Faith Kakembo

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Faith Kakembo
Song: Freedom
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Give Faith a fantastic song - and Sweden would win again. This song however is not it!! great in studio version though !! Love #melfest
Faith does amazing at bringing Freedom to life on stage. Love the uniting energy on stage. Gorgeous voice #Melfest
another underrated gem!! freedom is wonderful and faith is an amazing singer #melfest
Class, powerful and wonderfully performed! Faith Kakembo deserves so many points for that, by far the most underrated song tonight #Melfest
i rlly hope faith comes back and wins in the next like 5 years she's so talented #melfest
Faith Kakembo in my top 5, this was so moving, so beautiful, LOVED it #Melfest
I feel bad for one of Faith Kakembo's backing singers if she wins the ticket to Eurovision. #Melodifestivalen
wow faith is so gorgeous love freedom Love 33 #Melfest2022
Much preferred Freedom tonight to in the heat - Faith is beautiful and has a wonderful voice! #Melfest
Faith's performance was so beautiful. I hope she can come back with an even stronger song in the near future #Melfest2022
Faith sounds way too much like Tusse. Great voice but can't see this winning #Melfest2022
faith that is amazing, we gotta love swedish nurses #melfest
Faith is my winner Love #melfest
Faith Love I love her voice and the lyrics is beautiful #Melfest2022
faith is literally the nicest person ever created she needs to win melfest at some point #melfest
Bless your heart faith you beautiful soul #melfest
Que buena es Faith Love y que justa su eliminatoria en 2019 #Melfest2022
Wow wow wow!! Faith Kakembo was amazing tonight!! #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
Freedom is an incredible anthem. It just doesn't grab me like the rest. #melfest
Very classy performance from Faith. Love it. #Melfest
Que buena es Faith Love y que injusta su eliminatoria en 2019 #Melfest2022
I hope Faith Kakembo comes back one day with a winning ballad. #melfest
Faith Kakembo with Freedom, one of my favourite songs this evening Love #melfest
Faith was very good. Audience liked her a lot! Very juryfriendly. We will see! #Eurovision2022 #Melfest2022 #melodifestivalen
Faith es un angel Love #Melfest
ok but faith is just incredible. the song is infectious #melfest
I love Faith's backing singers, such a huge sound. #MelFest
I'm very happy for Faith I think she's a great girl, but I really don't like this song #melfest
Faith is so talented but this song kinda grew off me she has great vocals though #melfest
Faith Kakembo. Powerful, moving, couldn't ask for a better performance of this song in the final. #Melfest #Melfestworld
Faith is pretty good but I have a feeling Freedom gets bottom 3 #melfest
'Freedom' is so 'if Beyonce went to Melfest with her grammy winning song' #melfest
I always appreciate songs in #Melfest that come across as genuine with emotion. Also pink is 100% Faith's colour
Faith Kakembo saying it's lucky she got into the final because she had a shift at the hospital on the day of the semi-final. What a star #Melfest
Faith is a powerful performer but unfortunately this song took a long time to go somewhere But the message is just Love #Melodifestivalen
8. Faith Kakembo - "Freedom". Nothing new here - Nano got there first - but well-executed gospel and several strong moments. Well sung by Faith, a dream in that dress. Lamin sings too? That boy is talented! #melfest
Another beautiful song Freedom #melfest2022 #melfest
Freedom has real impact and should get a lot of fans of voting. Another fine vocal performance from Faith! #Melfest
faith queen of purple eyeshadow and being barefoot.. love the song btw #melfest
i'm still so happy faith went dtf, she deserved it x #melfest
Our next song is Freedom by the wonderful Faith Kakembo. We're stoked to see Faith in the #Melfest final and her ballad will stand out.
Freedom is so underrated, should be top3 at least. #melfest
faith Love #melfest
Faith Kakembo lleva una cancion preciosisima, y mucho mejor que su anterior propuesta Love #Melfest
freedom is good but not it #melfest
faith Love #melfest
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