022 #melfest
faith queen of purple eyeshadow and being barefoot.. love the song btw #melfest
i'm still so happy faith went dtf, she deserved it x #melfest
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